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SR 292 east
Welcome to Florida sign posted after the intersection with Key Largo Place along SR 292 (Perdido Key Drive) near the Alabama state line. Photo taken 06/13/10.
SR 292 eastbound shield posted a short distance further east from the welcome sign. The state road switches to a north-south designation at the Theo Baars Bridge to the mainland. Photo taken 06/13/10.
Passing by Gulf View Lane, SR 292 (Perdido Key Drive) is a two lane road with an occasional turn lane along the developed stretch of Perdido Key. Photo taken 05/16/04.
SR 292 enters Perdido Key State Park beyond the "stair-step building". The park offers a reprieve from the condominium and beach home development to River Road. Photo taken 05/16/04.
A high level bridge crosses the Intracoastal Waterway between Perdido Key and Big Lagoon as SR 292 turns northward to the mainland by Big Lagoon State Park. Photo taken 01/31/06.
Known as the Theo Baars Bridge, the two lane span opened in 1974. Photo taken 01/31/06.
Traffic along SR 292 north lowers to the intersection with Gulf Beach Highway (County Road 292A) east and Innerarity Point Road west. Photo taken 01/31/06.
County Road 292A follows Gulf Beach Highway east to Big Lagoon State Park and Pleasant Grove, where SR 292 overtakes the roadway to Warrington. Innerarity Point Road (former SR 293) spurs west onto a peninsula between Perdido Bay and the Intracoastal Waterway. Photo taken 01/31/06.
2.1 miles northeast of Gulf Beach Highway is the intersection with Escambia County Road 293 (Bauer Road) and Vincent Road. Bauer Road carries the county highway 3.9 miles north to U.S. 98 (Lillian Highway) near Paradise Beach and Perdido Bay. Vincent Road continues Bauer Road southward 1.3 miles to Escambia County Road 292A. Photo taken 05/16/04.
Another three miles east on SR 292 (Sorrento Road) is SR 173 (Blue Angel Parkway). Photo taken 01/31/06.
Blue Angel Parkway loops 11.93 miles around Myrtle Grove between Pensacola N.A.S. and Bellview. The state road provides the most direct to Interstate 10 for beach traffic. Photo taken 05/16/04.
Reassurance shield posted for SR 292 north after SR 173. Big box retail was constructed on the northern half of the intersection with Blue Angel Parkway by 2009. Photo taken 01/31/06.
A mileage sign lists the distances to unincorporated Warrington (six miles) and downtown Pensacola (nine miles via U.S. 98 Business). Photo taken 01/31/06.
SR 292 (Gulf Beach Highway) east of the merge with CR 292A at the south end of CR 297 (Dog Track Road). Dog Track Road leads CR 297 north to Pensacola Greyhound Track and U.S. 98 (Lillian Highway) near Millview. Photo taken 01/03/10.
SR 727 follows Fairfield Drive north from SR 292 through Myrtle Grove to SR 295 (New Warrington Spur) for a distance of 6.52 miles. Photo taken 01/30/06.
Fairfield Drive continues south a short distance from SR 292 and 727 to a small park along Bayou Grande. Fairfield Drive north expands from a two-lane highway into one of the primary arterials in the Pensacola metropolitan area on the drive north to U.S. 98 and Interstate 110. Photo taken 01/31/06.
SR 292 (Gulf Beach Highway) and SR 295 (Navy Boulevard) come together for the first of their two meetings at the commercial center of Warrington. SR 295 leads south to the main gate of Pensacola Naval Air Station and north to West Pensacola. Photo taken 01/30/06.
SR 292 combines with Barrancas Avenue east from SR 295 and 2nd Street to the Bayou Chico Bridge into Pensacola. 2nd Street and a two-lane ramp from SR 295 north come together at this traffic light along SR 292 east. Photo taken 01/03/10.
SR 292 crosses the 1998-completed Bayou Chico Bridge from Warrington into the city of Pensacola. This six lane span replaced a draw bridge to the east. Photo taken 12/21/03.
SR 292 eastbound descends from the Bayou Chico Bridge to intersect Pace Boulevard in Pensacola. The state road turns northward onto Pace Boulevard as Barrancas Avenue continues east toward downtown and Main Street. Photo taken 12/21/03.
Four lanes of Pace Boulevard travel northward from Barrancas Avenue. SR 292 follows all of Pace Boulevard to U.S. 29. Photo taken 12/21/03.
Approaching U.S. 98 (Navy Boulevard) west and U.S. 98 Business (Garden Street) east on Pace Boulevard northbound. U.S. 98 east combines with SR 292 for an eight-block overlap to Cerventes Street. Photo taken 12/21/03.
2 photos
2 photos
U.S. 98 Business travels eastward along the original U.S. 98 (Garden Street) through downtown Pensacola to Alcaniz Street. U.S. 98 west follows Navy Boulevard to SR 295 at West Pensacola.
The sign assembly pictured in 2003 was removed due to a bus stop at the corner of Pace Boulevard and Garden Street by 2008. Photo taken 12/21/03. Second photo taken 11/30/08.
U.S. 98 East Florida State Road 292 North
Pace Boulevard continues north from Navy Boulevard with U.S. 98 east & SR 292 north. Photo taken 11/30/08.
Jackson Street leads west from Pace Boulevard as unsigned County Road 298A, 4.554 miles to SR 727 at Myrtle Grove. Photo taken 11/30/08.
Approaching the split of U.S. 98 east for U.S. 90 (Cervantes Street) on Pace Boulevard north. Photo taken 11/30/08.
U.S. 90 follows Cervantes Street east from Mobile Highway to Bayou Texar in central Pensacola. Westward, the US route continues from West Pensacola to Bellview, Beulah and Seminole, Alabama. U.S. 90 & 98 overlap from SR 292 (Pace Boulevard) to SR 289 (Ninth Avenue). Photo taken 11/30/08.
SR 292 north
The final SR 292 northbound shield appears on the one mile stretch of Pace Boulevard between SR 295 (Fairfield Drive) and U.S. 29 (Palafox Street). Pace Boulevard maintains four through lanes and a center turn lane to the terminus. Photo taken 11/17/12.
Herman Avenue heads west from U.S. 29 (Palafox Street) to intersect SR 292 (Pace Boulevard) at this traffic light. The local street ends at S Street a short distance to the west. Photo taken 11/17/12.
An at-grade railroad crossing follows Herman Avenue with a spur from the Burlington Northern Railroad line. Photo taken 11/17/12.
Just before U.S. 29, Pace Boulevard meets the east end of Massachusetts Avenue, a residential through road west 0.7 miles to Escambia County Road 453 (W Street) and 3.7 miles to U.S. 90 (Mobile Highway) near Bellview. Photo taken 11/17/12.
The northern terminus of SR 292 features the split of Pace Boulevard into a wye as it ties into Massachusetts Avenue from the west. There are no end signs as U.S. 29 veers northwest from Brent to Ensley. Photo taken 11/17/12.

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12/21/03, 05/16/04, 01/30/06, 01/31/06, 11/30/08, 01/03/10, 06/13/10, 11/17/12 by AARoads

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