Inventoried as State Road 392A, and signed in the field both as SR 392 and SR 392A, the 3.283 mile long highway follows Hutchison Boulevard (Middle Beach Road) in east Panama City Beach. An undivided multi-lane urban arterial, Hutchison Boulevard provides an alternate route to SR 30 along Front Beach Road. The east end connects with Thomas Drive (County Road 392).

CR 392 extends 4.599 miles southeast along Thomas Drive between the Gulf of Mexico and Grand Lagoon to the northward turn at Lower Grand Lagoon. Thomas Drive continues from there across Grand Lagoon as County Road 3031.

Historically North Lagoon Drive, from CR 392 (Thomas Drive) east to CR 3031, was numbered as Florida Secondary 392A. It was redesignated as County Road 3030.

Florida State Road 392A East
Signed here as SR 392, the first confirming marker for SR 392A stands just beyond the separation with SR 30 (Front Beach Road). 09/23/09
A set of flashers operate at the intersection of Middle Beach Road and Clara Avenue. Clara Avenue was formerly CR 30C north to U.S. 98 and south to SR 30 (Front Beach Road). 09/23/09
The succeeding reassurance marker, posted just after Clara Avenue, references SR 392A instead of SR 392. 09/23/09
Middle Beach Road next intersects Alf Coleman Road by Shipwreck Island Waterpart. Alf Coleman Road extends north from Front Beach Road to U.S. 98 and Arnold High School in Panama City Beach. 09/23/09
A confirming marker appears beyond Clara Avenue, alluding to the former status of the north-south road as County Road 30C. 09/23/09
Richard Jackson Boulevard intersects SR 392A (Hutchison Boulevard) at the ensuing traffic light eastbound. Formerly Beckrich Road and CR 3033, the multi-lane arterial leads south to Front Beach Road at the Edgewater Beach Resort and north to the Breakfast Point community. 09/23/09
Hutchison Boulevard advances east from Richard Jackson Boulevard by the Gulf Highlands Beach Resort. 09/23/09
Churchwell Drive provides the next link between SR 392A (Hutchison Boulevard) and CR 30 (Front Beach Road). South Glades Trail ties into the signal with SR 392A from The Glades golf course community to the north. 09/23/09
Clarence Street stems east from a signalized entrance to adjacent big box retail to residential areas just north of SR 30 (Front Beach Road). 09/23/09
SR 392A meets Front Beach Road again along a commercial strip leading SR 30 east toward U.S. 98 at the Hathaway Bridge. 09/23/09
Signs for SR 30 were replaced by 2015 with shields for U.S. 98 Alternate. U.S. 98 Alternate was decommissioned in 2006. It ran along Front Beach Road west through Panama City Beach to Sunnyside and east to U.S. 98 at Thomas Drive. 09/23/09
SR 30 was decommissioned west from SR 392A (Hutchison Boulevard) to Richard Jackson Boulevard in 2016. The state road remains along Front Beach Road east two miles to rejoin U.S. 98 into Panama City. 09/23/09
County Road 392 East
Unmarked at Front Beach Road, County Road 392 (Thomas Drive) curves southward through Signal Hill Golf Course to CR 3030 (North Lagoon Drive). CR 3030 runs along the north side of Grand Lagoon to the CR 3031 portion of Thomas Drive. 09/23/09
Joan Avenue heads south from SR 30 (Front Beach Road) and CR 3030 (North Lagoon Drive) to the subsequent signal along Thomas Drive south. 09/23/09
Thomas Drive progresses southeast along a heavily developed peninsula between Grand Lagoon and the Gulf of Mexico. County Road 392 ends at Lower Grand Lagoon and the northern turn of Thomas Drive onto CR 3031. A separate branch of Thomas Drive spurs from here to St. Andrews State Park as well. 09/23/09
County Road 392 West
County Road 392 (Thomas Drive) shifts northward away from the Gulf front at South Thomas Drive. Passing through Signal Hill Golf Course, Thomas Drive intersects the west end of County Road 3030 (North Lagoon Drive). 09/23/09
Bay County Road 3030 constitutes a 3.34-mile route along North Lagoon Drive southeast back to Thomas Drive along CR 3031. 09/23/09
County Road 392 (Thomas Drive) intersected SR 30 east / CR 30 west (Front Beach Road) and SR 392 (Hutchison Boulevard) west beyond this reverse colored U.S. 98 shield. 09/23/09
Bay County installed the white on black U.S. 98 marker on September 7, 2001. It was replaced after 2011 with a shield for U.S. 98 Alternate. 09/23/09
Florida State Road 392A West
Westbound SR 392A (Hutchison Boulevard) at Alf Colemand Road (old CR 30H). 09/23/09
SR 392A reassurance marker posted west of Alf Coleman Road. 01/16/16
Clara Avenue (old CR 30C) links Front Beach Road with U.S. 98 (Panama City Beach Parkway) north of the Tapestry Park development. 01/16/16
Continuing west from Clara Avenue along SR 392A (Middle Beach Road). 01/16/16
SR 392A (Middle Beach Road) converges with SR 30 (Front Beach Road) at the Bahama Beach community. 10/17/11
Middle Beach Road seamlessly transitions into Front Beach Road west toward central Panama City Beach. SR 30 runs along the Gulf front toward Laguna Beach, downgrading to County Road 30 near the west city line. Front Beach Road extends west from there to Sunnyside and U.S. 98 near Powell Lake. 10/17/11
Florida State Road 392A scenes
Clara Avenue north ahead of SR 392A (Hutchison Boulevard). This shield on this assembly dates from February 9, 1972, while the junction banner is stamped December 9, 1971. 01/16/16
2 photos
2 photos
Alf Coleman Road north at SR 392 (Hutchison Boulevard). This vintage marker is date stamped July 9, 1973. 10/17/11, 09/23/09

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  • 01/16/16 by AARoads and Jake Bear.

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