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State Road 71 runs north from U.S. 98 at Port St. Joe to the Alabama state line north of Malone in the Florida Panhandle. The rural highway originates at U.S. 98 (Monument Avenue) just off St. Joseph Bay and the Port St. Joe business district. Heading north, SR 71 continues to the rural community of White City and the city of Wewahitchka along a 30.42 mile course through Gulf County. 2.46 miles into Calhoun County, SR 71 splits with SR 73. SR 73 provides a more direct route to Marianna, while SR 71 loops eastward to the county seat of Blountstown. The 35.21-mile section in Calhoun County angles northwest from SR 69 in Blountstown to Chipola and the town of Altha.

Continuing 8.21 miles into Jackson County, SR 71 meets Interstate 10 at a commercialized diamond interchange to the southeast of Marianna. The state road expands to four lanes from the exchange northward to U.S. 90, which it combines with northwest 1.794 miles. The two part ways at a wye intersection east of the Chipola River and the Marianna city center. SR 71 shifts eastward from U.S. 90 to Marianna Municipal Airport (MAI) and along Bryan Street through the rural town of Greenwood. The northern most extent of the 27.84 mile section in the county travels to the town of Malone along 10th Street and leads northwest from there to become Alabama State Route 53 en route to Dothan.

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Florida State Road 71 scenes
Faircloth Road east at SR 71 southwest of Blountstown. 06/27/09
The first keys shield for SR 71 on Faircloth Road was date stamped 12-18-73. 01/16/16
SR 71 heads northeast to Downtown Blountstown and southwest to Scotts Ferry and Chipola Park. 01/16/16
Approaching SR 71 south on Chipola Road. Chipola Road provides part of a bypass for SR 71 across the west side of Blountstown. 06/27/09
The SR 71 keys shield on Chipola Road south is date stamped 12-18-73. 01/16/16
Charlie Johns Street north at SR 71 (Main Street N) in Blountstown. 06/27/09
SR 71 keys shield posted ahead of Main Street N on Charlie Johns Street southbound. 06/27/09
This shield assembly was date stamped 02-07-74. 06/27/09
State Street north to 11th Street provides a bypass of Downtown Blountstown from SR 20 north to SR 71. 01/16/16
The vintage shield for SR 71 on 11th Street in Blountstown was date stamped 05-05-71. 07/03/09

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06/27/09, 07/03/09, 01/16/16 by AARoads

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