Florida State Road 50A travels a 3.9-mile section of former SR 50 through the Hernando County seat of Brooksville. The state road overlaps with U.S. 98 east from Ponce De Leon Boulevard along a one-way couplet through Downtown.

U.S. 98 North Florida State Road 50A West
Homosassa Springs debuts along U.S. 98 northbound mileage signage beyond the partition with SR 50 (Cortez Boulevard) west. Jefferson Street quickly reduces to two lanes. 10/23/19
U.S. 98/SR 50A (Jefferson Street) enter the city limits of Brooksville at the north end of Hernando County Road 581 (Emerson Road). 10/23/19
County Road 581 (Emerson Road) travels a rural course 16 miles south to SR 52 in Pasco County. The county road formerly followed Mitchell Road west from Emerson Road to end at SR 50 opposite CR 445 (Main Street). 10/23/19
Jefferson Street turns northward and approaches U.S. 41 (Broad Street). 10/23/19
U.S. 98 north & SR 50A west merge with U.S. 41 south as U.S. 41 north leaves Brooksville en route to Floral City and Inverness in Citrus County. 10/23/19
U.S. 41-98/SR 50A partition into a one way couplet of Jefferson Street (west) and Broad Street (east). 10/23/19
U.S. 41 South U.S. 98 North Florida State Road 50A West
U.S. 41 south, U.S. 98 north and SR 50A turn west at May Avenue toward Downtown and the Hernando County Courthouse. 09/15/19
Main Street (unsigned County Road 445) bisects Downtown Brooksville south from Howell Avenue across U.S. 41-98/SR 50A. 03/26/18
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U.S. 41 south leaves U.S. 98 north & SR 50A (Jefferson Street) west at Mildred Avenue. Mildred Avenue reconnects the southbound direction with Broad Street, which U.S. 41 follows out from Brooksville toward Powell, Garden Grove and Masaryktown. 09/15/19
U.S. 98 North Florida State Road 50A West
Jefferson Street switches to two-way traffic beyond the partition with U.S. 41 south as U.S. 98 north & SR 50A west continue a short distance to SR 700 (Ponce De Leon Boulevard). 03/26/18
State Road 700 is the counterpart for just about all of U.S. 98 north from Canal Point, off Lake Okeechobee, to U.S. 19 in Citrus County. A 0.33-mile portion of SR 700, between Jefferson Street and U.S. 41 (Broad Street), travels independent of U.S. 98 in Brooksville. 02/09/14
Travelers bound for the Suncoast Parkway (SR 589) are directed to remain along SR 50A (Jefferson Street) west to SR 50. U.S. 98 also meets the toll road near the Citrus County line. 02/09/14
Florida State Road 50A West
SR 50A emerges from the overlap with U.S. 98 and continues along Jefferson Street 1.4 miles to SR 50 at County Road 485 (Cobb Road). 03/26/18
SR 50A west to SR 50 (Cortez Boulevard) west leads motorists 11 miles to the city of Weeki Wachee. Cortez Boulevard otherwise extends another seven miles, via County Road 550, to Bayport along the Gulf of Mexico. 03/26/18
Jefferson Street expands into four lanes to match Cortez Boulevard leading west from Brooksville. Hernando County Road 485 (Cobb Road) ties into the west end of SR 50A from the north as the truck bypass to U.S. 98 and Citrus County. 03/26/18
SR 50 (Cortez Boulevard) continues four miles from SR 50A in Brooksville to meet the Suncoast Parkway (SR 589). 03/26/18
SR 50 east takes a four lane divided highway and bypasses the south side of Brooksville to U.S. 98 (Jefferson Street). 03/26/18
Cobb Road (CR 485) stems north as a rural two lane road to the Cemex operations at Yontz Road and U.S. 98 well outside town. 03/26/18
Florida State Road 50A East
SR 50A (Jefferson Street) begins and quickly reduces from four to two lanes as it leads away from SR 50 and CR 485 (Cobb Road) north. 03/26/18
SR 50A (Jefferson Street) east passes by Tom Varn Park in the city of Brooksville before intersecting U.S. 98 (Ponce De Leon Boulevard) north and SR 700. 03/26/18
U.S. 98 takes Ponce De Leon Boulevard north to Sugarwood Mills in Citrus County en route to Homosassa Springs alongside U.S. 19 north. SR 700 links U.S. 98 south with U.S. 41 south toward Masaryktown. 03/26/18
A 964-mile route, U.S. 98 travels east from near Natchez, Mississippi to end at Palm Beach by the Atlantic coastline. The portion through the Nature Coast is signed north-south, despite the overall east-west orientation of the three-state route. 03/26/18
SR 700 emerges from U.S. 98 as its own route to lead south 0.33 miles to U.S. 41 (Broad Street). 03/26/18
U.S. 98 South Florida State Road 50A East
U.S. 98 turns east onto Jefferson Street to overlap with SR 50A to Downtown. 02/17/14
A mileage sign posted after Ponce De Leon Boulevard references the SR 50 control points of Ridge Manor, in eastern Hernando County, and Groveland in Lake County. 02/17/14
U.S. 98/SR 50A east turn onto Mildred Avenue as Jefferson Street becomes one way in the westbound direction. 03/26/18
U.S. 41 U.S. 98 South Florida State Road 50A East
U.S. 98/SR 50A combine with U.S. 41 south from the block of Mildred Avenue between Jefferson Street west and Broad Street east. 02/17/14
U.S. 41 south rejoins Broad Street through southwest Brooksville while U.S. 9/SR 50A turn east alongside northbound U.S. 41 along the one way section of Broad Street. 02/17/14
U.S. 41 North U.S. 98 South Florida State Road 50A East
U.S. 98/SR 50A combine with U.S. 41 north along Broad Street for 0.78 miles between Mildred Avenue and Jefferson Street south. 02/09/14
Four blocks east of the CSX Railroad bridge is the signalized intersection with Main Street. Main Street doubles as unsigned CR 445 south to SR 50 (Cortez Boulevard) and north to Howell Avenue. 02/09/14
U.S. 41 north, U.S. 98 south and SR 50A east pass by both the Hernando County Courthouse and Government Center beyond Main Street. 02/09/14
U.S. 98 south / SR 50A east part ways with U.S. 41 (Broad Street) and rejoin Jefferson Street leading southeast. 02/09/14
U.S. 41 curves northward to exit Brooksville to Withlacoochee State Forest, Floral City and Inverness. 02/09/14
U.S. 98/SR 50A remain paired for another 1.4 miles south to Cortez Boulevard (SR 50). Interstate 75 is 9.6 miles to the east via U.S. 98. 02/09/14
U.S. 98 South Florida State Road 50A East
2 photos
2 photos
Jefferson Street leads south from U.S. 41 (Broad Street) to cross the Good Neighbor bicycle Trail. Ridge Manor lies 13 miles ahead, followed by the SR 50 destination of Groveland in 38 miles. 02/09/14
U.S. 98/SR 50A (Jefferson Street) turn eastward at Martin Luther King, Jr. Boulevard to intersect the north end of Hernando County Road 581 (Emerson Road). 02/09/14
CR 581 leads south from Brooksville to Darby and SR 52 in Pasco County. 02/17/14
U.S. 98/SR 50A east leave the city limits of Brooksville beyond County Road 581. 02/09/14
SR 50A ends as SR 50 joins U.S. 98 south along Cortez Boulevard east. 02/09/14
SR 50 (Cortez Boulevard) encircles the south side of Brooksville along a partially commercial bypass. The state road enters the city from Weeki Wachee and the north side of Spring Hill. 02/09/14

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