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Okaloosa County 189 north - Log Lake Road
Log Lake Road becomes County Road 189 north at the diamond interchange (Exit 45) with Interstate 10. Photo taken 09/19/09.
County Road 189 (Log Lake Road) expands to include a grassy median, typical of rural diamond interchanges in Florida. Broxson Road ties in from the east, acting as a frontage road to Interstate 10 for a short distance. Photo taken 09/19/09.
The eastbound ramp to Crestview, DeFuniak Springs and Tallahassee departs Okaloosa County 189 north next. Photo taken 09/19/09.
Interstate 10 continues east 12 miles to Crestview and 160 miles to the capital city. Photo taken 09/19/09.
Passing under the Interstate 10 mainline, County Road 189 (Log Lake Road) approaches the westbound on-ramp to Santa Rosa County. Photo taken 09/19/09.
2 photos
2 photos
Interstate 10 continues 14 miles west to Florida 87 outside of Milton and 36 miles to Pensacola. Photo taken 09/19/09. Second photo taken 11/23/08.
Okaloosa County 189 reassurance marker posted north of Interstate 10 along Log Lake Road. This branch of County 189 totals 1.23 miles. Photo taken 11/23/08.
A set of flashers governs the movements between Okaloosa County 189 (Log Lake Road) and U.S. 90 at Holt. U.S. 90 heads west to Milton and east to Galliver and Milligan. Photo taken 05/02/09.
Okaloosa County 189 north - Galliver Cutoff
A second section of Okaloosa County 189 commences from U.S. 90 at Galliver to lead northeast 4.51 miles toward Baker. This shield resides just north of U.S. 90 along Galliver Cutoff. Photo taken 09/19/09.
Charlie Day Road connects County Road 189 (Galliver Cutoff) with Florida 4 east to Milligan. CR-4B travels 1.21 miles. Photo taken 09/19/09.
Okaloosa County 189 and Galliver Cutoff conclude at Florida 4 just south of Baker. State Road 189 begins 0.9 miles to the north at the SR 4 westward turn onto Georgia Avenue. Photo taken 09/19/09.
Florida 189 north
1.5 miles north of Baker and State Road 4, Florida 189 approaches the east end of County Road 4A. Photo taken 09/19/09.
Okaloosa County 4A ties Florida 189 with Florida 4, 2.52 miles to the west through mainly agricultural interests. Photo taken 09/19/09.
Florida 189 northbound shield posted after County Road 4A west and Holloway Road east. Photo taken 03/09/09.
Florida 189 curves northeastward from Cannon Town and the intersection with Vinson Ray Road. Photo taken 03/09/09.
Florida 189 travels through Blackwater River State Forest west of Karick Lake and south of Blackman. Signs advise of smoke during controlled burns. Photo taken 09/19/09.
Exiting the state forest, Florida 189 reaches the settlement of Blackman and the west end of Okaloosa County 2. Photo taken 09/19/09.
County Road 2 stems 9.43 miles east from Florida 189 to Oak Grove and Florida 85 near Almarante and Laurel Hill. Photo taken 03/09/09.
Continuing northward from County Road 2 and Blackman along Florida 189. Photo taken 09/19/09.
Drivers along State Road 189 north next enter the rural community of Escambia Farms. Photo taken 03/09/09.
Florida 189 north meets Okaloosa County 180 west at Escambia Farms. Photo taken 09/19/09.
County Road 180 winds 7.44 miles northwest from Florida 189 to northern reaches of Blackwater River State Forest and Escambia County 51 in Alabama. Photo taken 09/19/09.
The final shield of Florida 189 northbound follows as the state road leaves Escambia Farms for a nearly five mile drive to the state line. Photo taken 09/19/09.
Florida 189 transitions into the northbound beginning of Alabama 137 at the state border. Alabama 137 travels 14.3 miles through Covington County to U.S. 29, 11 miles south of Andalusia. Photo taken 09/19/09.

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