SR 145 follows Perry Avenue for 0.51 miles through Downtown Fort Walton Beach. The state road links U.S. 98 (Miracle Strip Parkway) at the west end of the Brooks Bridge with SR 85 (Eglin Parkway) leading north toward Cinco Bayou and Ocean City. Shields for SR 145 are only posted in the southbound direction of Perry Avenue.

Florida State Road 145 North
First Street links SR 145 (Perry Avenue) north with Brooks Street below the Brooks Bridge (U.S. 98) and SR 85 (Eglin Parkway) south. 12/18/08
Perry Avenue navigates through a pair of S-curves, overtaking Ferry Road and then Chestnut Street, before merging with SR 85 (Eglin Parkway) at Fourth Street. 12/18/08
Florida State Road 145 South
The first of two southbound reassurance markers for SR 145 stands just beyond the separation with SR 85 (Eglin Parkway). 12/01/08
Perry Avenue overtakes Chestnut Avenue south ahead of Third Street. 12/01/08
SR 145 (Perry Avenue) shifts southwest from Chestnut Avenue over a portion of Ferry Road. Ferry Road originates at Smack Point on Choctawahatchee Bay to the northeast. 12/01/08
The second shield for SR 145 appears beyond the split with Ferry Road, one block north of First Street. 12/01/08
First Street and Perry Avenue meet at a signalized intersection on the northwest corner of the Shoppes at Paradise Pointe. 12/01/08
State Road 145 south concludes at U.S. 98 (Miracle Strip Parkway) across from Brooks Street SE. 12/01/08

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12/01/08, 12/18/08 by AARoads

Connect with:
U.S. 98
State Road 85

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