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Florida State Road 50 East
SR 50 remains through Withlacoochee State Forest for another 1.3 miles north from Hernando County. Photo taken 02/25/17.
County Road 478A forms a 5.1 mile rural loop west and north from SR 50 to Big Gant Lake and SR 471 at Webster. Photo taken 02/25/17.
SR 50 bee lines 1.8 miles east from Wilson Corner and CR 478A to Tarrytown. Photo taken 02/25/17.
Tarrytown lies at the crossroads of SR 50 and 471. SR 471 is a linear route leading south 21.2 miles to U.S. 98 in Polk County. Photo taken 02/25/17.
2 photos
2 photos
SR 471 provides a truck route south to Lakeland via U.S. 98 and north to U.S. 301 at Sumterville. The state road follows Market Boulevard through the city of Webster, 3.25 miles to the north. Photo taken 02/25/17. Second photo taken 10/19/17.
Confirming marker posted east of SR 471. Photo taken 02/25/17.
Mileage sign posted 13 miles ahead of Groveland. The figure for Clermont references the SR 50 junction with U.S. 27, located two miles further than the city center. Photo taken 06/30/14.
Eastbound SR 50 at the rural settlement of Linden. Photo taken 02/25/17.
Continuing east through portions of Withlacoochee State Forest, SR 50 emerges ahead of Mabel. Photo taken 02/25/17.
The official scenic highway section of SR 50 concludes at General James A. Van Fleet State Trail. Photo taken 02/25/17.
County Road 469 stems north from SR 50 to CR 48 at the forthcoming intersection. Photo taken 02/25/17.
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2 photos
Totaling 5.6 miles, Sumter County Road 469 comprises a rural route connecting SR 50 with the city of Center Hill. Photos taken 02/25/17.
Removed by 2017, this SR 50 reassurance marker stood just beyond Sumter County Road 469. Photo taken 06/30/14.
The fast growing city of Groveland lies seven miles ahead. Downtown Clermont is 12 miles away, but again referenced two miles further on SR 50 mileage signs. Photo taken 02/25/17.
SR 50 crosses into rural western Lake County south of Big Prairie. Photo taken 02/25/17.
The rural settlement of Slones Ridge lies just inside Lake County along SR 50. Photo taken 02/25/17.
SR 50 makes a series of subtle s-curves to the rural community of Stuckey. Photo taken 06/30/14.
Entering the city of Mascotte along SR 50 east. With annexations and suburban development to the north, the city doubled in population from 2000 to 2013. Photo taken 06/30/14.
The south branch of Lake County Road 565 (Bay Lake Road) intersects SR 50 (Myers Boulevard) near Lake Jackson. Photo taken 02/25/17.
County Road 565 (South Bay Lake Road) spurs 9.5 miles south from SR 50 to Bay Lake and a trailhead for the General James A. Van Fleet State Trail. Photo taken 02/25/17.
East from CR 565 (Bay Lake Road) south and Bay Lake Avenue north, SR 50 (Myers Boulevard) expands into a three-lane arterial. Photo taken 10/19/17.
Sunset Avenue provides a cut off to CR 33 (Bluff Lake Road) north from SR 50 (Myers Boulevard) east. The 0.7-mile street doubles as unsigned CR 50. Photo taken 10/19/17.
Upcoming Lake County Road 33 arcs northward around Big Bluff Lake through the suburban north side of Mascotte. Photo taken 02/25/17.
2 photos
2 photos
County Road 33 travels 13.4 miles north from SR 50 to Okahumpka and U.S. 27 in south Leesburg. Photos taken 02/25/17.
An implied overlap takes CR 33 south alongside SR 50 east to Groveland. Photo taken 02/25/17.
Historic Downtown Clermont lies eight miles ahead. Beyond there, SR 50 transitions into a heavily traveled arterial leading east to Orange County. Photo taken 02/25/17.
Angling southeast, SR 50 enters the city of Groveland south of Dukes Lake. The four-lane arterial follows Broad Street to Downtown. Photo taken 02/25/17.
Approaching the north branch of County Road 565 (Villa City Road) and Mount Pleasant Road south on SR 50 (Broad Street) east. Traffic lights were added at CR 565 in 2012. Photo taken 02/25/17.
Lake County Road 565 extends 7.4 miles north around Lake Lucy to Villa City and U.S. 27 near Florida's Turnpike. Photo taken 02/25/17.
2 photos
2 photos
Broad Street partitions into a one-way couplet through Downtown Groveland. Meeting SR 50 next is the south end of SR 19. Photo taken 06/30/14. Second photo taken 02/25/17.
SR 19 travels 12 miles north to the city of Howey-in-the-Hills and 20 miles to U.S. 441 in Tavares. Photo taken 06/30/14.
SR 19 and U.S. 27 meet 6.7 miles north by the Leesburg and Tavaras interchange for Florida's Turnpike. The exchange provides access to the Turnpike southbound, with the northbound ramps relocated four miles further along U.S. 27. SR 50 meets the Turnpike directly in 14 miles. Photo taken 02/25/17.
Overall SR 19 travels 89 miles from Groveland to Eustis, Umatilla and U.S. 17 in Palatka. Photo taken 06/30/14.
One block east from SR 19 (Lake Avenue), SR 50 (Broad Street) intersects Orange Avenue. Photo taken 06/30/14.
The split directions of SR 50 along Broad Street converge ahead of SR 33 south and Crittenden Street north. Photo taken 06/30/14.
SR 33 commences a 40.4 mile route south to U.S. 92 (Memorial Boulevard) in Lakeland from SR 50 in Groveland. The state road stays east of the Green Swamp along a mostly rural course to SR 559 in Polk City. Photo taken 06/30/14.
SR 50 travels 10 miles east from U.S. 27 to Winter Garden and 21 miles to Orlando. The arterial intersects Grand Highway at the adjacent traffic light. Photo taken 05/03/08.
Reassurance marker posted east after Grand Highway. Photo taken 05/03/08.
Oakley Seaver Drive arcs north from parallel Hooks Street to residential areas north of SR 50 between Citrus Tower Boulevard and Hancock Road. Photo taken 05/03/08.
Citrus Tower Boulevard forms an arterial loop east from U.S. 27 around Clermont. Photo taken 05/03/08.
Eastbound traffic lowers from a bluff toward Orange County and the Lake Apopka and Johns Lake area. Photo taken 05/03/08.
Hancock Road travels north from a bevy of subdivisions to intersect SR 50 ahead of the South Lake Campus of Lake - Sumter State College. Photo taken 05/03/08.
Hancock Road was extended north in 2017 to a new interchange with Florida's Turnpike. The two converge four miles north of SR 50. Photo taken 05/03/08.
Greater Hills Boulevard south from the Hidden Hills development and Emil Jahna Road north come together at the ensuing traffic light eastbound on SR 50. Photo taken 05/03/08.
County Road 455 begins and heads north from SR 50 and Hartle Road at the approaching traffic light. Photo taken 05/03/08.
County Road 455 meanders northward by Lake Apopka to the town of Montverde and community of Ferndale. Photo taken 05/03/08.
SR 50 east to Oakland in Orange County was widened from four to six lanes in 2010-11. Photo taken 05/03/08.
Magnolia Pointe Boulevard spurs south to subdivisions of Johns Lake from SR 50 at an area of car dealerships. Photo taken 05/03/08.
Lake Boulevard links SR 50 with Old County Road 50 and West Orange Trail. Photo taken 03/15/08.
Passing by northern reaches of Johns Lake, SR 50 enters both the town of Oakland and Orange County. Photo taken 05/03/08.


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