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State Road 152 travels 6.42 miles across the Southside of Jacksonville between SR 13 at Goodbys Creek and Interstate 295 (East Beltway) at the Deerwood community. The east-west route starts as a five-lane boulevard between the Briarwood and Craven residential areas before expanding into a four-lane divided arterial east from the Deerwood Center business park and Interstate 95 to Deerwood Country Club and new development beyond the beltway.

Florida State Road 152 West
Point Meadows Drive, which forms a west side service road to Intestate 295 from Gate Parkway south to Baymeadows Road, ties into SR 152 opposite Reedy Branch Drive, the entrance street to Reed Branch Plantation subdivision. Photo taken 03/14/10.
The subsequent westbound signal governs movements at Hampton Landing Drive, the lone entrance to the East Hampton subdivision. Photo taken 03/14/10.
Hampton Ridge Boulevard follows at the next signal for the Hampton Glen subdivision on the south side of SR 152. Photo taken 03/14/10.
Deerwood Crossing Drive provides one of two entrances to the Deerwood community. The 900 home community was established in the 1960s. It surrounds an 18 hole golf course. Photo taken 03/14/10.
An overhead for Southside Boulevard precedes the traffic light with SR 115 on SR 152 (Baymeadows Road) west. Southside Boulevard separates the Baymeadows and Deerwood communities to the north en route to SR 202 (Butler Boulevard). Photo taken 03/14/10.
SR 115 leads due south 2.9 miles to end at U.S. 1 (Philips Highway) by the Deercreek community of Southside Jacksonville. The state road north comprises an busy arterial to Arlington Expressway and Regency Square Mall. Photo taken 03/14/10.
Confirming shield for SR 152 posted as Baymeadows Road leaves the commercialized intersection with SR 115 through the Royal Lakes community. Photo taken 03/14/10.
Old Baymeadows Road provides a cutoff from SR 115 (Southside Boulevard) south to SR 152 west. The road serves three apartment complexes and Florida State College at Jacksonville as well. Photo taken 03/14/10.
A reassurance marker for SR 152 appears as Baymeadows Road overtakes Old Baymeadows Road west along a strip of office parks. Photo taken 03/14/10.
Princeton Square Boulevard north and Baymeadows Circle East south come together at the ensuing signal westbound. The local streets loop away from SR 152 to a number of apartment complexes. Photo taken 03/14/10.
Western Way forms an east side frontage road to Interstate 95 from SR 152 south to a number of industrial businesses facing the freeway. Photo taken 03/14/10.
SR 152 (Baymeadows Road) expands to six lanes through the diamond interchange with Interstate 95. Photo taken 03/14/10.
Interstate 95 angles northwest from SR 152 to South Point, Englewood and Spring Park before turning west ahead of the Fuller Warren Bridge outside Downtown Jacksonville. Photo taken 03/14/10.
The right hand lane turns onto Baymeadows Way north to the sprawling Deerwood Center business park beyond the southbound on-ramp to St. Augustine, Daytona Beach and Miami. Photo taken 03/14/10.
Interstate 95 runs south from SR 152 along Pottsburg Creek Swamp to Interstate 295 and the Greenland community of Southside Jacksonville. Photo taken 03/14/10.
A sign bridge outlines the traffic pattern for adjacent intersections with Freedom Commerce Parkway south and Baymeadows Way. Photo taken 03/14/10.
Freedom Commerce Parkway comprises the main entrance to Prominence office park, a 54-acre property. Ownership of the former Freedom Park of Commerce changed hands in 2013.1 Photo taken 03/14/10.
Baymeadows Way constitutes a multi-lane boulevard leading north from SR 152 through Deerwood Center, which spreads north to SR 202 (J. Turner Butler Boulevard). The road also extends southwest to U.S. 1 as a local access road to a number of other businesses. Photo taken 03/14/10.
Commercialized frontage continues along SR 152 (Baymeadows Road) west to U.S. 1 (Phillips Highway). Photo taken 03/14/10.
U.S. 1 also comprises a commercial arterial through Southside Jacksonville. The US route provides a local route parallel to I-95 south to Baymeadows Center and Mandarin Station and north by Deerwood Center to South Point. Photo taken 03/14/10.
Bayberry Road stems north from Baymeadows Way to cross SR 152 ahead of Deerwood Center. Photo taken 03/14/10.
A second U.S. 1 shield assembly stands along SR 152 west beyond Bayberry Road. Photo taken 03/14/10.
U.S. 1 (Phillips Highway) parallels Interstate 95 north to San Marco, where it briefly ties into the freeway ahead of the Main Street Bridge into Downtown Jacksonville. South from Jacksonville, the US highway continues by Nocatee to St. Augustine. Photo taken 03/14/10.


  1. "Crocker Partners Launches $8 Million Prominence Office Park Makeover." JAX Chamber, April 6, 2015.

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