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State Road 405 forms a belt route looping 9.828 miles west from U.S. 1 around the city of Titusville. The state road stems west from U.S. 1 outside Downtown along South Street through the residential street grid. Beyond Rock Pit Road, SR 405 reduces to two lanes and arcs southwest along a mostly rural stretch to Fox Lake Road. A handful of subdivisions, including Forest Hills Estates and Fox Lake Manor crop up along the route.

Heading south along the Titusville city line, SR 405 (South Street) parallels I-95 one quarter mile to the east. The state road expands into a divided arterial ahead of the commercialized intersection with SR 50 (Cheney Highway). Angling southeast, SR 405 follows Columbia Boulevard for 4.406 miles back to U.S. 1. NASA Causeway (unsigned County Road 405) extends 5.687 miles east from the cloverleaf interchange joining U.S. 1 and SR 405 across the Indian River to Space Commerce Way at Kennedy Space Center.

NASA Causeway (County Road 405) west
NASA Causeway leads west from the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex and intersects Space Commerce Way south to Courtenay Parkway (SR 3). Unsigned CR 405 overlays NASA Causeway west toward Indian River Lagoon. Photo taken 03/18/06.
NASA Causeway continues along a narrow strip of land midway across the Indian River. Photo taken 03/18/06.
A pair of 2,993-foot long spans cross the main channel of the Indian River along NASA Causeway. The bridges were constructed in 1964.1 Photo taken 03/18/06.
2 photos
2 photos
The double leaf bascule bridge along NASA Causeway rises to a height of 27.9 feet above the main shipping channel for the Indian River.1 Photos taken 03/18/06.
Florida 405 north
NASA Causeway enters the Titusville city limits ahead of the full cloverleaf interchange with U.S. 1 (Washington Avenue). Photo taken 03/18/06.
U.S. 1 (Washington Avenue) runs along side the Florida East Coast (FEC) Railway north on the initial stretch to SR 50 (Cheney Highway) in Titusville. Photo taken 03/18/06.
U.S. 1 straddles the west shore of Indian River Lagoon leading into Downtown Titusville. The coastal route continues north from the city to Edgewater and New Smyrna Beach. Photo taken 03/18/06.
Confirming marker posted north of SR 407 (Challenger Memorial Parkway) on SR 405 (Columbia Boulevard). Photo taken 09/28/13.
Barna Avenue heads north from The Hills subdivision south of SR 405 (Columbia Boulevard) into central Titusville at the Indian River Heights community. Photo taken 09/28/13.
Windover Trail connects SR 405 (Columbia Boulevard) with Windover Way south to the Windover Farms community in unincorporated Brevard County. Photo taken 09/28/13.
Florida 405 curves northwest across Florida 50 (Cheney Highway) to South Street at the succeeding traffic light. Photo taken 09/28/13.
Florida 50 (Cheney Highway) links with Interstate 95 to the immediate west of Florida 405. An array of big box retail and traveler services line the arterial within the vicinity. Photo taken 09/28/13.
Florida 50 is a cross state route, originating three miles east of Florida 405 at U.S. 1 along the Indian River. West of I-95, Florida 50 traverses areas of St. Johns National Wildlife Refuge into protected lands of Orange County. The corridor 33 miles west to central Orlando becomes increasingly developed west from Bithlo. Photo taken 09/28/13.
Florida 405 heads due north along South Street from the retail strip along Florida 50. Photo taken 09/28/13.
Park Avenue winds northeast through an array of subdivisions in central Titusville. Photo taken 09/28/13.
Fox Lake Road extends west from Harrison Street and crosses Florida 405 (South Street) at the ensuing traffic light northbound. West from the overpass spanning I-95, Fox Lake Road leads to Fox Lake and Fox Lake Park. Photo taken 09/28/13.
Park Avenue reconnects with Florida 405 (South Street) 3.4 miles northeast from their previous meeting. Park Avenue continues north through the Titusville street grid to Florida 406 (Garden Street). Photo taken 09/28/13.
South Street comprises a five-lane boulevard east to U.S. 1 (Hopkins / Washington Avenues) south of Downtown Titusville. Photo taken 09/28/13.
Florida 405 (South Street) northbound at Deleon Avenue. Photo taken 09/28/13.
Florida 405 (South Street) crosses the Florida East Coast (FEC) Railway and passes south of the Brevard County Government Complex ahead of U.S. 1. Photo taken 09/28/13.
Through Downtown Titusville, U.S. 1 separates along the couplet of Hopkins Avenue south and Washington Avenue north. Photo taken 09/28/13.
Florida 405 ends at U.S. 1 (Washington Avenue) north, a block and a half from Indian River. U.S. 1 meets Florida 406 (Garden Street) west and A. Max Brewer Memorial Parkway (CR 402) north onto Merritt Island in seven blocks. Photo taken 09/28/13.
Florida 405 south
Continuing east from Florida 407 (Challenger Memorial Parkway) along Florida 405 (Columbia Boulevard). A mileage sign formerly referenced the distance to Kennedy Space Center via the continuation onto NASA Causeway. This assembly was removed by 2015. Photo taken 08/25/07.
A wayfinding sign for the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex follows along SR 405 (Columbia Boulevard) southbound between SR 407 and Grissom Parkway. Photo taken 08/25/07.
Grissom Parkway constitutes a four-lane arterial south from SR 405 (Columbia Boulevard) to North Brevard Industrial Park, Space Coast Regional Airport and the unincorporated community of Port St. John. North of Columbia Boulevard, Grissom Parkway is a residential street linking with the Bent Oak at Meadowridge development. Photo taken 08/25/07.
Tico Road stems south from Florida 405 to the Valiant Air Command Warbird Museum and the east side of Space Coast Regional Airport (TIX). Photo taken 08/25/07.
Columbia Boulevard elevates across the FEC Railway leading into the full cloverleaf interchange with U.S. 1 (Washington Avenue). Photo taken 08/25/07.
Traveling south from SR 405 and Titusville, U.S. 1 continues to Bellwood, Port Saint John and the city of Cocoa. Photo taken 08/25/07.
Right in right out (RIRO) type ramps connect SR 405 with U.S. 1 southbound due to the adjacent FEC Railway. Photo taken 08/25/07.
U.S. 1 (Washington Avenue) heads 2.1 miles north from SR 405 to SR 50 (Cheney Highway). SR 405 transitions to NASA Causeway (CR 405) and the Indian River Lagoon Scenic Highway at the entrance to Kennedy Space Center ahead. Photo taken 08/25/07.
Florida 405 scenes
2 photos
2 photos
Palm Avenue north at Florida 405 (South Street) to the west of Downtown Titusville. Photos taken 09/28/13.


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Photo Credits:

  • 03/18/06 by AARoads and Justin Cozart.
  • 08/25/07 by AARoads.
  • 09/28/13 by AARoads.

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