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Mostly the hidden counterpart of U.S. 301 through North Florida, State Road 200 has two signed sections along its 155.8 mile alignment from Hernando to Fernandina Beach. The southern section angles 25.5 miles northeast from U.S. 41 and Citrus County to U.S. 27/301/441 (Pine Avenue) south of Downtown Ocala. All of SR 200 north from CR 484 (80th Avenue Road) at the Majorie Harris Carr Cross Florida Greenway to SR 464 in Ocala consists of a heavily developed six lane arterial. Addressing traffic congestion at the exchange with Interstate 75, an $8 million project from Summer 2018 to Fall 2020. Work added new turn lanes from SR 200 to I-75, widened the right turn lane from SR 200 west to I-75 north, the southbound entrance ramp to I-75, and both ramps with I-75 northbound.1

The northern 26.8 mile segment stretches across Nassau County. Cosigned with SR A1A, SR 200 emerges from U.S. 301 at Callahan, with the two comprising a four lane, divided highway east to Interstate 95. A $60 million project from January 24, 2016 to Spring Fall 2020 expanded 4.9 miles of SR A1A/200 from four to six lanes between I-95 and O'Neill Scott Road. Suburban growth spreads along the roadway from U.S. 17 at Yulee east to Fernandina Beach. Crossing the Thomas J. Shave, Jr. Bridge over Kingsley Creek, SR A1A/200 reach Amelia Island and continue north along South 8th Street into the city of Fernandina Beach. SR 200 concludes in the business district where SR A1A turns east along Atlantic Avenue.

SR 200 splits from U.S. 41 northbound alongside Tsala Apopka Lake in the community of Hernando. 11/25/12
A second confirming marker for SR 200 north follows the connection from U.S. 41 south at Apex Lane. 11/25/12
The southern, independent section of SR 200 leads northeast 24 miles from Hernando to Downtown Ocala. 11/25/12
SR 200 (Carl G. Rose Highway) travels due north from U.S. 41 to the River Lake Manor neighborhood in Hernando. 11/25/12
Turning northeast, SR 200 (Carl G. Rose Highway) converges with the north end of Citrus County Road 491 by Two Mile Prairie. 11/25/12
CR 491 arcs 25.62 miles southwest along Lecanto Highway from SR 200 west to Holder and south to Beverly Hills, Lecanto and the Hernando County line at Withlacoochee State Forest. 11/25/12
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Continuing northeast from CR 491 (Lecanto Highway), SR 200 advances 20 miles to Ocala and 76 miles to Starke as the counterpart of U.S. 301. 11/25/12
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The northern branch of County Road 39 parallels the Withlacoochee River along a winding course 7.63 miles west from SR 200 to U.S. 41 at South Dunnellon. 11/25/12
State Road 200 spans the Withlacoochee River across a concrete tee beam bridge dating from 1935.2 11/25/12
SR 200 crosses into Marion County at Stokes Ferry. 11/25/12
Cardinal direction banners for State Road 200 in Marion County switch to east/west from Citrus County. 11/25/12
SW 140th Street ties into SR 200 from the Florida Highlands community ahead of this reassurance marker. 11/25/12
Emerging from Ross Prairie State Forest and the Marjorie Harris Carr Cross Florida Greenway, SR 200 intersects Marion County Road 484. 11/25/12
CR 484 originates 10.82 miles to the west from U.S. 41 in the city of Dunnellon. East from SR 200, CR 484 continues 17.20 miles to the Marion Oaks community and U.S. 27/301/441 at Belleview. 11/25/12
State Road 200 expands into a six lane, commercial arterial leading northeast from CR 484 through the Ocala suburbs. 11/25/12
SW 95th Circle arcs south from SR 200 at Oak Ridge Business Center to CR 484. 11/25/12
SW 110th Street weaves through the Oak Run development east from SR 200 at the succeeding traffic light. 11/25/12
SW 88th Terrace stems north from SR 200 into the Pine Run Estates community. 11/25/12
Reassurance marker posted at SW 88th Terrace and Kingsland Plaza shopping center. 11/25/12
The ensuing traffic light on SR 200 east is with SW 88th Circle north and SW 103rd Street Road east to Kingsland Country Estates. 11/25/12
SW 99th Street Road east and SW 100th Street west come together at SR 2100 from the On Top of the World and the Hidden Lake developments. 11/25/12
SW 80th Avenue stems north from SW 103rd Street Road and Kingsland Country Estates to cross SR 200 north as a four lane boulevard to the On Top of the World development. 11/25/12
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2 photos
SW 95th Street Road was constructed in 2007/08 as a new arterial route linking with On Top of the World to the west and SW 62nd Avenue near the Meadow Glenn development to the east. 11/25/12
SW 65th Avenue Road provides the main entrance into the Marion Landing development south of SR 200 from this traffic light. 11/25/12
SW 60th Avenue crosses paths with SR 200 north from Kingsland Country Estates and an array of other suburban development to Ocala International Airport (OCF), where it becomes a part of CR 225A to SR 40. 11/25/12
SR 200 advances northeast from SW 60th Avenue by the Bahia Oaks neighborhood. 11/25/12
SR 200 eastbound at SW 60th Street to Saddle Oak Club and Tartan Road east to the Heathbrook subdivisions. 11/25/12
Progressing northeast from SW 60th Street Road, State Road 200 (College Road) enters the Ocala city limits. 11/25/12
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A commercial stretch precedes Interstate 75 along SR 200 eastbound by the Market Street at Heath Brook retail complex. 11/25/12
SW 43rd Street Road arcs east from SR 200 and crosses over I-75 to CR 475A (SW 27th Avenue) and CR 475C (SW 42nd Street) ahead of SW 40th Street west to the Cimarron and Timberwood developments. 11/25/12
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The heavily developed commercial corridor along SR 200 extends beyond the ramps with Interstate 75 in Ocala. 11/25/12
Meeting SR 200 at a diamond interchange, I-75 bypasses central Ocala to the west. The six-lane freeway leads south to Florida's Turnpike at Wildwood and the Tampa Bay area. 12/04/20
Heading north from Ocala, Interstate 75 continues to Gainesville and I-10 at Lake City. 12/04/20
FDOT recorded 38,000 vehicles per day (vpd) in 2018 along SR 200 between the northbound ramps with I-75 and SW 32nd Avenue. 06/28/17
SR 200 (SW College Road) leads another 3.4 miles east from I-75 before combining with U.S. 27/301/441 (Pine Avenue) north to SR 40 (Silver Springs Boulevard) at Downtown Ocala. 06/28/17
SW 34th Avenue links SR 200 with the College Park neighborhood to the north and Paddock Park Commercial Center to the south. 06/28/17
SR 200 (SW College Avenue) eastbound at SW 32nd Avenue to Paddock Mall and the College Park community. 04/17/19
SW 26th Street follows along SR 200 east between Paddock Mall and the College of Central Florida campus. 04/17/19
CR 475A follows SW 27th Avenue north from an array of apartment complexes and big box retail to conclude at the succeeding intersection with SR 200 eastbound. 04/17/19
CR 475A heads 13.52 miles south from SR 200 and the city of Ocala to Shady, CR 484 east of Marion Oaks, and CR 475 at SE 145th Street and Danks Corner. Unsigned CR 4187 lines SW/NW 27th Avenue north 2.12 miles to U.S. 27 (NW 10th Street). 04/17/19
SR 200 confirming marker posted after CR 475A south and CR 4187 (SW 27th Avenue) north. 04/17/19
SW 20th Street ties into SR 200 (SW College Road) at the ensuing traffic light across from Shady Oaks Shopping Center. 04/17/19
SW 17th Road comprises a connector from SW 27th Avenue to SR 200 across from Ocala West shopping center. 04/17/19
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Providing a cutoff to U.S. 27/301/441 (Pine Avenue) south, SR 464 stems east from SR 200 (SW College Avenue) along SW 17th Street. 04/17/19
State Road 464 extends 7.21 miles from SR 200 and SW 20th Court to SR 35 (SE 8th Avenue) and CR 464 (Maricamp Road) by the Silver Springs Shores community. 04/17/19
An I-75 trailblazer stands along SR 200 (SW 10th Street) ahead of the overpass spanning a CSX Railroad line. There is no reassurance marker posted after the separation from U.S. 27/301/441 (Pine Avenue). 04/17/19
SW Martin Luther King Avenue connects with SR 40 (Silver Springs Boulevard) through residential areas of West Ocala to the north. South of SR 200, the arterial wraps around the back side of adjacent retail to SR 464 (SW 17th Street) at SW 19th Avenue Road. 04/17/19
The first confirming marker for SR 200 westbound in Ocala appears after SW Martin Luther King Avenue. 04/17/19
Curving southwest, SR 200 (College Road) next meets the west end of SR 464 (SW 17th Street) at SW 20th Court. 04/17/19
SR 464 constitutes an arterial route heading southeast along SW/SE 17th Avenue and Maricamp Road. The state road measures 7.21 miles to SR 35 in the Ocala suburbs. 04/17/19
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2 photos
Big box retail and a number of car dealerships line SR 200 (SW College Road) beyond SR 464 and SW 20th Court. 04/17/19
SW 20th Street branches west from SR 200 (SW College Road) to the College of Central Florida and SW 60th Avenue at Ocala International Airport (OCF). 04/17/19
Marion County Road 475A commences a 13.52 mile course south from SR 200 (SW College Road) at SW 27th Avenue. 04/17/19
SW 27th Avenue (unsigned CR 4187) extends north to SR 40 and U.S. 27. CR 475A parallels I-75 south from Ocala to CR 475 at Danks Corner. 04/17/19
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4 photos
4 photos
SR 200 (College Road) trudges southwest from CR 475A to Interstate 75 through a heavily developed retail corridor between the College of Central Florida and Paddock Mall. 04/17/19
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3 photos
3 photos
Entering the diamond interchange with Interstate 75 north to Gainesville and Lake City and south to Wildwood and Tampa. 06/28/17
Additional turn lanes for Interstate 75 was added in both directions of SR 200 during construction from Summer 2018 to Fall 2020. 12/04/20
The signal at SW 38th Court serves adjacent retail and SW 40th Street west to the Cimarron development and other subdivisions. 12/04/20
Confirming marker posted beyond SW 38th Court and Interstate 75. 12/04/20

  1. 435659-2 S.R. 200 at I-75 / west of I-75 to east of I-75 adding left and right turn lanes. Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT), District 5 project web page.
  2. Withlacoochee River Bridge.

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