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Florida State Road 100 West
SR 100 arcs west across U.S. 1 and the Florida East Coast (FEC) Railway) beyond Woodland Avenue and this confirming marker. Photo taken 10/19/17.
The Putnam County seat of Palatka is a 30 mile drive to the northwest of Bunnell via SR 100. The signed portion of SR 100 concludes in Lake City, located 106 miles away in Columbia County. Photo taken 10/19/17.
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State Road 100 continues six miles northwest from SR 26 at Putnam Hall to Keystone Heights. Photos taken 07/28/18.
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The Clay County line crosses SR 100 at a rural area between Halfmoon Lake and Oldfield Pond. Photos taken 07/28/18.
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County Road 219 branches southwest from SR 100 to Swan Lake. The rural highway navigates along a 3.68 mile course to SR 26 near Melrose. Photos taken 07/28/18.
SR 100 turns northwest from CR 219 through wetland areas associated with Oldfield Pond. Photo taken 07/28/18.
The western branch of County Road 214 encircles Lakes Geneva and Hutchinson 4.64 miles from SR 100 to SR 21 near Santa Fe Lake. Photo taken 07/28/18.
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The unincorporated community of Lake Geneva lies along SR 100 to the southeast of Keystone Heights. Photos taken 07/28/18.
An implied overlap with SR 100 leads CR 214 northward 0.75 miles through Lake Geneva to its eastern branch toward Smith Lake. Photo taken 07/28/18.
Clay County Road 214 extends another 6.58 miles from State Road 100 to CR 315C north to SR 21. Photo taken 07/28/18.
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SR 100 advances 0.9 miles from CR 214 east to the city of Keystone Heights. Photos taken 07/28/18.
The Keystone Heights residential street grid spreads west of SR 100 and north of Lake Geneva. Sylvan Way provides a cutoff to SR 21 south from SR 100 at Commercial Drive. Photo taken 07/28/18.
Entering the Keystone Heights business district, SR 100 (Walker Drive) crosses paths with SR 21 (Lawrence Boulevard). Photo taken 07/28/18.
State Road 21 heads south from Keystone Heights to Melrose (SR 26) and SR 20 east of Hawthorne. Northeast along Camp Blanding, SR 21 continues to Mike Roess Gold Head Branch State Park, SR 16 and Middleburg. Photo taken 07/28/18.
With 2018 traffic counts of 83,500 vehicles per day (vpd), State Road 21 constitutes a major arterial route through northern Clay County into the city of Jacksonville. Within Keystone Heights, SR 21 is a much less traveled route with 2018 traffic counts dropping to 7,200 vpd. Photo taken 07/28/18.
SR 100 bee lines northward from CR 18 near Santa Fe Swamp to the first of three meetings with Bradford County Road 100A. Photo taken 08/16/18.
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The 4.93 mile long eastern segment of Bradford County Road 100A loops north to CR 230A before turning west across SR 100 again to U.S. 301 in Starke. Photos taken 08/16/18.
CR 100A returns to SR 100 at SE 144th Street just outside the Starke city limits. Photo taken 08/16/18.
Providing a truck bypass of SR 100 through Downtown Starke, SE 144th Street west to U.S. 301 is unmarked County Road 1206. CR 1206 replaced the dog leg of CR 100A along Hayes Avenue and SE 44th Avenue west of Alexander Road. Photo taken 08/16/18.
SR 100 crosses a CSX Railroad line midway between CR 100A/1206 (SE 144th Street) and the Starke city limits. Photo taken 08/16/18.
SR 100 northbound enters Starke just ahead of Colley Road north to SR 230. Photo taken 08/16/18.
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Water Street leads SR 100 north to Madison Street in Starke. Madison Street parallels SR 230 (Call Street) one block to the south to Downtown. Photos taken 08/16/18.
Madison Street crosses a CSX Railroad line at-grade and then proceeds a block and half west to the traffic light with Walnut Street in Downtown Starke. Photo taken 08/16/18.
Running along the west side of Downtown, U.S. 301 (Temple Avenue) comprises the main commercial route through Starke. Photo taken 08/16/18.
U.S. 301 is a regionally important corridor joining the Tampa Bay Region with Jacksonville in North Florida. The four lane highway travels south to Waldo, where SR 24 branches to Gainesville, and north from Starke to Lawtey. Photo taken 08/16/18.
Connecting Starke with Raiford and Green Cove Springs, State Road 16 stays north of SR 100 along Brownlee Street. U.S. 301 intersects SR 16 in a half mile. Photo taken 08/16/18.

Photo Credits:

  • 10/19/17 by AARoads and JP Nasiatka.
  • 07/28/18 by AARoads.
  • 08/16/18 by AARoads.

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