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Florida State Road 52 West
State Road 52 stems west from U.S. 98-301 along Meridian Avenue into Downtown Dade City. The tree lined boulevard accommodates one lane per direction. Photo taken 02/27/17.
Advancing five blocks west from U.S. 98-301, SR 52 intersects 7th Street, the former route of U.S. 98-301 Business. Photo taken 02/27/17.
The Historic Pasco County Courthouse resides at the southeast corner of Meridian Avenue and 7th Street in Downtown Dade City. Photo taken 02/27/17.
Mileage sign posted after 7th Street for St. Leo and the west end of SR 52 at Bayonet Point. U.S. 98-301 Business were decommissioned through Dade City in 2007. Photo taken 02/27/17.
SR 52 travels 9.7 miles south and west from Downtown Dade City to Interstate 75. Photo taken 02/27/17.
Meridian Avenue enters the residential street grid of Dade City ahead of the traffic light with 14th Street. Photo taken 02/27/17.
The south branch of County Road 41 lines 17th Street south from SR 52 (Meridian Avenue). CR 41 links Dade City with Zephyrhills via Fort King Road. Photo taken 02/27/17.
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An implied overlap dog legs CR 41 west along side SR 52 (Meridian Avenue) 0.2 miles to 21st Street north. CR 41 ventures 8.2 miles northwest to I-75 and ten miles to the Hernando County line, where CR 541 (Spring Lake Highway) takes over north to U.S. 98 & SR 50. Photos taken 02/27/17.
SR 52 separates from Meridian Avenue and turns south along 21st Street as County Road 41 heads north along 21st Street to Blanton Road west. Photo taken 02/27/17.
21st Street runs along the west side of the Dade City residential street grid to Coleman Avenue. Photo taken 02/20/17.
Curving southwest from Dade City, SR 52 travels six miles to the city of San Antonio. Photo taken 02/20/17.
Approaching the rural intersection with County Road 579 (Happy Hill Road north / Prospect Road south) along the east side of St. Leo. Photo taken 02/20/17.
Happy Hill Road leads CR 579 north 2.1 miles along a rural course to CR 578 (St. Joe Road) west of Dade City. CR 579 south follows Prospect Road to nearby Clinton Avenue (CR 52 Alternate / Future SR 52) and 2.2 miles to become CR 579A west. Photo taken 02/20/17.
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SR 52 enters the St. Leo town limits west from CR 579. The adjoining city of San Antonio lies two miles further, while the state road extends another 29 miles to U.S. 19 at Bayonet Point. Photos taken 08/13/18.
Continuing by the Lake Jovita Golf & Country Club development, SR 52 climbs to the campus of Saint Leo University. Photo taken 08/13/18.
0.75 miles west of the main entrance to Saint Leo University, SR 52 turns south to circumvent the San Antonio street grid. Photo taken 08/13/18.
An older overhead assembly precedes the intersection with College Avenue west and Pompanic Street north. The flashers ahead allow a free flow turn for the SR 52 mainline movement. Photo taken 08/13/18.
The San Antonio city limits line Pompanic Street north and SR 52 south from College Avenue. College Avenue extends one block west toward the city center. San Antonio City Hall lies a block further along Pennsylvania Avenue. Photo taken 08/13/18.
SR 52 encircles the southeast side of the small San Antonio residential street grid to a traffic light with County Road 577 (Curley Street). Photo taken 08/13/18.
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County Road 577 follows Curley Road outside the San Antonio city limits as it connects with SR 54 at Wesley Chapel to the southwest and CR 578 (St. Joe Road) and St. Joseph 3.25 miles to the north. Photos taken 08/13/18.
Advancing west from CR 577 (Curley Street), SR 52 runs along the south side of San Antonio for another 0.9 miles. Photo taken 08/13/18.
Bayonet Point is 27 miles west of San Antonio. U.S. 19 leads south from the west end of SR 52 six miles to New Port Richey. Photo taken 08/13/18.
Angling southwest, SR 52 runs along the north side of the Miranda development. Tying into the state road here is the Miranda Boulevard Connector, the eventual main access road to the massive community being built south of the future SR 52 bypass. Photo taken 08/13/18.
This rural stretch lies just west of where the new four-lane SR 52 bypass of San Antonio and Dade City will connect to the existing roadway at Bayou Branch. Photo taken 08/13/18.
State Road 52 expands to six overall lanes west of Corporate Lake Boulevard and ahead of Interstate 75. Photo taken 08/13/18.
Completed in spring 2018, the $73 million widening project along Interstate 75 from north of CR 54 at Wesley Chapel to north of SR 52 redesigned the exchange here with a new loop ramp from west to south and expanded ramps elsewhere.1 Photo taken 08/13/18.
Motorists along SR 52 westbound headed to either direction of I-75 travel single file to succeeding entrance ramps. Photo taken 08/13/18.
Ocale is a 66-mile drive to the north from SR 52 via Interstate 75. Photo taken 08/13/18.
Interstate 75 southbound partitions with I-275 to Tampa and St. Petersburg in 11.4 miles. Photo taken 08/13/18.
Construction to reconfigure SR 52 and Interstate 75 into a parclo interchange started on May 29, 2014.1 The new loop ramp to southbound I-75 spans SR 52 on a bridge wide enough to accommodate two lanes in the future. Photo taken 08/13/18.
A stand alone shield for I-75 appears along the entrance ramp from SR 52 westbound. Photo taken 08/13/18.
Frontage roads tie into SR 52 to the immediate west of I-75 at Old Tampa Bay Drive. Photo taken 11/11/19.
Traffic lights were added at the intersection with Old Pasco Road south during four lane expansion of SR 52. Old Pasco Road parallels I-75 to the Tampa Bay Golf & Country Club community nearby en route to CR 54 (Wesley Chapel Boulevard). Photo taken 11/11/19.
SR 52 reassurance marker posted west of Old Pasco Road. Photo taken 11/11/19.
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Upcoming County Road 581 (Bellamy Brothers Boulevard) stems north from SR 52 to the rural community of Darby. Photos taken 11/11/19.
This branch of County Road 581 travels 16 miles north to U.S. 98/SR 50A in Brooksville. Photo taken 11/11/19.
The four lane section of SR 52 concludes at CR 581 (Bellamy Brothers Boulevard). Future work will expand the ensuing stretch west to U.S. 41. Photo taken 11/11/19.
Bayonet Point, where SR 52 ends at U.S. 19, is the lone destination referenced west of CR 581. No mention of New Port Richey for motorists taking SR 52 west from I-75. Photo taken 11/11/19.
Traveling 3.6 miles west from CR 581 (Bellamy Brothers Boulevard) across Fort King Ranch, SR 52 enters the general area of Land O' Lakes. Photo taken 09/22/18.
SR 52 next meets the north end of County Road 583 (Ehren Cutoff). Photo taken 09/22/18.
County Road 583 (Ehren Cutoff) angles 7.6 miles southwest to U.S. 41 in Land O' Lakes. The rural highway connects with the Tampa Bay Water complex and the State Veterans Nursing Home. Photo taken 09/22/18.
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Leaving Gowers Corner and U.S. 41, SR 52 travels 12 miles west to Bayonet Point. Photos taken 04/20/16.
SR 52 shifts northward along a rural stretch west from Kent Grove Drive. Photo taken 09/29/16.
Shady Hills Drive branches north from SR 52 west to the rural Shady Hills community and County Line Road (CR 578) at Spring Hill. Photo taken 04/20/16.
SR 52 widens to four lanes leading into the diamond interchange with SR 589 (Suncoast Parkway). Photo taken 04/20/16.
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The Suncoast Parkway extends north to SR 50 at Brooksville and U.S. 98 near the Citrus County line. The toll road was completed in 2001. Photos taken 04/20/16.
SR 52 meets the Suncoast Parkway at one of two interchanges in Pasco County. The scenic toll road traverses areas of the North Pasco Well Field and Jay B. Starkey Wilderness Park 9.8 miles south to the suburban corridor along SR 54 near Odessa. Photo taken 04/20/16.
SR 589 transitions from the Suncoast Parkway onto the Veterans Expressway in Lutz. The toll road ends as SR 589 merges with SR 60 (Memorial Highway) east by Tampa International Airport (TPA) in 27.3 miles. Photo taken 04/20/16.
SR 52 gains an additional travel lane in each direction west from the Suncoast Parkway. Photo taken 04/20/16.
SR 52 joins the Suncoast Parkway with the cities of Port Richey and New Port Richey via connections with CR 587 (Moon Lake Road) south and U.S. 19 south. Photo taken 04/20/16.
Traffic lights west of SR 589 link SR 52 with Canyon Boulevard north to the Lone Star Ranch and south to the Suncoast Lakes developments. Photo taken 04/20/16.
The succeeding signal operates along SR 52 west at the south end of Hays Road. Hays Road heads north to North Suncoast Industrial Park and the rural Highlands community. Photo taken 09/29/16.
Reassurance marker posted west of Hays Road at the 2011-built Hays Road Town Center retail plaza. Photo taken 04/20/16.
Advancing west, SR 52 becomes increasingly more suburban, passing south of the Verandah and Pine Ridge at Sugar Creek developments. CR 587 (Moon Lake Road) begins at the ensuing traffic light. Photo taken 04/20/16.
CR 587 (Moon Lake Road) represents one of the main north-south routes through coastal areas of Pasco County. Moon Lake Road winds south by the Moon Lake Estates community to CR 524 (Ridge Road). Ridge Road links CR 587 with Port Richey to the west while CR 587 continues to New Port Richey. Photo taken 04/20/16.
SR 52 makes a gradual arc northward from CR 587 by a number of neighborhoods including Shadow Lakes, Lakewood Acres and Summertree. Photo taken 04/20/16.
SR 52 westbound shield posted after Colony Lakes Boulevard south to the Summertree golf course community. Photo taken 04/20/16.
Paradise Pointe Way stems south from SR 52 to Summertree Golf Club and the Paradise Pointe duplex community. Photo taken 04/20/16.
Hicks Road intersects SR 52 south from New York Avenue, Veterans Memorial Park the Highlands area of north Pasco County. Indian Drive ties in from the Osceola Heights neighborhood to the south. Photo taken 04/20/16.
Chicago Avenue runs south to Griffin Park and Osceola Heights and north through the Parkwood Acres street grid to Five-A-Ranches. Photo taken 04/20/16.
County Road 1 (Little Road) is an arterial route paralleling the U.S. 19 corridor to the east from Trinity near the Pinellas County line through eastern reaches of New Port Richey and Hudson. CR 1 merges with U.S. 19 five miles north of SR 52. Photo taken 04/20/16.
Continuing west from County Road 1 (Little Road) and the Griffin Park retail area on SR 52. Photo taken 04/20/16.
The succeeding traffic light joins SR 52 with La Madera Boulevard south to a number of condominiums surrounding the former Timber Oaks Golf Course. Photo taken 04/20/16.
Majestic Boulevard winds north from SR 52 to the Beach Woods golf course community. Photo taken 04/20/16.
Entering Bayonet Point, SR 52 intersects Zimmerman Road north to Ponderosa Park and south to Gulf Highlands. Photo taken 04/20/16.
The final half mile of SR 52 leads west from Zimmerman Road to U.S. 19 and County Road 52. Photo taken 04/20/16.
U.S. 19 constitutes a major arterial route through coastal Pasco and Hernando Counties. North from SR 52, U.S. 19 travels through unincorporated Hudson and Spring Hill. Photo taken 04/20/16.
Three turn lanes connect with U.S. 19 south to Port Richey, New Port Richey, Elfers and Tarpon Springs in Pinellas County. CR 52 spurs a half mile west. Photo taken 04/20/16.

  1. I-75 Widening from north of County Road 54 to north of State Road 52 - 258736-2-52-01 Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) District 7, project web site.

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