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Florida State Road 70 East
SR 70 shifts slightly southward from the DeSoto County line at Blue Head Ranch. Photo taken 10/17/14.
SR 70 rises 50 feet to 141 feet above sea level along the eastbound stretch at Carlton Ranch in western Highlands County. Photo taken 10/17/14.
Placid Lakes Boulevard winds northward from SR 70 to the Placid Lakes community ahead of this reassurance marker. Photo taken 10/17/14.
SR 70 crosses the South Central Florida Railroad ahead of the staggered intersection with Old State Road 8. Old SR 8 (CR 17) parallels the line northward to U.S. 27 by Lake Placid. Photo taken 10/17/14.
Old SR 8 (CR 17) leads continues south from SR 70 at Childs to Archbold, Hicoria and CR 731 near Venus. Photo taken 03/12/06.
U.S. 27 crosses paths with SR 70 south of the town of Lake Placid and northwest of the Glades County seat of Moore Haven. Photo taken 10/17/14.
SR 70 meets U.S. 27 at a rural intersection at Bairs Den. Photo taken 10/17/14.
U.S. 27 constitutes a four lane corridor from South Florida and Lake Okeechobee northward to the Orlando metropolitan area. The highway is generally rural south of SR 70 and more urban northward through Lake Placid, Sebring and Avon Park. Photo taken 10/17/14.
Continuing from U.S. 27, SR 70 passes by the Sunshine RV Resort ahead of a residential street grid and several orange groves. Photo taken 10/17/14.
SR 70 lowers across the bluff line to 50 feet above sea level at Bear Hollow. The state road drops 85 feet in elevation from U.S. 27 at Bairs Den. Photo taken 10/17/14.
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2 photos
County Road 29 loops 7.55 miles north from SR 70 to CR 619 at Parker Island and west to U.S. 27 at Lake Placid. Photos taken 10/17/14.
Confirming marker posted east of CR 29 and Bear Hollow. Photo taken 10/17/14.
SR 70 runs along a levee system across agricultural and ranchland across eastern Highlands County. A reassurance marker appears at J.C. Durance Road. Photo taken 10/17/14.
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3 photos
3 photos
SR 70 parallels C-39A Canal east from C-41 Canal to Indian Prairie / C-40 Canal and the Glades County line along a narrow causeway. Photos taken 10/17/14.
SR 70 shifts 1.75 miles northward from the Glades County line, meeting CR 721 south midway along the two mile stretch. Photo taken 10/17/14.
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2 photos
The central branch of County Road 721 travels south from SR 70 through the Brighton Indian Reservation to SR 78 near Lakeport. Photo taken 04/15/16. Second photo taken 10/17/14.
County Road 721 connects with SR 78 at Big Bear Beach along Lake Okeechobee in 8.29 miles. Photo taken 10/17/14.
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2 photos
Heading east from the CR 721 at Brighton, SR 70 reaches Okeechobee in 17 miles and Fort Pierce in 53 miles. Photos taken 07/02/19.
SR 70 crossing Slough Ditch (Canal C-41A). Photo taken 07/02/19.
SR 70 resumes a due east course beyond Canal C-41A and ahead of the north branch of County Road 721. Photo taken 07/02/19.
Highlands County Road 721 links SR 70 with U.S. 98 at Fort Basinger, 8.69 miles to the north. Photo taken 07/02/19.
Progressing east from CR 721 north, SR 70 passes by Coco Sod Farms and open ranch land. Photo taken 10/17/14.
Reassurance marker posted after Jordan Terrace and the Kissimmee River Estates mobile home community. Photo taken 10/17/14.
SR 70 crosses the Kissimmee River on a span built in 1966 and dedicated as the Billy Bowlegs III Bridge on May 31, 1969. Photo taken 10/17/14.
Crossing the channelized Kissimmee River, State Road 70 shifts another half mile north into Okeechobee County. Photo taken 04/15/16.


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