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An unmarked route, Florida State Road 139 is partly the state road counterpart of U.S. 23 leading southeast from U.S. 1 (Martin Luther King, Jr. Parkway) to Interstate 95 in Jacksonville. The route also overlaps with SR 10A between U.S. 1/17 (Main Street) and MLK, Jr. Parkway (SR 115). Both state roads are unsigned along the couplet of State Street west and Union Street east and the Arlington Expressway east from Liberty Street to the Mathews Bridge.

The paired section of SR 10A/139 measures 3.37 miles, while the U.S. 23 overlap totals 0.403 miles. Mileage figures obtained from the FDOT Straight-Line Diagrams Online GIS Web Application.

Florida State Road 139 Guides

    Connect with:
    Interstate 95
    U.S. 1
    U.S. 17
    U.S. 23
    U.S. 90
    State Road 10A
    State Road 228 / County Road 228

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