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Florida State Road 50 East
County Road 438 (Oakland Avenue) branches north from SR 50 toward the Oakland town center. Deer Island Drive ties in from Deer Island on Johns Lake to the south. Photo taken 05/03/08.
Colonial Drive continues east from CR 438 to Remington Road, the entrance road for both the Johns Cove and Johns Landing subdivisions off Johns Lakes. Photo taken 05/03/08.
A diamond interchange follows to the immediate east of Remington Road with Florida's Turnpike. Photo taken 05/03/08.
SR 50 passes under Florida's Turnpike beyond this eastbound reassurance marker. Photo taken 05/03/08.
Construction in 2009-10 reconfigured the exchange with Florida's Turnpike from a parclo interchange. Photo taken 05/03/08.
SR 50 (West Colonial Drive) parallels Florida's Turnpike north and the Oakland town line to Tubb Street. Photo taken 05/03/08.
Widening of SR 50 from four to six lanes included upgrading the signal at Tubb Street (CR 438) north to Downtown Oakland and 4th Street south into a fully signalized intersection. Photo taken 05/03/08.
West Colonial Drive leaves Oakland and crosses the Winter Garden city line ahead of the Tucker Oaks subdivision. Photo taken 05/03/08.
Avalon Road extends south from SR 50 (Colonial Drive) and Tildenville School Road through southwest Winter Garden and the Lake Avalon Groves community. CR 545 follows the route southward to Horizon West and Citrus Ridge to U.S. 192 on the Osceola County line. Photo taken 05/03/08.
SR 50 (Colonial Drive) advances east from CR 545 (Avalon Road) through an increasingly developed stretch south of Brandy Lake. Photo taken 05/03/08.
Park Avenue meets SR 50 at the succeeding eastbound traffic light. Park Avenue spurs south to the Village Grove and Park Avenue Estates subdivisions and leads north to Veterans Memorial Park and CR 438 (Plant Street). Photo taken 05/03/08.
CR 535 shield posted at Vineland Road along SR 50 (West Colonial Drive) east. CR 535 follows Winter Garden-Vineland Road south through suburban areas of south Winter Garden and developments such as the Village of Bridgewater, Summerport and Keene's Pointe. Photo taken 05/03/08.
Daniels Road parallels CR 535 (Winter Garden Vineland Road) along a four-lane, divided arterial north from Winter Garden Village to SR 50 (Colonial Drive) at the adjacent traffic light. Dillard Street (former SR 537) extends north from Colonial Drive to Historic Downtown Winter Garden. Photo taken 01/25/08.
Decommissioned in 2009, SR 537 overlaid Dillard Street one mile north from SR 50 to Plant Street (former SR 438). Photo taken 05/03/08.
Colonial Drive progresses east from Dillard Street by Winter Garden Plaza and other retail. Photo taken 05/03/08.
SR 50 (West Colonial Drive) crosses paths with SR 429 (Daniel Webster Western Beltway) at the Winter Garden and Ocoee city lines. Photo taken 01/25/08.
Entering the diamond interchange with the Western Beltway on SR 50 east. SR 429 arcs southwest through Winter Garden to Horizon West. The beltway joins Ocoee with Walt Disney World and I-4 west in Osceola County. Photo taken 01/25/08.
SR 429 (Western Beltway) travels north from Winter Garden and Ocoee to Apopka, where it meets SR 414 (John Land Apopka Expressway) east to Maitland. Photo taken 01/25/08.
A trumpet interchange and access road connects SR 50 with Florida's Turnpike just east of SR 429. The Turnpike south provides a high speed route to the East-West Expressway leading into Orlando. Photo taken 01/25/08.
An I-75 trailblazer references the Turnpike north end at Wildwood, 41 miles to the northwest. Photo taken 01/25/08.
Built in 1964, the ramps linking Colonial Drive with Florida's Turnpike at Exit 267 represent the original interchange for Winter Garden and Ocoee along Florida's Main Street. Photo taken 01/25/08.
Proceeding east through Ocoee, the next traffic light on SR 50 operates at Maguire Road. Photo taken 05/22/20.
2 photos
2 photos
Maguire Road winds north to the Ocoee city center and south as CR 439 to the town of Windermere. Photos taken 05/22/20.
Bluford Avenue angles southeast from the Ocoee city center to cross SR 50 (Colonial Drive) ahead of Old Winter Garden Road (CR 526). Bluford Avenue north represents the north branch of CR 439, although the route is unmarked. Photo taken 01/25/08.
SR 50 continues east from Bluford Avenue across Lake Bennet. Photo taken 01/25/08.
One mile ahead of the connector linking SR 50 (West Colonial Drive) with SR 408 (East-West Expressway) eastbound. Photo taken 01/25/08.
Crossing an area of wetlands, SR 50 approaches the on-ramp for the SR 408 connector to the toll road east to Downtown Orlando and Union Park. Photo taken 01/25/08.
The Western Extension of SR 408 opened in October 1990. It included the connector leading south from Clarke Road and Colonial Drive. Photo taken 01/25/08.
Clarke Road extends from SR 50 and the SR 408 Connector by West Oaks Mall to Clarcona Ocoee Road in north Ocoee. Photo taken 01/25/08.
SR 50 (West Colonial Drive) crosses Lake Lotta east of West Oaks Mall. Photo taken 01/25/08.
Approaching Good Homes Road on SR 50 east. Big box stores and other retail surround the forthcoming traffic light north of SR 408. Photo taken 01/25/08.
Good Homes Road constitutes an arterial south from Colonial Drive to a parclo interchange with the East-West Expressway and Old Winter Garden Road (CR 526). The road narrows to two lanes north to Lake Florence and SR 438 (Silver Star Road). Photo taken 01/25/08.
The SR 50 causeway across Lake Sherwood was expanded to six overall lanes during roadwork in 2010-11. Photo taken 10/20/18.
SR 50 rises from Lake Sherwood to meet North Apopka-Vineland Road at the entrance to a retail plaza. North Apopka-Vineland Road leads north to SR 438 (Silver Star Road) in Pine Hills, where it becomes part of CR 435 en route to Clarcona and Apopka. Photo taken 10/20/18.
SR 50 lowers between Highland Lakes Center and West Colonial Oaks shopping centers to intersect Hiawassee Road. Hiawassee Road south links Colonial Drive with the adjacent East-West Expressway. Photo taken 10/02/08.
Hiawassee Road is a major arterial route traveling south to Metrowest in Orlando and Conroy Windermere Road (CR 439) and north as CR 435 to SR 438 (Silver Star Road) and beyond there to Hiawassee and Piedmont. Photo taken 02/02/08.
The succeeding traffic light on SR 50 is at Powers Drive by the Sun and Westside Plaza shopping centers. Photo taken 02/02/08.
Passing by the original west end of SR 408 (East-West Expressway), SR 50 continues to Kirkman Road (SR 435) south and Governors Avenue north. Photo taken 02/02/08.
SR 435 follows all of Kirkman Road south from SR 50 to Universal Orlando and SR 482 (Sand Lake Road) near the International Drive Resort Area. Photo taken 02/02/08.
East from SR 435 (Kirkman Road), SR 50 travels by Pine Hills Shopping Center. Prior to 2009, the six-lane portion of West Colonial Drive commenced here. Photo taken 02/02/08.
Pine Hills Road stems north from Old Winter Garden Road (CR 526) at Orlo Vista to cross SR 50 (Colonial Drive) north from SR 408 into the Pine Hills community. The arterial is CR 431, but not marked as such. Photo taken 06/02/18.
Advancing east past the Central Florida Fairgrounds, West Colonial Drive intersects Fairvilla Road. Photo taken 02/02/08.
Mercy Drive intersects SR 50 at an auto mall north from Old Winter Garden Road (CR 526) and south from industrial parks at SR 416 (Silver Star Road). Photo taken 02/02/08.
Eastbound SR 50 at Ferguson Drive north to W.D. Judge Drive at Princeton Mid Town Business Park and south to residential areas off Lake Mann and Central Boulevard. Photo taken 02/02/08.
Wholly entering the city of Orlando, SR 50 (West Colonial Drive) approaches SR 423 (John Young Parkway) by Parkwood Plaza shopping center. Photo taken 02/02/08.
SR 423 follows John Young Parkway south to the East-West Expressway and I-4 south of Clear Lake. The state road extends north from SR 50 to U.S. 441 at Trotters Park and east to U.S. 17/92 in the city of Winter Park. Photo taken 02/02/08.
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2 photos
The divided portion of West Colonial Drive concludes a half mile east of SR 423 at Tampa Avenue. Photos taken 06/02/18.
Colonial Drive narrows to a four-lane boulevard east from Tampa Avenue south and Country Lane north. Photo taken 06/02/18.
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2 photos
SR 50 intersects Springdale Road at the Spring Lake Terrace neighborhood before combining with U.S. 17/92 at Orange Blossom Trail (U.S. 441). Photos taken 06/02/18.
Orange Blossom Trail constitutes an older commercial arterial leading south from Orlando to Florida Mall and Hunter's Creek in south Orange County. U.S. 17-92-441 overlap along the route to Kissimmee. Photo taken 06/02/18.
North from SR 50 (West Colonial Drive), U.S. 441 takes Orange Blossom Trail north alongside a CSX Railroad to Fairvilla, Lockhart and Piedmont. Photo taken 06/02/18.
U.S. 17 North U.S. 92 Florida State Road 50 East
A lone mileage sign references the east end of SR 50 at Titusville and Cocoa via SR 520 east beyond the merge with U.S. 17 north / U.S. 92 east along East Colonial Drive. Photo taken 09/01/18.
U.S. 17 north & 92 east commence the 1.9-mile overlap with SR 50 along Colonial Drive and quickly intersect Westmoreland Drive. Photo taken 09/01/18.
0.2 miles further east, U.S. 17-92/SR 50 (West Colonial Drive) meet the north end of Parramore Avenue. Parramore Avenue leads into the Parramore neighborhood west of Interstate 4. Photo taken 09/01/18.
The next signal operates at the south end of Edgewater Drive. Edgewater Drive (unsigned CR 424) stems north from U.S. 17-92/SR 50 to the College Park neighborhood. Photo taken 11/05/06.
Passing by Lake Dot, U.S. 17-92/SR 50 east approach Interstate 4. I-4 Ultimate construction reconfigures the forthcoming parclo A2 interchange into a single point urban interchange (SPUI). Photo taken 09/01/18.
Interstate 4 travels north-south through Orlando. A systems interchange joins I-4 with SR 408 (East-West Expressway) 1.2 miles to the south. Photo taken 09/01/18.
A loop ramp previously carried drivers from West Colonial Drive onto Interstate 4 eastbound to Winter Park, Altamonte Springs and Sanford. Photo taken 11/05/06.
The succeeding intersections east of I-4 connect West Colonial Drive with the one-way couplet of Orange Avenue south and Magnolia Avenue north. The streets south of U.S. 17-92/SR 50 were formerly a part of SR 527. Photo taken 12/19/03.
Sign replacement for the overheads preceding Orange Avenue on Colonial Drive eastbound. SR 527 remains north of U.S. 17-92/SR 50 along an urban route linking Downtown Orlando with Lake Ivanhoe and the city of Winter Park to the northeast. Photo taken 11/05/06.
West Colonial Drive becomes East Colonial Drive beyond Orange Avenue. Orange Avenue proceeds south through the Orlando central business district to Lake Lucerne. SR 527 resumes along the urban boulevard south from Gore Street to Edgewood and Pine Castle. Photo taken 11/05/06.


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