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Florida 397 exists in two portions to provide access to Eglin Air Force Base from State Road 85 in southern Okaloosa County. The northern segment consists of a four-lane arterial for 2.16 miles along John Sims Parkway through Valpairso. The southern segment extends Eglin Parkway northeast 0.90 miles from Florida 85 to the West Gate of Eglin A.F.B.

Florida 397 north (Southern Segment)
SR 397 begins and continues Eglin Parkway northeast from SR 85 to the West Gate into Eglin Air Force Base. Pictured here is the first reassurance marker posted within the wye interchange at SR 85. Photo taken 02/13/10.
Florida 397 (Eglin Parkway) approaches the north end of Florida 189 (Lewis Turner Boulevard) before entering Eglin Air Force Base grounds. Photo taken 02/13/10.
Trailblazers to Florida 85 take place of Florida 189 shields ahead of the Eglin Parkway intersection with Lewis Turner Boulevard. State Road 189 loops west 10.52 miles from Florida 397 and 85 to Wright before turning eastward along Beal Parkway to Fort Walton Beach. Photo taken 02/13/10.
The left turn onto Lewis Turner Boulevard is the last departure point for the general public from Florida 397. State Road 397's southern segment ends officially at the entrance to Eglin. Photo taken 02/13/10.
Florida 397 north (Northern Segment)
Florida 397 begins at John Sims Parkway and Louisiana Avenue, just north of the East Gate to Eglin Air Force Base. The four lane divided highway intersects Carolina Avenue ahead of Addie R. Lewis Middle School in this scene nearby. Photo taken 02/13/10.
Spanning Toms Bayou along Florida 397 (John Sims Parkway) northbound in Valparaiso. Two bridges, built in 1954 and 1962, carry motorists over the brackish waters. Photo taken 02/13/10.
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2 photos
1.4 miles north of the East Gate to Eglin, drivers along Florida 397 approach the east end of Florida 190 (Valparaiso Parkway). SR 190 connects John Sims Parkway with Florida 85 southwest to Fort Walton Beach and Hurlburt Field. Photos taken 02/13/10.
A left turn takes drivers onto Florida 190, a 1.13-mile two-lane roadway (Valparaiso Parkway), linking Florida 397 and 85. Photo taken 02/13/10.
Mileage signs are typically placed after a state road intersection with another state road. Florida 397 continues north a short distance to Florida 85 in the city of Niceville. Photo taken 02/13/10.
A traffic light operates along Florida 397 (John Sims Parkway) at Edge Avenue within the city of Valparaiso. Edge Avenue comprises a residential street in both directions from the signal. Photo taken 04/08/11.
Florida 397 exits Valparaiso for the Niceville city limits beyond the intersection with Mansfield Avenue. Photo taken 02/13/10.
Curving around the periphery of Boggy Bayou, Florida 397 approaches a commercialized intersection with Florida 85 (Government Avenue south / John Sims Parkway north). Photo taken 02/13/10.
SR 397 ends at SR 85, with State Road 85 overtaking the four-lane parkway northeast to SR 20 east. SR 85 provides the main route south to Fort Walton Beach from Niceville and north to Crestview and Laurel Hill. Photo taken 02/13/10.
Florida 397 south (Northern Segment)
Florida 397 begins and continues John Sims Parkway southeast from State Road 85 into Valparaiso and Eglin Air Force Base. Photo taken 05/13/12.
Just 0.2 miles south of its beginning, Florida 397 enters the city limits of Valparaiso. The community was home to 5,807 residents as of the 2010 census. Photo taken 05/13/12.
The lone traffic light along the northern segment of Florida 397 (John Sims Parkway) resides at Edge Avenue, a residential through road connecting the arterial with the adjacent street network. Photo taken 05/13/12.
Curving due southward, Florida 397 approaches the east end of Florida 190. Florida 190 only exists between John Sims Parkway and Florida 85 outside the Valparaiso city limits. College Boulevard, to the north, once was a part of County Road 190. Photo taken 05/13/12.
SR 190 follows Valparaiso Parkway west from State Road 397 to city hall, Valparaiso Elementary school and SR 85. An older section of State Road 190 is the service road behind businesses along the west side of John Sims Parkway. Photo taken 05/13/12.
Reassurance marker posted for Florida 397 south along John Sims Parkway after the intersection with Florida 190 (Valparaiso Parkway) west in Valparaiso. Photo taken 02/13/10.
Lowering to cross Toms Bayou on the four-lane divided John Sims Parkway. Photo taken 02/13/10.
The northern segment of Florida 397 concludes at the East Gate of Eglin Air Force Base. Non base-bound traffic must turn around at Louisiana Avenue as State Road 397 (John Sims Parkway) transitions into Eglin Boulevard south. Photo taken 02/13/10.
Florida 397 south (Southern Segment)
Leaving the signalized intersection with Florida 189 south and Pinchot Road, Florida 397 commences Eglin Parkway from the West Gate of Eglin Air Force Base to a veterans administration building and a wye interchange with Florida 85 south. Photo taken 05/13/12.
Beyond the Florida 85 northbound overpass, southbound drivers along Florida 397 prepare to merge onto the left side of Florida 85 south. Florida 85 continues Eglin Parkway to Shalimar, Fort Walton Beach and Cinco Bayou. Photo taken 05/13/12.
SR 397 concludes as SR 85 turns southwesterly at Sunset Lane (former SR 85B). State Road 85 concludes in 5.6 miles at U.S. 98 (Miracle Strip Parkway) in Downtown Fort Walton Beach. Photo taken 05/13/12.

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