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Florida State Road 60 West
Adamo Drive crosses the Palm River (Tampa Bypass Canal) and Tampa city limits just west of South 78th Street (CR 573). SR 60 continues six miles west to Downtown Tampa and 28 miles to Clearwater. Photo taken 10/31/15.
Orient Road arcs northeast from Adamo Drive across the CSX Railroad line to Broadway Avenue (CR 574) at Orient Park. Photo taken 10/31/15.
Leading west from U.S. 41, SR 60 and the parallel Selmon Expressway veer northward around the periphery of McKay Bay to East Ybor City. Photo taken 07/10/11.
SR 60 proceeds west from U.S. 41 another four miles to Downtown Tampa. Clearwater, seat of Pinellas County, is 26 miles west along the state road. Photo taken 01/18/14.
The January 6, 2014 opened Selmon Connector between SR 618 and I-4 displaced the diamond interchange at the south end of SR 569 (39th Street). Signed as Exit 10, the adjacent ramp departs from SR 618 as SR 60 approaches 39th Street. Photo taken 01/18/14.
SR 569 runs north 1.33 miles from SR 60 (Adamo Drive) to U.S. 41 (Melbourne Boulevard) at Highland Pines in Tampa. The state road constitutes an industrial arterial along North 39th and 40th Streets. Photo taken 01/18/14.
North 34th Street connects SR 60 (Adamo Drive) with East Ybor City, East Tampa and College Hill. Photo taken 07/10/11.
SR 60 (Adamo Drive) west reaches the couplet of 22nd and 21st Streets south of Historic Ybor City. Formerly SR 585 north from Adamo Drive, the one-way street pair links YBor City with Interstate 4 and East Tampa. Photo taken 07/10/11.
Southward from SR 60, 21st and 22nd Streets converge as part of U.S. 41 Business, an industrial arterial (20th Street) leading to Port Tampa Bay and Causeway Boulevard east to Palm River. Photo taken 01/17/20.
U.S. 41 Business North Florida State Road 60 West
19th Street passes under the adjacent Selmon Expressway from Port Tampa Bay north across U.S. 41 Business/SR 60 (Adamo Drive) into Historic Ybor City. Photo taken 01/17/20.
Six blocks west of 19th Street, U.S. 41 Business/SR 60 (Adamo Drive) intersect Channelside Drive. Channelside Drive connects Adamo Drive with E 3rd and 4th Avenues at a roundabout on the west side of Historic Ybor City. Hillsborough Community College lies a few blocks further north along Palm Avenue. Photo taken 01/17/20.
U.S. 41 Business north / SR 60 west turn southward on Channelside Drive to make the connection between Adamo Drive and Kennedy Boulevard. Photo taken 01/17/20.
Channelside Drive lines Port Tampa Bay along Ybor Channel to the Channelside entertainment district. Twiggs Street east and McKay Street from the port intersect U.S. 41 Business & SR 60 at this traffic light. Photo taken 09/05/15.
U.S. 41 Business south & SR 60 west resume a westward heading along Kennedy Boulevard into Downtown Tampa. Channelside Drive continues south to the Florida Aquarium and west to Amalie Arena (home of the NHL Tampa Bay Lightning) and the Tampa Convention Center. Photo taken 08/20/17.
Kennedy Boulevard initially carries two way traffic for three blocks from Channelside Drive to Meridian Avenue. Several condominium complexes line the boulevard along this stretch. Photo taken 10/19/13.
Meridian Avenue travels north from Beneficial Drive and Harbour Island to intersect U.S. 41 Business & SR 60 (Kennedy Drive) adjacent to set of railroad tracks. The avenue ends one block to the north at Twiggs Street and the on-ramp to the eastbound Selmon Expressway Express lanes (SR 618A). Photo taken 10/19/13.
Kennedy Boulevard switches to westbound only beyond Meridian Avenue. Crossing the adjacent railroad tracks, U.S. 41 Business north & SR 60 west next intersect Nebraska Avenue. Nebraska Avenue doubles as a signed portion of SR 45 north to U.S. 41 at Hillsborough Avenue. The state road provides an adjacent on-ramp to the eastbound Selmon Expressway back to Brandon. Photo taken 09/05/15.
Nebraska Avenue flows one way northbound between Jackson Street (SR 60 east) and Kennedy Boulevard (SR 60 west). SR 45 utilizes a one block overlap with SR 60 west to Brush Street south to make the connection with SR 60 east. SR 45 is the hidden counterpart of U.S. 41 Business east to Palm River otherwise. Photo taken 09/05/15.
Kennedy Boulevard passes under the Selmon Expressway (SR 618) at Brush Street. A half diamond interchange provides access from SR 618 westbound to U.S. 41 Business & SR 60 west. Photo taken 10/19/13.
Crossing East Street, westbound motorists approach Jefferson Street, which leads south to Brorein Street and its eastbound on-ramp to Brandon. Interests to the Selmon Expressway west to South Tampa and St. Petersburg are directed onto Brorein Street west one block to its on-ramp for SR 618. Photo taken 08/12/14.
Jefferson Street north from U.S. 41 Business & SR 60 provides a direct route to a northbound on-ramp within the Downtown East Interchange of Interstate 275. Photo taken 08/12/14.
Pierce Street flows south into Downtown Tampa as part of a feeder from the Downtown East Interchange of Interstate 275 to Orange Avenue south. Photo taken 10/19/13.
Trailblazers direct drivers onto Morgan Street south to Brorein Street also for SR 618 (Selmon Expressway). Photo taken 01/19/14.
Kennedy Boulevard continues west with four overall lanes across Morgan Street. Photo taken 10/19/13.
Marion Street follows as a transit-only street reserved for HART vehicles. Photo taken 10/19/13.
U.S. 41 Business turns northward onto Florida Avenue from SR 60 (Kennedy Boulevard) west. Photo taken 08/20/17.
Florida State Road 60 West
One block removed from the split with U.S. 41 Business north, SR 60 (Kennedy Boulevard) west intersects Franklin Street. Franklin Street between Whiting Street and Madison Street is a pedestrian mall. Photo taken 10/19/13.
Ashley Drive runs south from the Downtown West Interchange of I-275 to the Tampa Convention Center parallel to the Hillsborough River. The tree lined boulevard provides a fast route to I-275 west of I-4. Photo taken 10/19/13.
Spanning the Hillsborough River, SR 60 (Kennedy Boulevard) crosses a 1913-built bascule bridge. Photo taken 10/05/15.
Hyde Park Avenue stems south from SR 60 at University Drive and the University of Tampa to connect with the Hillsborough Bay bridge onto Davis Islands. Photo taken 10/05/15.
Kennedy Boulevard expands into a four-lane roadway west from Ashley Drive and the Hillsborough River into the Hyde Park / Spanishtown Creek community. The boulevard overtakes Grand Central Avenue (the former name of Kennedy Boulevard) and turns west at Brevard Street here. Photo taken 10/19/13.
Boulevard intersects SR 60 (Kennedy Boulevard) at the subsequent signal south from the University of Tampa and north from Bayshore Boulevard. Photo taken 10/19/13.
An overhead directs motorists from SR 60 west onto Willow Avenue south for its diamond interchange with SR 618 (LeRoy Selmon Expressway). Photo taken 09/05/15.
Willow Avenue heads north to the West Riverfront neighborhood and south beyond SR 618 to Historic Hyde Park. SR 618 angles southwest from Willow Avenue to Bayshore Beautiful, Fair Oaks and South Tampa. Photo taken 10/19/13.
SR 60 (Kennedy Boulevard) lines the Armory Gardens and Palma Ceia Pines neighborhoods to MacDill Avenue. Photo taken 10/19/13.
SR 685 accompanies SR 60 west from U.S. 41 Business in Downtown Tampa to Henderson Boulevard as an unsigned concurrency. The state road emerges along a 0.98-mile section of Henderson Boulevard angling southwest from Kennedy Boulevard to Dale Mabry Highway (U.S. 92). Photo taken 03/07/14.
Two lanes turn onto SR 685 south from SR 60 (Kennedy Boulevard) west. Henderson Boulevard runs along the Gray Gables and Palma Ceia Pines neighborhoods to intersect Dale Mabry Highway at Palma Ceia West.
Historically SR 685 extended south as the hidden counterpart of U.S. 92 to Gandy Boulevard and as the signed route to Mac Dill A.F.B. (now SR 573). Henderson Boulevard southwest to Manhattan Avenue south was Florida Secondary 600A at that time. Photo taken 03/07/14.
Through traffic remaining along SR 60 west continues uninterrupted at the split with SR 685 south. Photo taken 03/07/14.
Himes Avenue heads north from the Bon Air and Gray Gables neighborhood to intersect SR 60 (Kennedy Boulevard) ahead of Oakford Park. The five lane boulevard sees a half diamond interchange with I-275 at MacFarlane Park. Photo taken 10/19/13.
A short distance further west, SR 60 (Kennedy Boulevard) enters the busy intersection with U.S. 92 (Dale Mabry Highway). Dale Mabry Highway comprises a heavily traveled commercial arterial south as U.S. 92 to Gandy Boulevard and north to Hillsborough Avenue. The arterial runs overall between the main gate to Mac Dill Air Force Base and U.S. 41 at Land O' Lakes in Pasco County. Photo taken 08/05/14.
Lois Avenue connects SR 60 (Kennedy Boulevard) with Swann Estates and Beach Park to the south and Westshore Palms and Carver City / Lincoln Gardens to the north. A full diamond interchange used to join the avenue with I-275; some of those ramps were eliminated with the rebuild of the freeway through Tampa. Photo taken 08/05/14.
SR 60 sees another busy intersection with West Shore Boulevard at Beach Park and Westshore Palms. Doubling as County Road 587, Westshore Boulevard leads north to SR 616 at International Plaza Mall and south to Interbay Boulevard at Port Tampa City. Photo taken 10/19/13.
SR 60 (Kennedy Boulevard) westbound continues a short distance from West Shore Boulevard to WestShore Plaza mall and the turn onto Memorial Highway. Traffic interests to Interstate 275 south and the Howard Frankland Bridge must turn onto Kennedy Boulevard after its split with SR 60 to make the connection. Photo taken 04/17/16.
SR 60 intersects Occident Street and the main entrance to WestShore Plaza mall. Photo taken 04/17/16.
Gardenia Avenue intersects SR 60 across from a second entrance to WestShore Plaza mall. Photo taken 04/17/16.
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2 photos
SR 60 turns northwest onto a freeway from WestShore Plaza mall to Tampa International Airport (TPA) and the Courtney Campbell Causeway. The freeway replaced the original Memorial Highway and thus carries its name. Kennedy Boulevard continues west as an unsigned branch of SR 60 to a wye interchange with Interstate 275 south ahead of the Howard Frankland Bridge. Photos taken 04/17/16.
A two lane on-ramp joins SR 60 (Memorial Highway) west from I-275 south to expand the westbound direction to four overall lanes. The state road separates into two roadways. The inner roadway leads directly to the Veterans Expressway while the outer roadway serves both TPA Airport and SR 616 (Spruce Street) east. Photo taken 04/13/15.
A single lane flyover forms the outer roadway leading north to the airport interchange. The roadway expands to three lanes with the advent of traffic from the SR 60 mainline, with two lanes providing through movements to both Courtney Campbell Causeway west and the Veterans Expressway (SR 589) north. Photo taken 01/13/17.
Three lanes continue north onto the tolled Veterans Expressway (SR 589) while the SR 60 mainline shifts to the outer roadway. Photo taken 04/13/15.
The off-ramp to SR 616 (Spruce Street) departs SR 60 beyond the upcoming slip ramp. SR 616 lines Spruce Street east to International Plaza Mall en route to Boy Scout Boulevard and U.S. 92 (Dale Mabry Highway). Interests to the air cargo facilities of TPA Airport are directed north on U.S. 92 to Tampa Bay Boulevard west. Photo taken 01/13/17.
Entering the airport interchange, traffic separates with three lanes leading north to SR 589 and its ramp to Independence Parkway west to Town 'N Country. The previous configuration here involved weaving traffic patterns and chronic congestion during peak hour traffic. Photo taken 04/13/15.
Back to back ramps depart the Memorial Highway freeway next for SR 616 (Spruce Street) east and George J. Bean Parkway north to the passenger terminal of Tampa International Airport (TPA). Photo taken 11/05/13.
Two lanes continue beyond the George J. Bean Parkway gore point for SR 60 west. The Tampa Airport Interchanges project cost $230-million, taking place between August 15, 2005 and March 31, 2010. The work upgraded a directional cloverleaf interchange into a high-speed four-level junction.1 Photo taken 11/05/13.
SR 60 (Memorial Highway) circles northwest across the southern runway approach of Tampa International Airport (TPA). Motorists pass under a laser guided navigation system on the half mile approach to Exit 2A for Courtney Campbell Causeway west. Photo taken 01/13/17.
Ramps from the airport and the west end of SR 616 swell SR 60 west to five overall lanes. Two lanes branch away in one quarter mile for Courtney Campbell Causeway west to Safety Harbor and Clearwater via Exit 2A while three form Eisenhower Boulevard (Exit 3) north. Photo taken 03/15/14.
Exit 2A departs from the inner roadway (SR 589 north) to combine with the outer roadway off-ramp for SR 60 west ahead of Rocky Point. Photo taken 11/05/13.
A directional T interchange (Exit 2A) joins Memorial Highway / Veterans Expressway with Courtney Campbell Causeway. It replaced an at-grade connection between the two state roads as part of the Tampa Airport Interchanges project between 2005-10. Photo taken 08/05/14.
Four lanes continue beyond the separation with SR 60 west onto Eisenhower Boulevard, a north side frontage road to SR 589 to SR 580 (Hillsborough Avenue). Memorial Highway (CR 576) stems west from the boulevard to Town 'N Country ahead. Photo taken 09/09/13.

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