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Florida State Road 414 West
A loop ramp from U.S. 17-92 north forms the westbound beginning of SR 414 (Maitland Boulevard) west across Orlando Avenue, the CSX Railroad / Sunrail, and Mechanic Street. 09/03/17
The ramp from U.S. 17-92 (Orlando Avenue) south adds the second westbound lane for SR 414 at the 1977-built overpass above Sunrail. 09/03/17
An I-4 trailblazer precedes the signalized intersection with County Road 427 (Maitland Avenue). A junction shield for CR 427 was removed from SR 414 west in 2016. 09/03/17
Maitland Avenue leads CR 427 south as an unmarked route through Downtown Maitland to U.S. 17/92. CR 427 north winds around Lake Faith into Seminole County and the city of Altamonte Springs. 09/03/17
Confirming marker for SR 414 west posted after CR 427 (Maitland Avenue). Maitland Boulevard is a controlled access arterial to I-4.
Development broke ground in August 2017 on the ensuing stretch for the 20-acre Town Trelago apartment community along the north side of SR 414. Replacing an old orange grove, the 350-unit complex and 130,000 square foot retail center will tie into SR 414 midway between CR 427 and Concourse Parkway.1 09/03/17
Maitland Boulevard angles southwest by Lake Charity to the intersection with Concourse Parkway, the access road to Maitland Concourse business park. 03/31/18
Trucks exceeding the height restriction along U.S. 17/92 south through Winter Park are directed west along SR 414 to I-4 west. The truck detour continues south to SR 423 east to complete the bypass of the low clearance CSX Railroad overpass on Orlando Avenue. 03/31/18
The I-4 Ultimate project includes reconstruction of Maitland Boulevard between Wymore Road and Keller Road. The westbound roadway was realigned northward in place of the former right in right out (RIRO) ramps with Hope Road to Wymore Road. 03/31/18
The new westbound roadway separates northward ahead of the turn-off for Wymore Road. Wymore Road forms an east side frontage road for I-4 from the Seminole County line southward to Eatonville and Fairview Shores. 03/31/18
SR 414 west expands to three lanes ahead of the on-ramp for Interstate 4 leading north to Altamonte Springs, Heathrow, Lake Mary and Sanford. 03/31/18
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2 photos
Redesign of the exchange with Interstate 4 eliminates two signalized intersections along Maitland Boulevard. Ramps now depart from both sides of SR 414 for I-4. 03/31/18
Lake Destiny Drive is the west side frontage road for Interstate 4. I-4 Ultimate work included replacing the signalized intersection at Maitland Boulevard with a grade separation. 03/31/18
SR 414 (Maitland Boulevard) turns northwestward through the Maitland Center office park area beyond Interstate 4. Keller Road runs north-south through the area, passing below an overpass for SR 414 built during the I-4 Ultimate project. 03/31/18
Traffic lights at Keller Road and Maitland Summit Boulevard were eliminated with SR 414 elevated onto a freeway across both roads. 03/31/18
Frontage roads will connect Keller Road with Maitland Summit Boulevard, Maitland Summit Park Place, and SR 414 west to SR 434. 03/31/18
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2 photos
Advancing northwest, Maitland Boulevard next sees a turn off for parallel Gateway Drive as SR 414 approaches SR 434 and the Seminole County line. 03/31/18
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A single point urban interchange (SPUI) joins SR 414 (Maitland Boulevard) with SR 434 (Forest City Road) along the Seminole County and Altamonte Springs city line. 03/31/18
Forest City Road leads SR 434 south to SR 424 (Edgewater Drive) and Lockhart and north to the commercialized intersection with SR 436 (Semoran Boulevard) in west Altamonte Springs. 09/03/17
Maitland Boulevard shifts southward slightly to run directly along the Orange / Seminole County line at Magnolia Homes Road south. 07/31/14
The four-lane arterial spans wetland areas spreading southwest from Lake Lotus Park to Bosse Lake beyond this reassurance marker. 07/31/14
The succeeding traffic light along SR 414 westbound is with Eden Park Road. Eden Park Road links Maitland Boulevard with adjacent subdivisions. 07/31/14
Sound walls line both sides of Maitland Boulevard to the signal at Rose Avenue south and Bear Lake Road north. 07/31/14
Rose Avenue takes a linear course south by Tealwood Cove, Rose Bay and other neighborhoods to U.S. 441 (Orange Blossom Trail). Bear Lake Road extends the road north into unincorporated Forest City. 07/31/14
SR 414 dips southward wholly into Orange County ahead of U.S. 441 (Orange Blossom Trail). 07/31/14
The initial guide sign for U.S. 441 on SR 414 west was removed by 2014. 01/17/10
Maitland Boulevard ends at U.S. 441 (Orange Blossom Trail). SR 414 was extended west along John Land Apopka Expressway to SR 429 (Western Beltway) and CR 437A on May 15, 2009. 07/31/14
SR 414 follows all of the tolled Apopka Expressway west to U.S. 441 at Plymouth. The portion alongside SR 429 opened in January 2013. 07/31/14
The Central Florida Expressway Authority (CFX) maintains the remainder of SR 414 west along the Apopka Expressway. 07/31/14
Numbered Exit 9, the parclo interchange with U.S. 441 (OBT) also ties into Apopka Boulevard (CR 424) north. Both roads lead northwest into the city of Apopka. 07/31/14
The Apopka Expressway expands to a six-lane toll road across U.S. 441. 07/31/14
Continuing west, SR 414 navigates through industrial areas ahead of a SPUI (Exit 8) with Hiawassee Road. 07/31/14
The first confirming marker for the tolled portion of SR 414. 03/31/18
A half mile long viaduct spans Overland Road and a pair of railroad lines ahead of Exit 8. 07/31/14
Listed at eight miles out, Downtown Apopka is less than five miles away from this mileage sign via Exit 6 and Clarcona Road north. 07/31/14
Hiawassee Road is an arterial route south through Hiawasee and Pine Hills and north to Piedmont and Piedmont Wekiva Road in Apopka. 03/31/18
A wye interchange (Exit 6) follows along SR 414 west with Keene Road. 07/31/14
Keene Road extends west from Steeler Avenue south to CR 437A (Ocoee Apopka Road). 03/31/18
SR 414 makes an S-curve northwest to the Coral Hills Mainline Toll Plaza. 03/31/18
Keene Road intersects Clarcona Road (CR 435) just west of Exit 6. CR 435 heads north to Downtown Apopka and south to Pine Hills along North Apopka Vineland Road. 07/31/14
Exit 6 departs from the Apopka Expressway west for Keene Road by the Orlando County Western Regional Water Supply. 07/31/14
SR 414 curves west by the 2017-developed Silver Oak subdivision and Keene Road to the Coral Hills Main Plaza. 07/31/14
A half dumbbell interchange (Exit 5) joins the Apopka Expressway with Marden Road beyond the upcoming toll plaza. 03/31/18
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2 photos
Westbound traffic partitions through the Coral Hills Main Plaza with three express lanes and a single lane for cash toll transactions. 07/31/14
This sign is a quarter mile off, as SR 414 winds northwest 1.3 miles to the first of back to back three-wye interchanges with SR 451 north (Western Beltway). 03/31/18
Marden Road connects SR 414 (Apopka Expressway) north with Ocoee Apopka Road (CR 437A) to South Apopka and south to the Emerson Park development and Keene Road. 03/31/18
SR 414 / CFX reassurance sign posted at the Hawthorne Avenue underpass. 03/31/18
Exit 4A departs after Marden Road for the SR 451 toll road spur north to U.S. 441 (OBT) near Downtown Apopka. 03/31/18
The Western Beltway encircles eastern reaches of Lake Apopka south from SR 414 to Ocoee. Located west of the toll road along the stretch is the UF Research & Education Center. 03/31/18
Exit 5 leaves SR 414 west for Marden Road. The exchange opened to traffic on June 10, 2017. 03/31/18
SR 414 (Apopka Expressway) curves west into the systems interchange (Exit 4B) with SR 451. SR 451 replaced SR 429 north when the Apopka Expressway was completed northwest to Plymouth. 03/31/18
A second diagrammatic sign for Exits 4A/B and the Western Beltway was added westbound during construction for the Marden Road interchange in 2017. 03/31/18
The Daniel Webster Western Beltway forms the southwestern quadrant of the Orlando beltway system. The toll road heads south from Apopka to Ocoee, Winter Garden, Horizon West and Walt Disney World. 03/31/18
SR 451 spurs 1.868 miles north from the SR 414 ramps to U.S. 441 (OBT) at Vick Road. 03/31/18
A lane drop occurs at the two-lane off-ramp (Exit 4B) for SR 429 (Western Beltway) south to Tampa. The exit combines with traffic from SR 451 south before elevating across SR 414. 03/31/18
Flyovers shuttle motorists between SR 414 and SR 451 just east of CR 437A (Ocoee Apopka Road). SR 414 temporarily ended at CR 437A when it the first portion of the Apopka Expressway opened. 03/31/18
Curving northward below the flyover to the Western Beltway south, SR 414 west combines with SR 429 north ahead of the CR 437 (Binion Road) overpass. 03/31/18
Florida State Road 414 West Florida State Road 429 North
Confirming sign for SR 414 west & 429 north, posted as the Apopka Expressway parallels Binion Road (CR 437). 03/31/18
The Apopka Expressway was completed on January 19, 2013. It provided commuters with a bypass of U.S. 441 (OBT) through Downtown Apopka. The north end is a single point urban interchange (SPUI) with SR 429 Connector Road. 03/31/18
SR 414 and 429 elevate across a series of bridges over General Electric Road, a railroad line and U.S. 441 (OBT) to Exit 33. The toll road ended here until July 27, 2017. 02/27/16
An end sign formally marks the conclusion of the 3.1-mile overlap with SR 414 west on SR 429 north ahead of the Southfork Drive underpass. 03/31/18

  1. "Town Trelago apartments break ground in Maitland." (Winter Garden, FL), September 8, 2017.

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