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Florida State Road 112 East
One mile in, drivers along SR 112 (Airport Expressway) east span both SR 948 (NW 36th Street) and the C-15 canal of the South Florida Water Management District. Photo taken 01/23/16.
The elevated metrorail line comes into view as the eastbound viaduct crosses over the westbound mainline. Part of a 2.4-mile extension known as the Orange Line, the metrorail provides a direct transit connection between the existing metrorail and Miami International Airport (MIA) via the Miami Intermodal Center (MIC). Photo taken 01/23/16.
The Airport Expressway will connect with SR 9 (NW 27th Avenue) in one mile. The state road generally follows NW 27th Avenue between U.S. 1 near Coconut Grove and SR 817 in Opa-Locka. SR 9 joins Interstate 95 at the Golden Glades Interchange, following the freeway north to the Georgia State line. Photo taken 01/23/16.
Motorists pass by the first mainline reassurance marker for SR 112 as the expressway curves east toward Interstates 95 and 195. Photo taken 01/23/16.
One-half mile out from State Road 9 (NW 27th Avenue) drivers prepare to cross under an overhead toll gantry. Open Road Tolling (ORT) was implemented along all of the Airport Expressway by 2014. Photo taken 01/23/16.
The Orange Line metrorail soars over the mainline beyond the toll gantry. An additional ORT gantry lies prior to the ramp to NW 12th Avenue. Photo taken 01/23/16.
Motorists prepare to depart to SR 9 (NW 27th Avenue). NW 38th Street provides the connection between the Airport Expressway and NW 27th Avenue. Photo taken 01/23/16.
Access to the Metrorail line is reached in 0.5 miles at the NW 22nd Avenue interchange. The rail line connects Downtown Miami with Coral Gables and Hialeah. Photo taken 01/23/16.
SR 112 east will meet both Interstates 95 and 195 in two miles at a stack interchange. I-95 travels south to Downtown Miami and north to Hollywood and Fort Lauderdale while I-195 continues east to Miami Beach. Photo taken 01/23/16.
NW 22nd Avenue is a commercial and residential arterial connecting the Airport Expressway with western areas of Miami and Miami Gardens in adjoining Broward County. Photo taken 01/23/16.
A ramp leaves from the Airport Expressway to NW 22nd Avenue. The Earlington Heights rail station lies in the northeast quadrant of the interchange. Photo taken 01/23/16.
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2 photos
This SR 112 shield stands near the overpass to NW 22nd Avenue. Drivers also pass directly by the Earlington Heights metrorail terminal en route to I-95 & 195 exchange. Photos taken 01/23/16.
Another reassurance marker lines SR 112 east of the on-ramp from NW 22nd Avenue. Photo taken 01/23/16.
The Airport Expressway spans NW 17th Avenue one half mile out from the exit to NW 12th Avenue. 0.75 miles now separates drivers from Interstate 95. Photo taken 01/23/16.
NW 12 Avenue links SR 112 with the Miami-Dade County (MDC) Medical Campus to the south. Drivers bound for Miami Beach should continue east along I-195 beyond the upcoming interchange with I-95. Photo taken 01/23/16.
Motorists on SR 112 east pass through one last toll gantry ahead of the slip ramp to NW 12th Avenue. Photo taken 01/23/16.
The metrorail line curves south toward the Downtown area on the final approach to the Interstates 95 & 195 exchange, locally dubbed the 36th Street Interchange. Photo taken 01/23/16.
Overhead toll schedule signage lines the Airport Expressway alerting drivers bound for the I-95 Express toll lanes of impending charges. The tolled lanes line I-95 north from the stack interchange to SR 818 (Griffin Road) in Broward County, with plans to extend it further north. Preregistered carpools (HOV-3 or more) and prepaid tolls may travel the 95 Express lanes free of charge. Photo taken 01/23/16.
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2 photos
The tolled section of SR 112 ends as traffic departs for Interstate 95 north to Fort Lauderdale and south to Downtown Miami. Interstate 195 will begin ahead and carry traffic to Miami Beach via the Julia Tuttle Causeway. State Road 112 will resurface at Alton Road in Miami Beach and follow Arthur Godfrey Road to its end at SR A1A. Photos taken 01/23/16.
A separate ramp departs left for the tolled I-95 north Express Lanes as three lanes prepare to leave for I-95 north and south. The Express Lanes follow I-95 from near the 36th Street Interchange northward to the Golden Glades Interchange. Photo taken 01/23/16.
A sideways glance at the overhead directing traffic to I-95 north to Fort Lauderdale and Orlando (via Florida's Turnpike) and south to Downtown Miami. Photo taken 01/23/16.
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2 photos
The symmetrical stack interchange, known as the 36th Street Interchange, originally opened to traffic December 22, 1961. Additional high speed flyover ramps at the exchange opened in 1987 to connect the Airport Expressway to the former high occupancy lanes (now I-95 Express). Photos taken 01/23/16.
Due to the close proximity of ramps from Interstate 95 and North Miami Avenue, use of the upcoming exit to North Miami Avenue is prohibited. Photo taken 01/23/16.


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