Running concurrent with the western leg of SR 24A, forms part of a truck bypass for SR 24 across Gainesville along SW and SE 16th Avenue. The 2.20 mile long state road separates from SR 24 at the University of Florida (UF) and concludes at SR 331 (Williston Road) by the Sweetwater Preserve. SR 24A overlaps with SR 331 north back to SR 24 along East University Avenue.

The first shields for SR 226 and SR 24A stand at the wye intersection where the two routes partition from SR 24 (Archer Road) eastbound. 08/16/18
Shealy Drive intersects SR 226/24A (SW 16th Avenue) at the University of Florida (UF) College of Veterinary Medicine. 08/16/18
SW 16th Street links SR 226/24A (SW 16th Avenue) with SR 24 at UF Health Shands Hospital to the north. The street spurs south to townhome and condominium complexes. 08/16/18
SR 226/24A (SW 16th Avenue) east at U.S. 441 (SW 13th Street). U.S. 441 heads north alongside UF with SR 24 and south by a number of apartment buildings to SR 331 (Williston Road). 08/16/18
U.S. 441 joins Gainesville with Alachua and Fort White to the northwest and Paynes Prairie Preserve State Park and Micanopy to the south. 08/16/18
SW 16th Avenue narrows onto a five lane boulevard between U.S. 441 (SW 13th Street) and SW 10th Terrace. 08/16/18
SW 6th Street stems north from SR 226/24A through University Heights to University Avenue (SR 24/26). 08/16/18
SR 226/24A (SW/SE 16th Avenue) makes a gradual southerly curve from SW 6th Street across County Road 329 (South Main Street). 08/16/18
County Road 329 overlays South Main Street 2.40 miles south from University Avenue (SR 20/24/26) in Downtown Gainesville to SR 331 (Williston Road) at Biven Arms Nature Park. Signs on SR 226 only acknowledge the route heading south. 08/16/18
The third and final eastbound reassurance shield for State Road 226. 08/16/18
SR 226 concludes at forthcoming SR 331 (SE Williston Road) across from Sweetwater Preserve. 08/16/18
State Road 24A overlaps with SR 331 north 1.80 miles to SR 24 at its split with SR 20/26 (East University Avenue). 08/16/18
Forming a truck bypass around Gainesville, SR 331 (Williston Road) arcs 3.63 miles southwest from SR 226 (SE 16th Avenue) to SR 121 adjacent to ramps with Interstate 75. 08/16/18
SR 24A west joins SR 226 north along SE 16th Avenue. The two routes navigate through an S-curve between SR 331 and County Road 329 (South Main Street). 08/16/18
Formerly a state road, CR 329 follows South Main Street back to SR 331. The five lane boulevard north into Downtown Gainesville underwent a road diet in 2018 with roundabouts and traffic islands added 08/16/18
Confirming markers posted west of CR 329 (Main Street) on SW 16th Avenue. 08/16/18
SW 6th Street ties into SR 226/24A (SW 16th Avenue) westbound at the succeeding traffic light. 08/16/18

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