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Known as Blue Angel Parkway, Florida State Road 173 begins at the Gulf Beach Highway near Pleasant Grove, and ends at SR 297 (Pine Forest Road) near Bellview. The highway navigates through the western suburbs of Pensacola while also providing access to the West Gate of Pensacola Naval Air Station. The southernmost 0.195 miles of Blue Angel Parkway consists of unsigned County Road 173.

Florida State Road 173 North
Retail now lines the northern half of the intersection between SR 173 (Blue Angel Parkway) and SR 292 (Sorrento Road) near the Coral Creek neighborhood. SR 173 reduces from four to two lanes north of the shopping centers. 10/01/09
Dog Track Road doubles as Escambia County Road 297 north from SR 292 (Sorrento Road) to the intersection of U.S. 98 (Lillian Highway) and SR 298 at Millview. CR-297 derives its name from Pensacola Greyhound Track, which lies along the road near Heron Bayou. 10/01/09
Approaching U.S. 98 along SR 173 (Blue Angel parkway) west of the Myrtle Grove community. 10/01/09
U.S. 98 constitutes a through route between Pensacola and south Baldwin County, Alabama. The highway carries four overall lanes from just west of SR 173 to the U.S. Naval Hospital, Warrington and Pensacola. 12/21/03
SR 173 winds northeast from U.S. 98 to next intersect SR 298 (Lillian Highway). SR 298 represents the original path of U.S. 98 from Millview east to West Pensacola and U.S. 90 (Mobile Highway). 10/01/09
County Road 296 (Saufley Field Road) crosses paths with SR 173 (Blue Angel Parkway) from the Naval Education Training Professional Development Technology Center at Saufley Field east to U.S. 90 (Mobile Highway) and State Road 296 (Michigan Avenue). 02/01/06
Northbound SR 173 at Millview Road (a former segment of State Road 297), where Blue Angel Parkway turns east to Bellview. 02/01/06
The final 0.6 mile stretch of SR 173 sees the state route travel due east from U.S. 90 to SR 297 (Pine Forest Road). Pictured here is the last reassurance marker after Mobile Highway. 11/17/12
Nearing the conclusion of SR 173 north at SR 297 (Pine Forest Road). SR 173 and SR 297 provide the most direct route between the West Gate of Pensacola Naval Air Station and Interstate 10. 11/17/12
SR 297 is a short route at just 4.29 miles between U.S. 90 at Bellview and U.S. 90 Alternate at Pine Forest. 11/17/12
SR 173 and Blue Angel Parkway end at SR 297. Longleaf Drive continues the roadway east to a number of schools to Kemp Road. Five Flags Speedway is 1.1 miles to the north followed by Exit 7 of Interstate 10 in 2.5 miles. 11/17/12
Florida State Road 173 South
The first SR 173 southbound reassurance shield, posted just west of Pine Forest Road (SR 297). SR 173 originally ended at U.S. 90 by way of Millview Road to the west. A new alignment (Blue Angel Parkway) relocated the state road eastward to tie into SR 297. 12/21/03
Blue Angel Parkway initially carries SR 173 west from SR 297 (Pine Forest Road). The state road curves southward from U.S. 90, which exits the Bellview area for Beulah and Seminole, Alabama. 02/01/06
State Road 173 is routinely signed as the best route to both Pensacola Naval Air Station and the National Museum of Naval Aviation, which resides on base. This sign precedes U.S. 90, which continues southeast from SR 173 to Brownsville and Pensacola. 02/01/06
This southbound reassurance shield is posted between Mobile Highway and the Millview Road, an original segment of State Road 297. 11/17/12
Millview Road heads due north from the curve of Blue Angel Parkway (SR 173) to U.S. 90 (Mobile Highway) near Eight Mile Creek. 11/17/12
Heading south from Saufley Field Road (County Road 296) along SR 173. 02/01/06
Mileage sign posted along SR 173 south for Perdido Key. SR 173 along with SR 292 and 297 also link Interstate 10 with the resort area of Perdido Key and Orange Beach, Alabama. 02/01/06
Cerny Road (former County Road 296A) intersects SR 173 just ahead of this reassurance marker (since removed). Cerny Road and Marlane Drive connect Blue Angel Parkway and U.S. 90 through the Cerny Heights residential area. 02/01/06
Muldoon Road angles northeast from SR 173 to Cerny Road, County Road 296 (Saufley Field Road) and Bellview Avenue. 02/01/06
South of Bayou Marcus, SR 173 next meets SR 298 (Lillian Highway). SR 298 is an east-west highway between U.S. 98 at Millview and State Road 295 (New Warrington Road) at West Pensacola. 12/21/03
Grassy areas appear all along Blue Angel Parkway south from Bayou Marcus to accommodate a potential four-laning of the highway. This shield follows SR 298 as SR 173 shifts further west. 01/31/06
U.S. 98 leaves the Myrtle Grove area and meets SR 173 (Blue Angel Parkway) on the drive west to Millview, Paradise Beach and the Perdido Bay bridge to Lillian, Alabama. 01/31/06
Four lanes of U.S. 98 cross SR 173 at this traffic light. Eastward, the US highway continues to the U.S. Naval Hospital, a short overlap with SR 295 (Navy Boulevard) at Warrington and Pensacola at Bayou Chico. 01/31/06
Blue Angel Parkway enters a pastoral stretch between U.S. 98 and County Road 297 (Dog Track Road). 01/31/06
County Road 297 (unsigned from SR 173 south) intersects Blue Angel Parkway from Millview and the Pensacola Greyhound Track to the northwest en route to SR 292 (Sorrento Road) and Pleasant Grove to the southeast. 01/31/06
Southbound SR 173 (Blue Angel Parkway) departs the intersection with SR 292 (Sorrento Road). The final 1.5 miles of Blue Angel Parkway is controlled access with no development. 05/16/04
Approaching Escambia County Road 292A (Gulf Beach Highway) along SR 173 south. Gulf Beach Highway leads southwest from SR 292 at Pleasant Grove to Big Lagoon State Park and SR 292 again at Innerarity Point Road. 05/16/04
SR 173 becomes unsigned County Road 173 at Gulf Beach Highway for the final approach to the West Gate of Pensacola N.A.S. Blue Angel Parkway derives its name from the naval facility and its famous Blue Angels fighter planes. The base is home to the National Museum of Naval Aviation. 05/16/04

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