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State Road 211 is a segmented route paralleling the St. Johns River through central Jacksonville. Beginning from SR 128 (San Juan Avenue) in the Fairfax neighborhood, SR 211 follows Herschel Street north to Big Fishwier Creek, where it shifts east onto St. Johns Avenue. St. Johns Avenue navigates through a series of S-curves through the Avondale community, straightening out at Boone Park northeast to Riverside.

Prior to 2006, SR 211 ended at the intersection of Riverside Avenue and Post Street in Riverside, Jacksonville. There U.S. 17 & SR 228 took over along Riverside Avenue north into the Brooklyn community west of Downtown. With their alignment along Post and College Streets dropped from the state road system, SR 211 was extended northward along Riverside Avenue two blocks to I-95 (Fuller Warren Bridge) and Peninsular Place. The southern 3.723 mile segment of SR 211 concludes there.

Riverside Avenue (former U.S. 17) northeast 0.641 miles from Interstate 95 to the directional T interchange with SR 13 (Acosta Bridge) is locally maintained. The 0.271 mile section of Riverside Avenue at the exchange with the Acosta Bridge is state maintained and designed as SR 211. Beyond Broad Street, U.S. 17 split with SR 228, with the former taking the couplet of Bay and Forsyth Streets between Broad Street and U.S. 1-90 (Main / Ocean Streets) and the latter lining Water Street east. State maintenance along former U.S. 17 and 228 ceases east of Broad Street and the second SR 211 segment.

Florida State Road 211 North
State Road 211 initially follows Herschel Street north through the Fairfax neighborhood. Photo taken 03/26/20.
Herschel Street (SR 211) meets St. Johns Avenue and Woodmere Drive ahead of Big Fishwier Creek. St. Johns Avenue travels three blocks west to U.S. 17 (Roosevelt Boulevard). Photo taken 03/26/20.
2 photos
2 photos
SR 211 departs Herschel Street ahead along the eastern component of St. Johns Avenue. Herschel Street turns northeast to parallel SR 211 (St. Johns Avenue) through the Avondale neighborhood. Photos taken 03/26/20.
St. Johns Avenue (SR 211) winds on its initial stretch northeast toward Five Points. Photo taken 03/26/20.
SR 211 north passes through the commercial district of Avondale at Ingleside Avenue. Photo taken 03/26/20.
Confirming marker posted at Talbot Avenue along SR 211 (St. Johns Avenue) north. Photo taken 03/26/20.
2 photos
2 photos
Vintage residences are located along the tree-lined St. Johns Avenue (SR 211) as it continues northeast toward the Riverside and Five Points neighborhoods. Photos taken 03/26/20.
Mallory Street travels four blocks northwest from SR 211 (St. Johns Avenue) to Willowbranch Park. Photo taken 03/26/20.
SR 211 will turn ahead along King Street in front of the St. Vincent's Riverside Hospital complex. Photo taken 03/26/20.
St. Johns Avenue dead ends into St. Vincent's hospital as State Road 211 overlays King Street one block north. Photo taken 03/26/20.
SR 211 dog legs east onto Riverside Avenue as King Street travels into the commercial district of the Riverside neighborhood. Photo taken 03/26/20.
Barrs Street extends northwest from Riverside Avenue (SR 211) across from the main entrance to St. Vincent's Riverside Hospital. Photo taken 03/26/20.
SR 211 north meets Stockton Street at this signalized intersection. Stockton Street divides the Riverside and Five Point neighborhoods. Photo taken 03/26/20.
2 photos
2 photos
Margaret Street travels northwest into the central commercial district of the historic Five Points neighborhood. Photos taken 03/26/20.
Post Street leads motorists to Interstate 95 south at the ensuing intersection along SR 211 north. Photo taken 03/26/20.
Post Street travels to Riverside Park north of the center of Five Points neighborhood. Historically, U.S. 17 and SR 228 used a portion of Post Street prior to their relocation. Photo taken 03/26/20.
SR 211 trailblazer posted along Riverside Avenue after the former turn of U.S. 17 north / SR 228 east from Post Street. Photo taken 03/26/20.
Riverside Park Place leads three blocks west from SR 211 (Riverside Avenue) to Park Street at Riverside Park. Photo taken 03/26/20.
Riverside Avenue passes below the Fuller Warren Bridge and the I-95 ramps joining the span with Park Street. The southern segment of SR 211 ends here at Peninsular Place. Photo taken 03/26/20.
Riverside Avenue - North
A remaining shield for SR 211 stands along Riverside Avenue north between Peninsular Place and Rosselle Street as of March 2020. Photo taken 03/26/20.
Rosselle Street west three blocks to Park Street leads to respective ramps for Interstate 95 and I-10 via Park and Forest Streets. Photo taken 03/26/20.
Florida State Road 211 South
The first reassurance marker for SR 211 south stands beyond the intersection with Post Street. Post Street is where U.S. 17 south / SR 228 west originally split with Riverside Avenue, and the previous north end of SR 211. Photo taken 06/14/08.

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06/14/08, 03/26/20 by AARoads

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