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Florida State Road 87 South
The first southbound SR 87 shield, posted just beyond the state line. Rolling hills adorn the landscape of SR 87 as it makes its initial journey through the Sunshine State. The state highway reaches the Santa Rosa County seat of Milton in 28 miles. Photo taken 08/24/02.
Welcome to Florida sign posted just south of the Alabama state line. Photo taken 07/11/10.
Two miles south of the state line, SR 87 intersects Santa Rosa County Road 87A (Market Road). Photo taken 02/07/06.
Market Road carries County Road 87A, 2.992 miles southwest to SR 4. The rural road provides a cutoff for traffic bound to Jay. Photo taken 02/07/06.
Leaving Berrydale and the intersection with SR 4 on SR 87 south. Milton is 20 miles ahead. Photo taken 02/06/06.
Approaching the east end of Santa Rosa County Road 178 (Spanish Trail) on SR 87 southbound. Photo taken 05/03/09.
County Road 178 bee lines west 9.026 miles along a rural path to Santa Rosa County Road 197 at New York. Photo taken 05/03/09.
Heading south on SR 87 from County Road 178, the highway parallels Manning Crek to the West Fork of Big Coldwater Creek. Photo taken 05/03/09.
Approaching the east end of Santa Rosa County Road 182 (Allentown Road) on SR 87 south. Photo taken 02/07/06.
County Road 182 follows Allentown Road west to Central High School and a turn onto Central School Road north at Allentown. Overall the county highway totals 10.92 miles between SR 87 and County Road 197 at Chumuckla. Photo taken 02/07/06.
SR 87 expands to a four lane divided highway at County Road 87A (Langley Street) near Point Baker. Photo taken 05/03/09.
Santa Rosa County Road 87A spurs 0.994 miles east along Langley Street to the West Gate of Naval Air Station Whiting Field. Photo taken 05/03/09.
Downtown Milton is six miles south of CR 87A. 30 miles of SR 87 remain to Navarre. Photo taken 05/18/14.
SR 87 continues south to a 1.641-mile overlap with SR 89 at Point Baker. Photo taken 05/18/14.
SR 89 leads southeast 21 miles from Jay to combine with SR 87 south toward Milton. Photo taken 05/18/14.
Florida State Road 87 Florida State Road 89 South
SR 87 & 89 reassurance markers posted beyond their merge in Point Baker. A number of residential streets and mobile home parks line the arterial southward to Stewart Street. Photo taken 05/18/14.
Southbound at the split of SR 89 from SR 87 (Stewart Street). State Road 89 follows Dogwood Drive 3.561 miles to end at U.S. 90 (Caroline Street). Photo taken 05/18/14.
Florida State Road 87 South
2 photos
2 photos
Dogwood Drive ends at SR 87 (Stewart Street) opposite Arlingwood Drive east. The signalized intersection provides a second opportunity for SR 89 south. Dogwood Drive constitutes a multi-lane arterial to the commercial strip of U.S. 90. Photo taken 05/03/09. Second photo taken 02/07/06.
Stewart Street continues SR 87 south with four to five lanes to U.S. 90 (Caroline Street) west of Downtown Milton. Photo taken 05/03/09.
An east-west branch of County Road 191 ties into SR 87 on the north side of Milton from Magnolia Street. The county road runs 9.45 miles northwest to a rural end at CR 197 near Wallace. Photo taken 05/18/14.
County Road 191 travels east from SR 87 (Stewart Street) along Munson Highway to Broad Street, a north-south segment of CR-191. The two county road legs combine at Carpenter Park via Munson Highway north to Whiting Field, Blackwater River State Forest and Munson. Photo taken 05/18/14.
Passing by Milton High School on State Road 87 between County Road 191 (Munson Highway) and Park Avenue. Photo taken 02/08/06.
Nearing U.S. 90 (Caroline Street) on SR 87 (Stewart Street) south. SR 87 joins U.S. 90 east along Caroline Street through Downtown Milton. Photo taken 02/08/06.
U.S. 90 comprises a busy arterial from Milton westward to Pea Ridge, Pace and Escambia County. Much of the corridor is lined with strip malls and big box retail surrounded by residential subdivisions. Photo taken 01/30/06.
U.S. 90 widens to a four lane divided highway westward from State Road 87 through southwest Milton and Pace. Eastward, U.S. 90 & SR 87 narrow to just two lanes through downtown and across the Blackwater River into East Milton. Photo taken 01/30/06.
U.S. 90 East Florida State Road 87 South
U.S. 90 east & SR 87 south narrow from four to two lanes along Caroline Street through Downtown Milton. Photo taken 05/18/14.
Approaching Santa Rosa County Road 191 (Canal Street) on U.S. 90 east & SR 87 south. County Road 191 leads south three blocks on Canal Street to Henry Street en route to crossing Pond Creek into Bagdad. Photo taken 05/18/14.
County Road 191 connects Milton with Bagdad, Interstate 10 and the Garcon Point Bridge via SR 281. Photo taken 05/18/14.
U.S. 90/SR 87 kink northeast then east through the Historic District of Milton between Canal Street and Elmira Street. Photo taken 06/11/06.
Elmira Street crosses U.S. 90/SR 87 (Caroline Street) at the Santa Rosa County Court House. Elmira Street provides access to the court house and Riverside Park one block ahead of Willing Street northbound. Photo taken 02/06/06.
A third set of U.S. 90/SR 87 shields stand in front of the court house on Caroline Street. Photo taken 02/06/06.
An unsigned branch of County Road 191 follows Broad Street north from Willing Street and U.S. 90/SR 87 (Caroline Street). CR 191 combines with an east-west segment of CR 191 at Carpenter Park on a northeasterly course to N.A.S. Whiting Field and Blackwater River State Forest. Photo taken 02/06/06.
U.S. 90/SR 87 rise across the Blackwater River on a 1986-built span and vacate the city of Milton for unincorporated East Milton. Photo taken 05/13/16.
The two highways follow a causeway from the Blackwater River to Marquis Bayou. Construction in 2015 replaced the 1940-built span across Marquis Bayou. Photo taken 05/13/16.
U.S. 90/SR 87 navigate eastward along an S-curve across a CSX Railroad line and a section of Old Spanish Trail (original State Road 1) to County Road 89 (Ward Basin Road). Photo taken 05/13/16.
CR 89 leads 5.8 miles southeast to Ward Basin, Pine Bluff and a dead end at the Yellow River. The county road provides a connection between East Milton and Interstate 10 at Exit 28. Photo taken 05/13/16.
U.S. 90/SR 87 split at the upcoming intersection with East Milton Road. SR 87 turns southward and advances 1.2 miles to Interstate 10 at Exit 31. U.S. 90 continues along side the CSX Railroad and I-10 to Okaloosa County. Photo taken 05/13/16.
State Road 87 travels 19.7 miles south to U.S. 98 at Navarre. Repurposed as a multi use path, Old Brick Road (Former State Road 1) remains along side U.S. 90 east for another two miles. Photo taken 05/13/16.
U.S. 90 eastbound at East Milton Road and the separation with SR 87 south. Originally a two wye intersection distributed traffic from the state road to U.S. 90. Four-lane expansion along SR 87 reconfigured the junction in 2006. Photo taken 05/13/16.
Florida State Road 87 South
SR 87 leaves the diamond interchange with Interstate 10 at Welcome. The southbound mileage sign lists Navarre at 19 miles south, one mile off the mileage sign posted along the off-ramps from I-10. Photo taken 08/03/11.
Southbound reassurance shield posted on the four-lane segment of SR 87 between Welcome and Santa Rosa County Road 184. This section was widened in 2006. Photo taken 08/03/11.
Junction Santa Rosa County Road 184 shield posted ahead of the intersection with Hurst Hammock Road. County Road 184 connects SR 87 with Santa Rosa County Road 89 (Wards Basin Road) near Pine Bluff. Photo taken 08/03/11.
A set of flashers hang above the intersection with Santa Rosa County Road 184 (Hurst Hammock Road) west and Nichols Lake Road east. Both rural roads serve a handful of rural subdivisions. Southern Raceway lies to the east. Photo taken 08/03/11.
SR 87 quickly reduces to two overall lanes from County Road 184 southward. A four-laning of the roadway is planned for the future, but funding will likely not arise for quite some time. Photo taken 08/03/11.
A 4,750-foot viaduct carries SR 87 over both the Dead and Yellow Rivers, as southbound traffic enters Eglin Air Force Base. The bridge was built in 1984. Photo taken 08/03/11.
Because of the air force base, SR 87 travels an uninterrupted and forested stretch over low rolling hills. Photo taken 11/01/08.
Choctaw Field Road stems west to NOLF Choctaw Field. This is the only marked intersection within Eglin AFB on SR 87. The sign roughly marks the halfway point between Interstate 10 and U.S. 98. Photo taken 11/01/08.
SR 87 leaves the military base and enters Holley, a community along the East Bay River. Gordon Evans Road spurs west to Chimney Cove on East Bay. Bob Tolbert Road loops southeast to State Road 87 through Elgin A.F.B. land. Photo taken 08/03/11.
The state road is undergoing a widening project from just north of Gordon Evans Road to the four-lane section near Five Forks Road. Pictured here is road work at Dean Creek. Construction commenced on this stretch in August 2010. Work was slated for completion by the end of 2012, but that was pushed back to summer 2013. Photo taken 08/03/11.
Traveling east from Holley, SR 87 enters the Harper community and spans East Bay River as a four-lane divided highway. Bike lanes and sidewalks accompany the state road southward into Navarre. Photo taken 08/03/11.
Turning southward, SR 87 approaches the east end of Santa Rosa County Road 399 (East Bay Boulevard) and west end of Turkey Bluff Road. Turkey Bluff Road spurs east to residential areas of northeast Navarre while County Road 399 loops 9.871 miles west. Photo taken 08/03/11.
Santa Rosa County Road 399 follows all of East Bay Boulevard from Navarre west to U.S. 98 at Midway. Much of the route hugs East Bay, passing by NOLF Holley and the Holley By The Sea community in the process. Photo taken 08/03/11.
SR 87 continues south southwesterly through the heart of Navarre, an unincorporated bedroom community along Santa Rosa Sound. Photo taken 08/03/11.
High School Boulevard travels east from SR 87 to Navarre High School and the Navarre Sports Complex. The local roads ends at Ortega Street and Deer Lane east. Photo taken 08/03/11.
Laredo Street is the third signal of SR 87 south in Navarre. The east-west street connects adjacent residential areas with the state road. Photo taken 08/03/11.
Nearing the split of SR 87 into branches for U.S. 98 east and west at Montalban Street. Photo taken 05/26/12.
Originally drivers partitioned into two SR 87 wyes at the south end of the state road. FDOT punched a new connection through in 2006, with the road meeting U.S. 98 at a conventional "T" intersection. Motorists may still use the westbound wye. Photo taken 03/10/09.
Following the 2006-connection, SR 87 ends at U.S. 98 (Navarre Parkway) across from Santa Rosa Sound. Drivers may turn on either direction of U.S. 98. Photo taken 03/10/09.
U.S. 98 (Navarre Parkway) heads east to Wynnehaven Beach, Florosa and Fort Walton Beach and west to Holley By The Sea, Midway, Oriole Beach, and Gulf Breeze. Photo taken 03/10/09.
SR 87 ends at U.S. 98 just west of the Navarre Beach Bridge (CR 399) south to Navarre Beach. The bridge carried a 50 cent toll until July 1, 2004 when Santa Rosa County took over maintenance of the 1960-built bridge. Photo taken 03/10/09.

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