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Florida State Road 408 West
Challenger Parkway winds east from Alafaya Trail through Central Florida Research Park to form the westbound beginning of SR 408. Ramps from SR 50 (East Colonial Drive) join the toll road as it initially heads south around University Park. Photo taken 09/07/16.
A wide right of way formerly included a roadway separation designed for an unbuilt eastern extension of SR 408. Photo taken 09/07/16.
Woodbury Road spans SR 408 by this mileage sign posted 11 miles from Downtown Orlando. SR 408 extends 21 miles west across the metro area to Ocoee. Photo taken 09/07/16.
A half diamond interchange connects Alafaya Trail and the Waterford Lakes Town Center retail area with SR 408 west. Exit 20 follows in one mile. Photo taken 09/07/16.
Beyond Exit 20 is the Dean Road Mainline Toll Plaza, the first of four in a series of main line plazas along the East-West Expressway. Photo taken 09/07/16.
Confirming marker posted south at the Kehoe Boulevard underpass linking parallel Lake Underhill Road with the Lake Kehoe Preserve subdivision. Photo taken 09/07/16.
A parclo interchange (Exit 20) joins SR 408 with Rouse Road. Rose Road stems north from the Lockheed Martin Entrance Road and Lake Underhill Road to McCulloch Road at the Seminole County line. Photo taken 09/07/16.
Advance notice for the upcoming cloverstack interchange (Exit 18) with SR 417 (Central Florida GreeneWay). SR 417 comprises the eastern and southern beltway around the greater Orlando metropolitan area. Photo taken 09/07/16.
Passing over Rouse Road, large guide signs indicate the traffic pattern for the Dean Road Main Plaza configuration. High-speed lanes travel to the left for EPass, SunPass and E-ZPass account holders while all cash-paying drivers must depart the freeway mainline for attended booths. Photo taken 09/07/16.
Exit 20 departs SR 408 westbound for Rouse Road. Rouse Road crosses SR 50 (Colonial Drive) at Union Park nearby and continues north to University Boulevard in 3.5 miles. Photo taken 09/07/16.
3 photos
3 photos
3 photos
A third westbound lane opens from Rouse Road to the Dean Road Main Plaza. Four overall express toll lanes travel through the middle of the facility. Photos taken 09/07/16.
A diamond interchange (Exit 19) lies just west of the toll plaza with Dean Road. Dean Road is a north-south arterial through suburbs associated with unincorporated areas of Orange County. The arterial ends at SR 426 (Oviedo Road) across the Seminole County line. Photo taken 09/07/16.
Westbound at the ramp departure (Exit 19) for Dean Road. Dean Road south meanders along the Little Econlockhatchee River to Lake Underhill Road and the intersection of Curry Ford and Young Pine Roads by the Andover Lakes and Cypress Springs communities. Photo taken 09/07/16.
SR 408 advances three quarter of a mile to Exit 18 with SR 407 (Central Florida GreeneWay). SR 417 travels north to Oviedo, Winter Springs, Lake Mary and Sanford in Seminole County. Southbound, the beltway serves growing areas of southeast Orlando at Lee Vista Boulevard and Lake Nona. Photo taken 09/07/16.
The Central Florida GreeneWay south meets the Beachline Expressway (SR 528) in seven miles at eastern reaches of Orlando. Photo taken 09/07/16.
Westbound shield assembly posted after the Little Econlockhatchee River. Photo taken 09/07/16.
Econlockhatchee Trail passes over SR 408 westbound ahead of Exit 18 to SR 417. Interests to Orlando International Airport (MCO) should use the Central Florida GreeneWay south seven miles to SR 528 (Beachline Expressway) west or remain on the GreeneWay 16 miles to the Jeff Fuqua Boulevard north. Photo taken 09/07/16.
SR 417 southbound turns west at Lake Nona toward Walt Disney World and Celebration in northern Osceola County. 33 miles separates the beltway south from Interstate 4; 22 miles separates the Seminole Expressway north from I-4 at Sanford. Photo taken 09/07/16.
Two flyovers were added at the exchange with SR 417 by 2012-13. Additional work through 2019 adds a high speed ramp from SR 417 north to SR 408 west and realigns three other ramps to both improve geometry and expand capacity. SR 408 west otherwise continues 1.25 miles to SR 551 (Exit 16). Photo taken 09/07/16.
The on-ramp from SR 417 south to SR 408 merging beyond this shield replaced the movement using SR 4080, a freeway connector angling southwest from the GreeneWay to Valencia College lane and SR 408 at Chickasaw Trail. Photo taken 09/07/16.
SR 408 expands to five westbound lanes to the SR 551 (Exit 16). SR 551 (Goldenrod Road) comprises a busy north-south arterial through suburban east Orlando. Photo taken 09/20/17.
A wye interchange formerly linked unsigned SR 4080 south with SR 408 west where this shield assembly stands. Then SR 408 westbound was only two lanes wide. Photo taken 09/20/17.
Chickasaw Trail spans SR 408 just ahead of the off-ramp (Exit 16) for SR 551 (Goldenrod Road). A half diamond interchange joins Chickasaw Trail with SR 408 west and from SR 408 east. Photo taken 09/20/17.
Ramps for the diamond interchange (Exit 16) with Goldenrod Road pass below those with Chickasaw Trail. Goldenrod Road carries SR 551 south to its end at SR 15 (Narcoosee Road). Beyond that intersection, Goldenrod Road continues south to Lee Vista Boulevard and the Beachline Expressway as a tolled arterial. SR 551 north continues three miles to University Boulevard and four miles to end at SR 426 (Aloma Avenue) in Goldenrod. Photo taken 09/20/17.
Meeting the East-West Expressway next in 1.5 miles is SR 436 (Semoran Boulevard). Semoran Boulevard constitutes a heavily traveled commercial arterial between Orlando International Airport (MCO) and Casselberry in Seminole County Photo taken 09/20/17.
Westbound travelers enter the city limits of Orlando beyond the Cosmos Drive underpass. The next three interchanges serve east Orlando starting with SR 436 (Semoran Boulevard). Photo taken 09/20/17.
Sound walls separate the Azalea Park community from the SR 408 on the north side. Lake Underhill Road (CR 526) parallels the south side of the East-West Expressway by the Engelwood Park neighborhood. Photo taken 09/20/17.
SR 436 travels overall between SR 528 (Beachline Expressway) and U.S. 441 (Orange Blossom Trail) at Apopka. Locally the state road serves the Azalea Park neighborhood at Lake Barton. Photo taken 09/20/17.
The East-West Expressway maintains eight overall lanes on the five mile drive west to Downtown Orlando. Photo taken 09/20/17.
Semoran Boulevard south leads directly to Jeff Fuqua Boulevard into Orlando International Airport (MCO) Airport. Photo taken 09/20/17.
A parclo interchange joins SR 436 (Semoran Boulevard) with SR 408 at Exit 14. Photo taken 09/07/16.
The westbound off-ramp intersects SR 436 (Semoran Boulevard) across from Yew Drive. SR 436 north serves Baldwin Park and Winter Park before crossing into the Seminole County line at Aloma and Goldenrod. Southward, Semoran Boulevard continues 6.2 miles to MCO Airport through the Conway vicinity. Photo taken 09/07/16.
The overall $600-million East-West Expressway expansion project included work to rebuild the Holland East Mainline Toll Plaza. Three express toll lanes were added in each direction, and the cash collection booths were staggered, with the eastbound set shifting to east of the Andes Avenue underpass. Photo taken 09/20/17.
The SR 436 southbound on-ramp merges onto SR 408 west at the Mercado Avenue underpass. Five lanes continue west by Herndon Nature Park to the Holland East Main Plaza. Photo taken 09/20/17.
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2 photos
Construction to widen the East-West Expressway from six to eight lanes through east Orlando ran from summer 2006 through 2008. The westbound Conway Main Plaza plaza lies just beyond the half diamond interchange with Andes Avenue by Orlando Executive Airport (ORL). Photos taken 09/20/17.
Interchange sequence sign posted above the EPass / SunPass lanes at the Conway Main Plaza. Exit 11A departs in 2.5 miles for Rosalind Avenue at Downtown Orlando. Photo taken 06/29/13.
The next westbound departure point from SR 408 is Exit 12B (Crystal Lake Road) to Orlando Executive Airport (ORL). Photo taken 09/20/17.
A wye interchange (exit 13 from SR 408 east) brings additional traffic onto the East-West Expressway from SR 15 (South Conway Road). The bridges across Lake Underhill were rebuilt and expanded to six lanes in each direction. Cable stays adorn each end as an aesthetic touch. Photo taken 09/20/17.
SR 15 turns west from Conway Road along Lake Underhill Road to the one-way couplet of South Street (west) and Anderson Street (east), frontage roads for SR 408 west from Lake Underhill. Exit 12B forms South Street west. Photo taken 09/20/17.
Exit 12B descends from SR 408 westbound onto South Street (SR 15) ahead of its intersection with Crystal Lake Drive. Crystal Lake Drive (former SR 526) heads north to Robinson Street (SR 526) west and Maquire Boulevard north at Orlando Festival Park. Photo taken 09/20/17.
The East-West Expressway elevates above adjacent South and Anderson Streets by the Rolando Estates and Orlando Highlands neighborhoods. The toll road progresses west 1.75 miles to Interstate 4. Photo taken 09/20/17.
A lane drop occurs prior to the Bumby Avenue on-ramp from SR 15. Photo taken 09/20/17.
The succeeding westbound off-ramp (Exit 11B) links with South Street west to Mills Avenue. SR 15 turns northward onto Mills Avenue from South and Anderson Streets to the Lawsona Park neighborhood and SR 50 (East Colonial Drive). Photo taken 09/20/17.
The next three interchanges serve the Orlando central business district. Mills Avenue provides connections to Central Boulevard and SR 526 (Robinson Street) west to Lake Eola. SR 15 splits around Lake Lawsonia via Brown Avenue (north) and Thornton Avenue (south), both of which are brick streets, between South Street and Central Boulevard. Photo taken 09/20/17.
Exit 11B is a three-quarter diamond interchange, with the Mills Avenue westbound on-ramp removed by 2005. Mills Avenue extends 0.7 miles south from SR 408 to south ventures to Gore Street and Briercliff Drive at Lake Lancaster. Photo taken 09/20/17.
An auxiliary lane opens west from Bumby Avenue to Exit 11B. Photo taken 09/20/17.
Mills Avenue carries SR 15 northward to U.S. 17-92 and SR 50 (Colonial Drive) at their east split. SR 15 continues north as an unsigned route with U.S. 17/92 (Mills Avenue) into Winter Park. Photo taken 09/20/17.
South and Anderson Streets continue to shadow the East-West Expressway westward to Rosalind Avenue and Downtown Orlando. Photo taken 09/20/17.
Exit 11A provides the most direct route into Downtown Orlando from SR 408 westbound. Rosaline Avenue forms a one-way couplet with Orange Avenue south through the central business district between Lake Lucerne and Colonial Drive (U.S. 17-92 & SR 50). The couplet was formerly a part of SR 527, which remains north from SR 50 to Winter Park and south from Gore Street to Belle Isle. Photo taken 09/20/17.
A two-lane off-ramp (Exit 11A) leaves SR 408 west for South Street west to Rosalind Avenue (old SR 526) and the Dr. Phillips Center for the Performing Arts. South Street continues west to Orlando City Hall and Amway Center (home of the NBA Orlando Magic). Photo taken 09/20/17.
A pair of three lane viaducts carry motorists along the East-West Expressway across Lake Lucerne and various north-south streets to Interstate 4 (Exits 10B/A). Photo taken 09/20/17.
A high speed flyover shuttles drivers from SR 408 west to Interstate 4 east to Maitland, Altamonte Springs and Lake Mary. Construction started in summer 2006 built the first of two flyovers for the planned systems interchange here. Photo taken 09/20/17.
The Ultimate I-4 project through 2021 completes the remaining high speed movements between SR 408 and Interstate 4. I-4 joins Downtown Orlando with the resort areas to the south and Sanford to the north. Overall the freeway spans the Florida Peninsula between Tampa and Daytona Beach. Photo taken 09/20/17.
Exit 10A presently utilizes the trumpet interchange and access road leading south from SR 408 to I-4 beyond Gore Street. These ramps will be demolished upon completion of the systems interchange. Photo taken 09/20/17.
Concrete columns pictured here will eventually support a flyover linking SR 408 west with I-4 west and from I-4 west to SR 408 east. Photo taken 09/20/17.


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