Florida State Road 115 South
Martin Luther King, Jr. Parkway lowers to pass under the departing U.S. 1 Alternate (Hart Bridge Expressway). TIAA Bank Field, home of the Jacksonville Jaguars, appears along the horizon. 06/14/08
Unsigned SR 115 extends MLK Parkway south to a directional cloverleaf interchange with Arlington Expressway (unsigned SR 10A/139) west and Gator Bowl Boulevard south. 06/14/08
Motorists bound for Downtown depart SR 115 (MLK Parkway) south for Arlington Expressway west. Unsigned SR 10A/139 lines the freeway by Jacksonville Fairgrounds to Liberty Street, where the route joins State Street three blocks ahead of U.S. 1/17 (Ocean Street). 06/14/08
The Mathews Bridge ascends east from M.L. King, Jr. Parkway to pass over the Hart Bridge Expressway (U.S. 1 Alternate) and industrial areas of East Jacksonville. 12/30/06
A placard honors John E. Mathews, the namesake of the steel through truss bridge spanning the St. Johns River between Midtown and Arlington in Jacksonville. 12/04/20
Looking southwest from the Mathews Bridge at the nearby Hart Bridge carrying U.S. 1 Alternate / SR 228 south to St. Nicholas. 12/04/20
Alluding to its age, the Mathews Bridge deck is just 48.9 feet wide. The steel through truss bridge opened to traffic in 1954.1 12/04/20
Prior to completion in 2007, the Mathews Bridge formerly included sections of steel grating. During rainy weather, the deck was slippery, leading to a number of accidents and a fatality in 2004. Because of these conditions, a project replaced the 1999-installed grating with lightweight concrete poured over a steel grid.2 12/04/20
Lane changing was also prohibited below the Mathews Bridge superstructure because of the former steel grating. This restriction was lifted by 2007. 12/04/20
The Mathews Bridge crests to a height of 146 feet above the St. Johns River.2 12/04/20
A portion of the steel grading was still in place along the bridge in 2006. 12/04/20
SR 115 gradually lowers as the 7,376 foot long1 span touches down between the Clifton and Monterey sections of Jacksonville. 12/30/06
Arlington Expressway resumes east from the Mathews Bridge to next meet SR 109 (University Boulevard) and Colcord Avenue. 12/04/20
SR 115 south passes over Exchange Island just ahead of the St. Johns River east banks. 12/04/20
2013-14 construction redesigned the cloverleaf interchange with University Boulevard to eliminate the loop ramp from SR 109 to SR 115 south. A dog bone roundabout was constructed at University Boulevard and Colcord Avenue.
University Boulevard arcs southeast from Arlington Expressway as an unnumbered route to Cesery Boulevard, where SR 109 resumes southward to Englewood and U.S. 1 (Philips Highway). 12/04/20
SR 109 lines University Boulevard north, 2.27 miles to Jacksonville University and Fort Caroline Road at the University Park community. The reinforced concrete tee-beam bridge for SR 109 was built in 1952. The 196 foot long, four-span bridge uses a cast-in-place concrete deck with railing and support piers with Art Deco decorative elements.3 12/04/20
An adjacent slip ramp connects Arlington Expressway east with the south side service road west to Colcord Avenue and east to Cesery Boulevard (SR 109 south). 07/04/06
Eastward from SR 109, SR 115 (Arlington Expressway) runs between the Arlington and Woodland Acres communities. 12/04/20
A slip ramp adds traffic to Arlington Expressway east ahead of the Cesery Boulevard overpass and off-ramp for Arlington Road. 03/26/20
Overpasses for Cesery Boulevard and nearby Arlington Road were built in 1961 to replace at-grade intersections. This work was part of a Jacksonville Expressway Authority project undertaken to reduce crash numbers along the freeway. 07/04/06
SR 115 south at the slip ramp for Arlington Road. Arlington Road angles southeast from Bruce Park in Arlington to Woodland Acres and U.S. 90 Alternate (Atlantic Boulevard). 03/26/20
A narrow grassy area separates the Arlington Expressway mainline from the adjacent service road beyond this shield posted west of Seabrook Parkway. 03/26/20
Entrance ramps join SR 115 south both before and after the Arlington Road overpass. 03/26/20
SR 10 extends east from the Arlington Expressway end at Regency to the Jacksonville Beach cities. 03/26/20
Another slip ramp follows from SR 115 south for an office park and two apartment complexes. 03/26/20
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2 photos
Approaching the flyover ramps for SR 113 (Southside Connector) north, SR 115 reaches the service road slip ramp for Century Street south and Mill Creek Road north. 03/26/20
A 2.34 mile long freeway, State Road 113 links the Arlington Expressway (SR 115 / SR 10A) with Interstate 295 north across the Dames Point Bridge. 03/26/20
Unsigned SR 10A emerges from SR 115 along the 0.68 mile eastern extent of the Arlington Expressway east to SR 10 (Atlantic Boulevard) while SR 115 turns onto Southside Boulevard. 03/26/20
The northbound flyover to SR 113 tops out at 60 feet above Arlington Expressway. It was completed in August 2007. 03/26/20
SR 115 follows Southside Boulevard from the two-wye interchange with SR 113 to U.S. 1 (Philips Highway) at Deercreek in Southside Jacksonville. 03/26/20
Traffic from the Southside Connector (SR 113) combines with SR 115 south as Southside Boulevard approaches Atlantic Boulevard. Atlantic Boulevard doubles as U.S. 90 Alternate west along Woodland Acres to Spring Glen, Empire Point and U.S. 90 (Beach Boulevard) at St. Nicolas. 07/04/06
Atlantic Boulevard east from SR 115 carries the designation of SR 10 east to East Arlington, Grivin, Neptune Beach and Atlantic Beach. 07/04/06
U.S. 90 Alternate East Florida State Road 115 South
U.S. 90 Alternate turns south alongside SR 115 (Southside Boulevard) for 2.1 miles to return to U.S. 90 (Beach Boulevard). 06/13/08
Southside Boulevard constitutes a four lane arterial with two lane service roads in each direction. The next signal along southbound operates at Bradley Road, which connects SR 115 with parallel Corporate Square Boulevard to the west and the Southside Estates community to the east. 06/13/08
A mileage sign stands just beyond Bradley Road along U.S. 90 Alternate west / SR 115 south. This references the U.S. 1 destinations of St. Augustine and Daytona Beach, a signing remnant from when U.S. 1 Alternate formerly lined Southside Boulevard to Philips Highway. 06/13/08
Ivey Road intersects Southside Boulevard at the subsequent signal. The residential street connects SR 115 with a school to the east and a number of subdivisions to the west including Hidden Lakes, Hidden Village and Phoenix Park. 06/13/08
A single point urban interchange (SPUI) joins SR 115 (Southside Boulevard) with U.S. 90 (Beach Boulevard) in one half mile. 06/13/08
U.S. 90 (hidden SR 212) extends east from Southside Boulevard to Beachwood and the South Campus of Florida State College, the Sans Parell community and SR A1A (3rd Street) in the city of Jacksonville Beach. 06/13/08
U.S. 90 Alternate east ends via the off-ramp from SR 115 south to Beach Boulevard. U.S. 90 stretches across the width of the Florida panhandle for nearly 409 miles. 06/13/08
Beach Boulevard comprises a busy arterial between the beaches and Southside Boulevard. West from SR 115, U.S. 90 splits with the Commodore Point Expressway at Hogan and continues as a five lane commercial boulevard to Interstate 95 at the Overland Bridge viaduct. 06/13/08
Florida State Road 115 South
Traffic from U.S. 90 (Beach Boulevard) utilizes a slip ramp from the west service road to access SR 115 south. The overpass carrying Southside Boulevard across Beach Boulevard was replaced as part of an $9.6 million interchange improvement project between May 1998 and August 1999.4 06/16/16
The east side service road no longer present, SR 115 (Southside Boulevard) continues south with a west side service road from Cargal Street to Hogan Road. 06/16/16
Hogan Road branches southeast from U.S. 90 (Beach Boulevard) to Killearney Shores and Brackridge to intersect Southside Boulevard at this traffic light. 06/16/16
Touchton Road stems east from Belfort Road across SR 115 to a number of apartment complexes and Deerwood North business park. 06/16/16
Gate Parkway also originates from Belfort Road to the west. The four lane boulevard winds east to a number of apartments north of SR 202 to intersect SR 115 west of Deerwood North business park. 06/16/16
Office parks line both sides of SR 115 as Southside Boulevard approaches SR 202. Better known as J. Turner Butler Boulevard (JTB), State Road 202 comprises a full freeway west to Interstate 95 and east to SR A1A at Jacksonville Beach. 06/16/16
The ramp for SR 202 (JTB) west departs from Southside Boulevard beyond the intersection with Perimeter Park Boulevard west. 06/16/16
SR 202 (JTB) west ends in three miles at U.S. 1 (Philips Highway) at South Point. 06/16/16
A full cloverleaf interchange joins SR 115 and SR 202. A loop ramp follows for JTB east to Jacksonville Beach. 06/16/16
J. Turner Butler Boulevard represents a busy commuter route east to Deerwood, the University of North Florida, and Ponte Vedra Beach in neighboring St. Johns County. Tolls were charged on the route until 1989. 06/16/16
SR 115 (Southside Boulevard) remains a heavily traveled arterial south of JTB by the west entrance to the Deerwood business center and A.C. Skinner Parkway west to South Point. 06/13/08

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