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State Road 400 represents the hidden counterpart of Interstate 4 in its entirety between both end points. Straddling the South Daytona and Daytona Beach city line, a stand alone section of SR 400 spurs 4.22 miles east along Beville Road from the freeway end to U.S. 1.

Florida State Road 400 East
Shield assembly for the beginning of SR 400 and the end of Interstate 4 beyond the systems interchanges with I-95. Photo taken 11/04/06.
SR 400 emerges from I-4 and travels along Beville Road eastward to U.S. 1 (Ridgewood Avenue) at South Daytona. Photo taken 05/24/17.
Beville Road provides a more efficient route to the Daytona area beaches in lieu of congested U.S. 92 (International Speedway Boulevard). Photo taken 11/06/19.
Approaching SR 483 north / CR 483 (Clyde Morris Boulevard) south on SR 400 (Beville Road) eastbound. Photo taken 08/25/18.
Passing along the east side of Daytona Beach International Airport (DAB) by Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, Clyde Morris Boulevard north is state maintained from SR 400 (Beville Road) 3.4 miles to SR 430 (Mason Avenue). The arterial extends both north and south of the SR 483 portion as County Road 483. Photo taken 08/25/18.
SR 400 (Beville Road) advances east from SR 483 / CR 483 as a commercial arterial. Photo taken 08/25/18.
The succeeding traffic light is with SR 5A (Nova Road). SR 5A forms an arterial bypass of U.S. 1 through South Daytona and Daytona Beach. Photo taken 08/25/18.
Florida State Road 400 West
Posted after the first reassurance shield are trailblazers for Interstate 4 and 95. SR 400 (Beville Road) west provides a more efficient route to the freeways in lieu of congested U.S. 92 (International Speedway Boulevard). Photo taken 06/19/08.
Golfview Boulevard leads south into a nearby residential area from SR 400 (Beville Road) west of U.S. 1. Photo taken 06/19/08.
Magnolia Avenue spurs south from SR 400 (Beville Road) to Big Tree Road (CR 4072) in South Daytona, where it becomes a part of CR 4073. Photo taken 06/19/08.
Commercial development flanks the intersection of SR 400 (Beville Road) and SR 5A (Nova Road) on all four corners. Photo taken 06/19/08.
SR 5A, which derives its number from U.S. 1's state road counterpart, follows Nova Road south through South Daytona and north through Daytona Beach as a commercial arterial. Photo taken 06/19/08.
Continuing west from SR 5A (Nova Road) on SR 400 (Beville Road) west. Commercialized frontage continues to Cambridge Avenue. Photo taken 06/19/08.
SR 400 next meets the south end of SR 483 and north end of Volusia County Road 483 (Clyde Morris Boulevard). SR 483 connects South Daytona with Daytona Beach International Airport (DAB). Photo taken 06/19/08.
Volusia County Road 483 continues Clyde Morris Boulevard south to SR 421 (Dunlawton Avenue) and Taylor Road in Port Orange. SR 483 continues to SR 430 (Mason Avenue) where it turns into another section of County Road 483. Photo taken 06/19/08.
SR 400 opens somewhat as it advances west from Clyde Morris Boulevard (SR 483 / CR 483) through southwest Daytona Beach. Photo taken 06/19/08.
County Road 4009 (Williamson Boulevard) crosses SR 400 (Beville) at the last traffic light preceding the transition onto Interstate 4 west. Photo taken 06/19/08.
The systems interchange with Interstate 95 and I-4 west lies a half mile west of Williamson Boulevard. Photo taken 06/19/08.
CR 4009 meanders northward around Daytona Beach International Airport (DAB) to Bellevue Avenue Extension and U.S. 92. Southward, Williamson Boulevard travels along the western fringes of Port Orange to Taylor Road (SR 421) adjacent to Interstate 95 at Exit 256. Photo taken 06/19/08.
Construction through early 2019 Spring 2020 upgrades the directional cloverleaf interchange with Interstate 95 with relocated ramps and collector distributor roadways. The improvement reduces weaving traffic and increases capacity. Photo taken 11/06/19.
Interstate 95 continues north from Daytona Beach to Palm Coast, Jacksonville, and Savannah from SR 400 (Beville Road) west. Photo taken 11/06/19.

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