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Florida State Road 52 East
Mileage sign posted as SR 52 leaves the intersection with U.S. 19 and CR 52 west. The 33 miles to Dade City represent the extend of the intracounty state road. Photo taken 03/26/18.
The first confirming marker for SR 52 east. The six lane arterial is designated the Schrader Memorial Highway. Photo taken 03/26/18.
Zimmerman Road intersects SR 52 at the first traffic light. Zimmerman Road heads south to the Gulf Highlands neighborhood and north to the adjacent Ponderosa Park manufactured home community. Photo taken 03/26/18.
The succeeding traffic light is with Majestic Boulevard north to the Beacon Woods Village golf course community. Photo taken 03/26/18.
La Madera Boulevard stems south from SR 52 to a cluster of condominiums built around the former Timber Oaks Golf Course. Pasco County purchased the abandoned course on October 27, 2015 to build a network of stormwater ponds to offset routine flooding issues.1 Photo taken 03/26/18.
County Road 1 (Little Road) branches south from U.S. 19 along the east side of Hudson and Bayonet Point to meet SR 52 at the Griffin Park community. Photo taken 03/26/18.
Traveling 16.1 miles overall, CR 1 (Little Road) provides an alternate route to New Port Richey en route to Trinity near the Hillsborough County line. Photo taken 03/26/18.
A three-digit width trailblazer for Interstate 75 precedes CR 1 (Little Road). Photo taken 03/26/18.
Little Road travels 3.6 miles south to CR 524 (Ridge Road) east of Port Richey. A suburban arterial along its entire route, CR 1 represents the last connection from SR 52 south to the SR 54 corridor until the tolled Suncoast Parkway (SR 589). Photo taken 03/26/18.
SR 52 progresses east from County Road 1 along the north side of the Griffin Park street grid. Photo taken 03/26/18.
Chicago Avenue crosses SR 52 north from Griffin Park to Fivay High School and the Parkwood Acres community. Photo taken 03/26/18.
SR 52 makes a subtle S-curve to the south of Parkwood Acres by a number of service businesses and retail. Photo taken 03/26/18.
Hicks Road south and Indian Drive north come together at the ensuing traffic light on SR 52 eastbound. Photo taken 03/26/18.
Reassurance marker posted after Hicks Road and Indian Drive. Photo taken 03/26/18.
Paradise Pointe Way winds southward from SR 52 as one of two access roads to several developments and Summertree Golf Club. Photo taken 03/26/18.
SR 52 curves eastward to intersect Colony Lakes Boulevard south beyond this shield marker. Photo taken 03/26/18.
County Road 587 concludes an 11.2 mile route northeast from New Port Richey at SR 52. Photo taken 03/26/18.
County Road 587 (Moon Lake Road) winds southward with by the Moon Lake Estates community to DeCubellis Road at the east end of CR 524 (Ridge Road). Photo taken 03/26/18.
Continuing east from CR 587 (Moon Lake Road), SR 52 travels 20 miles to San Antonio and 26 miles to Dade City. Photo taken 08/23/17.
SR 52 confirming marker posted east of Key Lime Drive south to Moon Lake Estates. Photo taken 08/23/17.
Hays Road stems north from a traffic light on SR 52 to North Suncoast Industrial Park and Peace Boulevard at the rural Highlands community. Photo taken 03/26/18.
2 photos
2 photos
SR 52 enters the general area of Land O' Lakes east of Hays Road. Photos taken 03/26/18.
SR 52 crosses paths with SR 589 (Suncoast Parkway) just beyond forthcoming Silver Palm and Canyon Boulevards, entrance roads to area developments. Photo taken 03/26/18.
Operated by Florida's Turnpike Enterprise (FTE), the tolled Suncoast Parkway stretches north from the Veterans Expressway at Lutz to Spring Hill and Brooksville in Pasco County. Photo taken 08/23/17.
SR 589 travels 27 miles south to SR 60 (Memorial Highway) by Tampa International Airport (TPA). Photo taken 03/26/18.
North from SR 52, the Suncoast Parkway continues 26.7 miles to U.S. 98 in northern Hernando County. A 13-mile extension under construction through 2022 will lengthen SR 589 north to SR 44 at Lecanto. Photo taken 07/03/15.
A lane drop occurs along SR 52 eastbound just after SR 589. Construction underway from September 2019 to late 2013 widens the ensuing stretch to six lanes. Photo taken 08/23/17.
Shady Hills Road parallels the Suncoast Parkway north from SR 52 to the Deerfield Lakes subdivision and Quail Ridge golf course community. The 7.6-mile long road shifts west of SR 589 through Shady Hills to CR 578 (County Line Road) at CR 587 (Mariner Boulevard) at Spring Hill. Photo taken 07/03/15.
SR 52 and U.S. 41 cross paths three miles east of the Suncoast Parkway. U.S. 41 enters Pasco County along a rural course from Masarkytown, located 8.5 miles away. Photo taken 08/23/17.
South from SR 52 and Gowers Corner, U.S. 41 (Land O' Lakes Boulevard) travels through an increasingly developed corridor through Land O' Lakes to Lutz in Hillsborough County. Photo taken 08/23/17.
SR 52 heads 11 miles east from Gowers Corner to meet Interstate 75. Photo taken 05/27/16.
Followed by Saint Leo, the city of San Antonio lies 3 miles beyond I-75, SR 52 ends 20 miles east of U.S. 41 in Dade City. Photo taken 05/27/16.
SR 52 separates forest within the Southwest Florida Water Management District to the south with agricultural areas of 4G Ranch to the north. Photo taken 05/27/16.
SR 52 next approaches the north end of County Road 583 (Ehren Cutoff). Ehren Cutoff leads southwest to the Tampa Bay Water complex and State Veterans Nursing Home and on a 6.7 mile course to U.S. 41. Photo taken 05/27/16.
County Road 583 provides one of two routes leading north from Land O' Lakes to SR 52. With just two lanes, much of the route remains rural. Photo taken 05/27/16.
2 photos
2 photos
San Antonio lies nine miles to the east of Ehren Cutoff. Photo taken 02/25/17. Second photo taken 08/13/18.
Advancing east from Ehren Cutoff, SR 52 traverses open areas of Fort King Ranch. Photo taken 08/13/18.
SR 52 expands into a six lane arterial ahead of CR 581 (Bellamy Brothers Boulevard) north. Widening here ran from November 2016 to late 2018. Photo taken 08/13/18.
CR 581 (Bellamy Brothers Boulevard) heads 3.5 miles north to CR 578A (St. Joe Road) east at the settlement of Darby. Photo taken 02/25/17.
Traveling 16 miles overall, County Road 581 traverses agricultural and wooded areas to Brooksville and U.S. 98/SR 50. Photo taken 08/13/18.
The massive Hillcrest Preserve development lies east of Bellamy Brothers Boulevard and north of SR 52 along the ensuing stretch. Photo taken 08/13/18.
Motorists continuing east along SR 52 from Bellamy Brothers Boulevard will reach San Antonio in five miles and Dade City in 11 miles. Photo taken 02/17/14.
Widening of SR 52 leading east to Interstate 75 included the addition of traffic lights at the intersection with Old Pasco Road south. Old Pasco Road parallels the west side of I-75 to CR 54 (Wesley Chapel Boulevard). Photo taken 08/13/18.
Construction through Spring 2018 expanded SR 52 to six overall lanes and rebuilt the diamond interchange with I-75 into a parclo. Carrying commuter traffic south to the split with Interstate 275 at the Hillsborough County line, I-75 is a six-lane freeway throughout Pasco County. Photo taken 02/17/14.
Interstate 75 shifts east from Wesley Chapel in south Pasco County through New Tampa to Mango and Brandon. The freeway joins the Tampa Bay area with Ft. Myers and Southwest Florida. Photo taken 08/13/18.
Interstate 275 partitions with I-75, 11.5 miles south of SR 52. The urban loop connects with Downtown Tampa and St. Petersburg in Pinellas County. Photo taken 08/13/18.
Interstate 75 extends through rural areas of north Pasco County to the hills of Hernando County between Brooksville and Ridge Manor. The freeway generally avoids most urban areas from SR 52 to Ocala. Photo taken 08/13/18.
The six lane section of SR 52 completed in Spring 2018 extends east from I-75 to Corporate Lake Boulevard north and McKendee Road south. Photo taken 03/27/20.
SR 52 narrows to two lanes east of McKendree Road. Construction started in November 2019 widens the ensuing stretch to Bayou Branch Canal into a four-lane, divided roadway. Photo taken 08/13/18.
The future alignment for SR 52 branches east along the north side of the Mirada development. Photo taken 03/27/20.
SR 52 shifts northward and enters the city of San Antonio 1.1 miles beyond the new alignment that will continue eastward through the Miranda development. Photo taken 08/13/18.
County Road 577 (Curley Street) intersects SR 52 four blocks south of San Antonio City Hall. Following Curley Road south toward Wesley Chapel, CR 577 connects with CR 579 Alternate (Prospect Road) east to CR 579 (Handcart Road) south to Zephyrhills. Photo taken 08/13/18.
North from San Antonio, CR 577 resumes along Curley Road from the San Antonio city line 2.25 miles to merge with CR 578 (St. Joe Road) west to the settlement of St. Joseph. Photo taken 08/13/18.
SR 52 makes a 90 degree turn to the north from Main Street to College Avenue around the San Antonio street grid. Photo taken 08/13/18.
Drivers along SR 52 east reach the neighboring town of St. Leo within a mile. Dade City follows in another six miles. Photo taken 08/13/18.
The St. Leo town limits extend west along SR 52 on the northern approach to College Avenue and Pompanic Street. Photo taken 08/13/18.
SR 52 gains elevation ahead of the easterly turn at College Avenue. Photo taken 08/13/18.
A free flow turn takes SR 52 east ahead of a stop sign intersection with College Avenue west toward San Antonio City Hall and Pompanic Street north along the west side of Clear Lake. Photo taken 08/13/18.
2 photos
2 photos
State Road 52 bee lines east from College Avenue in San Antonio to the main entrance for Saint Leo University. The campus lines the north side of the highway by Clear Lake while Abbey Course, the University's golf course, is to the south. Photos taken 08/13/18.
Continuing east from St. Leo University, SR 52 dips 80 feet in elevation ahead of Lake Jovita Golf and Country Club. Photo taken 08/13/18.
County Road 579 (Happy Hill Road) crosses paths with SR 52 along eastern reaches of the Saint Leo town line. The rural highway originates from CR 578 (St. Joe Road) west of Dade City to the north. Southward, CR 579 extends between Zephyrhills and Wesley Chapel to northern Hillsborough County and the Tampa area. Photo taken 08/13/18.
Trending northeast, SR 52 enters the limits of Dade City ahead of John S. Burkes Memorial Park. Photo taken 08/13/18.
Next along SR 52 in Dade City is the Pasco County Fairgrounds across from Adair Road. Photo taken 08/13/18.
Heading northward again, SR 52 follows 21st Street into the Dade City street grid, meeting CR 41 at the succeeding traffic night. Photo taken 03/27/20.
SR 52 turns east onto Meridian Avenue toward Downtown Dade City as County Road 41 joins 21st Street north to Blanton Road. Photo taken 03/27/20.
CR 578 (St. Joe Road) ties into 21st Street (CR 41) at the adjacent intersection. Photo taken 03/27/20.
Confirming marker along Meridian Avenue east of 21st Street. Photo taken 03/27/20.
The southern leg of County Road 41 separates from SR 52 (Meridian Avenue) east along 17th Street. Photo taken 03/27/20.
17th Street leads CR 41 south out of Dade City by a number of schools to Fort King Road. Fort King Road parallels U.S. 301 southward to Zephyrhills. Photo taken 03/27/20.
SR 52 (Meridian Avenue) east at 14th Street. Photo taken 03/27/20.
Entering Downtown Dade City, SR 52 (Meridian Avenue) meets the former alignment of U.S. 98-301 Business on 7th Street. U.S. 98/301 bypass the business district to the east between Trilacooche and Zephyrhills. Photo taken 03/27/20.
Meridian Avenue extends six blocks east from 7th Street to U.S. 98/301. The divided boulevard formerly was four lanes wide. Photo taken 03/27/20.
State Road 52 concludes at U.S. 98/301. Photo taken 03/27/20.
U.S. 98/301 overlap for 9.4 miles in Pasco County, U.S. 98-301 Business was a 1.3 mile route. Photo taken 03/27/20.

  1. "Pasco acquires Timber Oaks Golf Course; drainage work to follow." Tampa Bay Times (FL), November 4, 2015.

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02/17/14, 07/03/15, 05/27/16, 02/25/17, 08/23/17, 03/26/18, 08/13/18, 03/27/20 by AARoads

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