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Florida 189 south
Florida 189 continues the highway south from Alabama 137 and Covington County into northern reaches of Okaloosa County near Rock Hill and Blackwater River State Forest. This view looks at the first southbound shield. Photo taken 12/28/09.
A nondescript Welcome to Florida sign follows as Florida 189 commences the 14.41-mile drive to Florida 4 at Baker. Photo taken 12/28/09.
Passing through the settlement of Escambia Farms, Florida 189 southbound travelers approach the intersection with Okaloosa County 180 west. Photo taken 03/09/09.
County Road 180 meanders northwest 7.44 miles from State Road 189 to northern reaches of Blackwater State Forest where the route transitions into Escambia County 51 in Alabama. Photo taken 03/09/09.
Continuing southward from Escambia Farms and County Road 180 along Florida 189. Blackman lies 2.2 miles ahead. Photo taken 12/28/09.
Florida 189 south intersects the west end of Okaloosa County 2 at Blackman. Photo taken 12/28/09.
County Road 2 leads east 9.43 miles from Blackman to Oak Grove and Florida 85 outside Laurel Hill. The county road resumes eastward from Laurel Hill into Walton County. Photo taken 12/28/09.
Florida 189 bends southwest from Blackman and enters Blackwater River State Forest. Photo taken 12/28/09.
Florida 189 travels several miles through Blackwater State Forest west of Karick Lake to emerge south of Cannon Town. Photo taken 07/13/07.
Southbound reassurance marker that was posted near Cannon Town and Nubbin Ridge. Photo taken 07/13/07.
Approaching Okaloosa County 4A west on Florida 189 south. Okaloosa County 4A provides a 2.52-mile cut-off to Florida 4 west. Photo taken 07/13/07.
Okaloosa County 4A departs Florida 189 south for Florida 4. Florida 4 continues west through Blackwater State Forest to Munson, Jay, and Century. Photo taken 07/13/07.
Motorists continue another 1.5 miles south into Baker via Florida 189. Photo taken 12/28/09.
Baker is an unincorporated village at the crossroads of Florida 189 and Florida 4 (Georgia Avenue). Photo taken 05/02/09.
Florida 4 shield posted on Florida 189 south at 17th Street in Baker. Photo taken 05/02/09.
Florida 4 travels overall 42.71 miles between Century (U.S. 29) and Milligan (U.S. 90). County Road 4 segments exist in both Escambia and Okaloosa Counties as well. Photo taken 07/13/07.
Florida 4 overtakes Florida 189's alignment leading south from Georgia Avenue in Baker. The state road travels 8.1 miles west to the Santa Rosa County line and 4.6 miles east to Milligan. Photo taken 05/02/09.
Okaloosa County 189 South
Southbound Okaloosa County 189 (Galliver Cutoff) south at Okaloosa County 4B (Charlie Day Road) east. Charlie Day Road travels 1.21 miles east to Florida 4. Photo taken 07/13/07.
Nearing the diamond interchange (Exit 45) with Interstate 10 on Okaloosa County Road 189 (Log Lake Road) south. Photo taken 07/13/07.
Okaloosa County 189's interchange with Interstate 10 is one of two along the freeway within Okaloosa County. Log Lake Road continues south of the freeway to an isolated area north of the Yellow River. Photo taken 07/13/07.
Interstate 10 leads west to Milton and Pensacola and east to Crestview and Tallahassee. Photo taken 07/13/07.
County Road 189 concludes as Log Lake Road leaves Interstate 10 for a rural residential area, Holt Industrial Park, and a campground. Photo taken 09/19/09.
Log Lake Road (former County Road 189) drops in elevation toward the Yellow River valley. The roadway ends within an RV park by the river as Canoe Lake Road splits to the west. Originally State Secondary 189 continued southeast through Choctawhatchee National Forest / Eglin Air Force Base to Wright. This portion was abandoned by the 1950s. A truss from the original Yellow River bridge remains by the site of where S-189 continued southeast. Photo taken 09/19/09.

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