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U.S. 319 & SR 61 south
County Road 0346 (Ox Bottom Road) dog legs southeast from Kerry Forest Parkway to end at U.S. 319 (Thomasville Road) at an unsignalized intersection. Photo taken 11/20/14.
A new flyover opened in 2006 to shuttle U.S. 319 southbound onto Capital Circle NE. SR 61 stays to the west, with both routes seeing ramps with Interstate 10 nearby. Photo taken 11/20/14.
SR 61 south
SR 61 (Thomasville Road) branches southwest from U.S. 319 with four overall lanes to the parclo interchange with Interstate 10. Photo taken 11/20/14.
Market Street loops west from SR 61 through a retail area to Timberlane Road opposite left turn lane for the Capital Circle NE service road. Photo taken 11/20/14.
A reassurance marker and I-10 trailblazer stand along the short stretch of Thomasville Road between Market Street and Timberlane Road. Timberlane Road extends west across SR 61 from Killearn Center Boulevard to additional retail and Gilchrest Elementary School. Photo taken 11/20/14.
Killearn Center Road was designated as State Road 160 during the 2006-08 reconstruction of the SR 61 diamond interchange with Interstate 10. The state road links U.S. 319 with SR 61 to provide additional access to the adjacent freeway on-ramps. Photo taken 11/20/14.
West from Thomasville Road, Timberland Road ventures 1.67 miles to to Meridian Road (CR 155) as County Road 0352. SR 160 east totals just 0.114 miles to U.S. 319 otherwise. Photo taken 11/20/14.
Modifications at Exit 203 of I-10 included the addition of ramps directly with U.S. 319 for westbound and a new on-ramp from SR 162 (Raymond Diehl Road) that serves both traffic from SR 61 and Capital Circle NE. Photo taken 05/14/14.
A left turn takes drivers onto SR 162 (Raymond Diehl Road) east for the eastbound on-ramp to Interstate 10. Photo taken 11/20/14.
Drivers bound for I-10 west to Pensacola depart SR 61 (Thomasville Road) south directly. Connections with Capital Circle NW (SR 263) serve interests to Tallahassee Regional Airport (TLH). Photo taken 05/14/14.
The previous overhead for I-10 west on SR 61 south omitted the Regional Airport destination. Additionally, the direct ramp to I-10 east was removed in favor of the new ramp from SR 162 nearby. Photo taken 07/13/07.
Two lanes join SR 162 (Raymond Diehl Road) east to Interstate 10 for Lake City and Jacksonville. Photo taken 11/20/14.
Signs posted for Raymond Diehl Road along SR 61 (Thomasville Road) omit the 0.292-mile long SR 162. SR 162 ends at U.S. 319 (Capital Circle NE), with Raymond Diehl Road extending further to a number of traveler services and office buildings. Photo taken 11/20/14.
SR 61 (Thomasville Road) continues with seven overall lanes to Metropolitan Boulevard. Photo taken 11/20/14.
Metropolitan Boulevard spurs west to Metropolitan Corporate Center and east to Lonnbladh Road. The road used to wind north and east to Raymond Diehl Road, but that connection was severed due to work to expand the interchange with I-10. Photo taken 11/20/14.
Advancing southward, SR 61 (Thomasville Road) reduces into a four-lane boulevard. Meeting the state road at the following signal is Sandhurst Drive west and Hermitage Boulevard east. Photo taken 11/20/14.
Woodgate Way winds east and south from Thomasville Road through the Woodgate subdivision to Centerville Road (CR 151). Photo taken 11/20/14.
Gardenia Drive east and Armistead Road west come together as residential streets at the ensuing southbound signal. Photo taken 11/20/14.
Betton Road stems west from CR 151 (Centerville Road) to become Bradford Road west of SR 61 (Thomasville Road). Bradford Road links SR 61 with U.S. 27 (North Monroe Street) at M.L. King, Jr. Boulevard. Photo taken 11/20/14.
Glenview Road mirrors the path of Bradford Road west from SR 61 to U.S. 27. Photo taken 11/20/14.
A small diagrammatic sign precedes the SR 61 intersection with East 7th Avenue at the south end of SR 155 (Meridian Road). SR 155 lines Meridian Road 2.57 miles north to CR 63A (Ridgeland Road). Photo taken 11/20/14.
Meridian Road leads due north from Thomasville Road to the northern suburbs, Blocker, Meridian and the Lake Iamonia area. Photo taken 11/20/14.
A u-turn takes motorists north onto SR 155 (Meridian Road) at East 7th Avenue. State Road and County Road 155 collectively run 17.03 miles to the Georgia state line.
East 7th Avenue meanwhile leads east to Centerville Road (SR 265) at Tallahassee Memorial Health Care Hospital and west to Bainbridge Road (CR 0361). Photo taken 11/20/14.
U.S. 27 & SR 61 south
U.S. 27 & SR 61 (Monroe Street) southbound at Brevard Street, an east-west through street leading to Old Bainbridge Road (Leon County Road 0361) and U.S. 90 (West Tennessee Street) at Frenchtown. Photo taken 11/20/14.
Midrise buildings of the Tallahassee central business district rise along U.S. 27 & SR 61 (Monroe Street) southbound as the tandem intersect Georgia Street. Georgia Street leads west to Carter Howell Strong Park and east three blocks to Meridian Street. Photo taken 11/20/14.
Continuing into the Tallahassee CBD at Carolina Street on U.S. 27 & SR 61 (Monroe Street) south. Photo taken 11/20/14.
U.S. 90 shield posted ahead of the U.S. 27 & SR 61 (Monroe Street) southbound intersection with Tennessee Street. U.S. 90 west serves interests to Florida State University. Photo taken 11/20/14.
Unisigns posted above U.S. 27 & SR 61 (Monroe Street) southbound at U.S. 90 (Tennessee Street). U.S. 90 acts as a long distance business loop of Interstate 10 from the city of Midway in Gadsden County to the west and the east side of the city at Exit 209. The US highway primarily consists of a four to six lane commercialized arterial through the city. Photo taken 11/20/14.
The intersection of U.S. 27 & SR 61 (Monroe Street) and College Avenue is a little reminiscent of New Orleans with street side architecture. College Avenue ventures westward to the Florida State University campus at Copeland Street. Photo taken 11/20/14.
U.S. 27 & SR 61 prepare to split at the Monroe Street intersection with Apalachee Parkway east. The tandem intersect Jefferson Street (former SR 366) west next. Photo taken 11/20/14.
U.S. 27 and SR 61 part ways at the Florida State Capitol complex. U.S. 27 follows the four lane Apalachee Parkway eastward to Capps in Jefferson County. SR 61 continues Monroe Street south to SR 363 (Paul Russell Road) at the Tallahassee Leon County Fairgrounds, where it shifts southwest onto Crawfordville Road. Photo taken 12/31/06.
SR 61 south
SR 61 reassurance marker posted beyond the split with U.S. 27 (Apalachee Parkway) by the Florida State Capitol building. Photo taken 12/31/06.
SR 366 followed Madison Street east from the Leon County Civic Center and St. Augustine Road to its end at SR 61 (Monroe Street). The street is now locally maintained. Photo taken 12/31/06.
One block further south, SR 61 (Monroe Street) intersects the west end of CR 1555 and the former east end of SR 371 at Gaines Street. Leon County Road 1555 follows Gaines Street east three blocks to Meridian Street at Cascade Park and the Korean War Memorial. Photo taken 11/20/14.
Leon County Road 1555 travels just 0.40 miles between SR 61 (Monroe Street) and the Franklin Boulevard split with Lafayette Street. Photo taken 11/20/14.
SR 371 was turned back to the city from Gaines Street west between Monroe Street and Lake Bradford Road after 2008. The route remains posted south and west along Lake Bradford Road to SR 263. Photo taken 12/31/06.
The shift in maintenance of Gaines Street to the city of Tallahassee resulted in an overhaul of the street leading toward Florida State University with pedestrian enhancements, a roundabout added at Woodward Street, and the construction of mixed used development. Photo taken 11/20/14.
Lowering from Downtown Tallahassee, SR 61 (South Monroe Street) passes above Bloxham Street on an overpass built in 1958. Photo taken 11/20/14.
A CSX Railroad line passes above SR 61 ahead of Oakland Avenue. The railroad line meanders eastward along U.S. 90 to Jefferson County and westward through industrial areas of southwest Tallahassee. Photo taken 11/20/14.
FAMU Way provides direct access westward to Florida A&M University from SR 61 (Monroe Street) at Oakland Avenue. Photo taken 11/20/14.
SR 363 (Adams Street) exits Downtown Tallahassee to run one block to the west of SR 61 on a parallel alignment near Florida A&M University. The two state roads parallel one another southward to Gaile Avenue. Pictured here is the signalized intersection with Palmer Avenue, an east-west street linking the two routes with the college campus and Capital City Country Club. Photo taken 11/20/14.
Nearing the intersection with Magnolia Drive (former Leon County Road 265) on SR 61 (Monroe Street) south. County Road 265 used to follow Magnolia Drive northward along its arc between Monroe Street and U.S. 27 (Apalachee Parkway). Photo taken 11/20/14.
Leon County Road 265 was likely decommissioned due to the residential nature of Magnolia Drive on its northeastward alignment to U.S. 27. Magnolia Road however upgrades to SR 265 between Apalachee Parkway and Leon County Road 151 (Centerville Road). Photo taken 11/20/14.
Continuing a short distance south of Magnolia Drive, SR 61 (Monroe Street) approaches SR 373 west and County Road 373 (Orange Avenue) east. Photo taken 11/20/14.
Leon County Road 373 runs east 1.76 miles along Orange Avenue to a roundabout with Paul Russell Road and Blair Stone Road. Blair Stone Road north carries the route northward another 1.49 miles to U.S. 27 (Apalachee Parkway) near Governor's Square Mall. Photo taken 11/20/14.
The state maintained component of Orange Avenue carries SR 373 west 1.78 miles to SR 371 (Lake Bradford Road) ahead of Black Swamp. Photo taken 11/20/14.
SR 61 (Monroe Street) advances as a four-lane divided highway to Paul Russell Road and the Leon County Fair Grounds. Photo taken 11/20/14.
South of Bass Street at Fire Station #3 is a SR 61 reassurance marker. Photo taken 11/20/14.
SR 61 and 363 switch sides at the Paul Russell Road connector between Adams and Monroe Streets. SR 363 swaps places for its eventual turn onto Woodville Road to Woodville and St. Marks while SR 61 extends Adams Street south to Crawfordville Road and U.S. 319. Photo taken 11/20/14.
SR 61 southbound as its split with Monroe Street and merge with SR 363 north. SR 363 south continues to CR 259 (Tram Road) ahead. Paul Russell Road east leads toward Jack McLean, Jr. Park and the Blair Stone Road extension toward Southwood. Photo taken 11/20/14.

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