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Florida State Road 417 South
Subsequent confirming markers along SR 417 south include the Central Florida Expressway Authority (CFX) logo. 09/07/16
A six-ramp parclo interchange joins University Boulevard with SR 417 (Central Florida GreeneWay). University Boulevard meets Dean Road (CR 425) just east of Exit 37. Dean Road is an arterial route paralleling the GreeneWay south to the Union Park and Curry Ford Road near Exit 30. 09/07/16
University Boulevard continues west from Exit 37 one half mile to Econlockhatchee Trail, two miles to SR 551 (Goldenrod Road), and 3.5 miles to its end at SR 436 (Semoran Boulevard). Econlockhatchee Trail is a newer residential arterial leading south beside the Central Florida GreeneWay to Lee Vista Boulevard near Exit 28. 09/07/16
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The Central Florida GreeneWay shifts westward between Lakes Telfer and Douglas through the University Mainline Toll Plaza. 09/07/16
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The University Main Plaza is the first of three CFX tolls collected along SR 417 south. The plaza was reconstructed in 2002-03 with two express toll lanes per direction. 09/07/16
Continuing south from the University Main Plaza, the succeeding exit is a parclo interchange (Exit 34) with SR 50 (East Colonial Drive). 09/07/16
SR 417 south separates with a distributor roadway (Exit 33) to SR 408 (East-West Expressway) a half mile beyond SR 50 (East Colonial Drive). 09/07/16
Reassurance marker posted south of the Econlockhatchee Trail overpass. 07/31/14
Colonial Drive is an older east-west arterial crossing the width of the Orlando metropolitan area. 09/07/16
SR 50 travels overall east to Titusville on the Space Coast and west to U.S. 19 at Weeki Wachee on the Nature Coast. 09/07/16
Exit 34 leaves SR 417 south at the Little Econlockhatchee River. Locally, SR 50 (East Colonial Drive) serves the communities of Union Park and University Park to the east and Azalea Park and east Orlando to the west. 09/07/16
The Holland East-West Expressway comprises a major commuter route for the Orlando metropolitan area. The toll road connects the western suburbs of Oakland, Winter Garden and Ocoee with the eastern suburbs of Union Park and University Park and SR 50 east toward Christmas in eastern Orange County. 09/07/16
This shield stands ahead of the SR 50 underpass. Completed in 1971, the East-West Expressway (SR 408) ended here until 1987, when construction started on the Eastern Extension. 09/01/18
A fourth southbound lane opens to the distributor roadway (Exit 33) for SR 408. Motorists headed south to MCO Airport or Walt Disney World are advised to remain on SR 417 instead of taking SR 408 west. 09/07/16
Construction in 2011-12 removed a wye interchange and left side ramp from SR 417 south to SR 4080, an unsigned freeway connector leading southwest to SR 408 at Chickasaw Trail. A new flyover ramp opened at that time to join the GreeneWay south with SR 408 west directly. 09/01/18
SR 408 west is an eight to ten lane highway leading west to Lake Underhill, Orlando Executive Airport (ORL) and Downtown Orlando. 09/07/16
East from Exit 33A, SR 408 continues to SR 50 (East Colonial Drive) and Challenger Parkway at University Park. SR 50 takes travelers from there to Lockwood, Christmas and Brevard County. 09/01/18
Two lanes lead away from the cloverstack interchange at SR 417 for SR 408 west to Orlando and Ocoee. 09/01/18
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The SR 408/SR 417 South Interchange Project through 2019 will complete high speed movements at the upcoming exchange between the two CFX toll roads. The loop ramp (Exit 33A) for SR 408 east will be rebuilt and shifted to depart from the distributor roadway added in 2012. 09/01/18
SR 417 passes over Lake Underhill Road and Econlockhatchee Trail near their intersection south of SR 408. The toll road continues south from there along Econlockhatchee Trail by this confirming marker. 09/01/18
Curry Ford Road meets SR 417 at a diamond interchange (Exit 30) in one mile. The suburban arterial extends eastward by subdivisions in the Andover Lakes, Cypress Springs and Andover Cay neighborhoods to Alafaya Trail. 09/01/18
A guide sign references SR 528 to Orlando International Airport (MCO) at the Berry Dease Road underpass for motorists that joined the Central Florida GreeneWay from the East-West Expressway.
The predecessor to this assembly was posted a half mile further north. 09/01/18
West from Exit 31, Curry Ford Road continues two miles to SR 551 (Goldenrod Road), where the arterial becomes SR 552 west. 09/07/16
Curry Ford Road meets Econlockhatchee Trail just west of SR 417 and Dean Road / Young Pine Road just east of the Central Florida Greeneway. SR 552 follows Curry Ford Road west from Goldenrod Road to SR 15 (Conway Road) in Orlando. 09/07/16
Confirming marker for SR 417 south preceding the culvert for Little Econlockhatchee River. 09/01/18
Advancing 1.25 miles south, SR 417 meets Lee Vista Boulevard at a diamond interchange (Exit 28). 09/07/16
The Central Florida GreeneWay was expanded to eight overall lanes, both leading to and away from the Curry Ford Mainline Toll Plaza, in 2012. 09/07/16
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Rebuilt by 2005, the Curry Ford Main Plaza accommodates three express toll lanes in each direction. Four toll booths provide cash transactions along the outside lanes. 09/01/18
Exit 27 quickly follows the Curry Ford Main Plaza for Lee Vista Boulevard east to Beltway Commerce Center and the Vista Lakes community. 09/07/16
Lee Visa Boulevard extends west by a number of business parks, apartments and condominiums to SR 436 (Semoran Boulevard) at the Lee Vista retail area. 09/07/16
Traveling through eastern reaches of the Orlando city limits, motorists on SR 417 south progress 1.25 miles south to the systems interchange (Exit 26) with SR 528 (Beachline Expressway). 09/07/16
SR 417 runs along the east side of Vista Park. The planned development calls for 4,000 homes and apartments built at the site of the former Pinecastle Jeep Range. The 1,500 acre training area was associated with Pinecastle Air Force Base, which was located in the northwest quadrant today's Orlando International Airport (MCO). Contractors started cleared the property of ordnances in 2016, which included substantial tree removal visible from the GreeneWay.1 09/01/18
The Beachline Expressway travels east to Brevard County, where SR 407 branches northeast to Titusville and the Kennedy Space Center. The toll road west reaches International Drive and the Orange County Convention Center just prior to I-4. 09/07/16
Renamed from the Bee Line Expressway in 2005, SR 528 joins the Orlando Metropolitan area with Cocoa, Cape Canaveral and the Space Coast. The east-west toll road also provides direct access to Orlando International Airport (MCO). 09/07/16
Tampa joins Disney World as the southbound destination points on SR 417 at the two-lane off-ramp (Exit 26) for SR 528. SR 528 travels overall between Interstate 4 by Big Sand Lake and the east end of Bennett Causeway at SR 401 in Cape Canaveral. 09/07/16
An $8.3 million project from October 2017 to Spring 2018 realigned and widened portion of the ramp connecting SR 417 south with SR 528 (Beachline Expressway) west.2 09/01/18
Exit 26 partitions at the rural exchange linking SR 417 with SR 528. SR 528 heads west to Belle Isle and Pine Castle and east to Innovation Way and Wedgefield. 09/01/18
Passing by the Randal Park development, SR 417 continues one mile south to a parclo B2 interchange (Exit 24) with Dowden Road. 09/07/16
Dowden Road is a suburban arterial arcing west through the La Vina and Lake Nona communities. The road ended at SR 417 until 2014. 05/05/18
The ramps from SR 528 add a southbound auxiliary lane to Exit 24. 05/05/18
Exit 24 leaves SR 417 (Central Florida GreeneWay) south for Dowden Road. Innovation Way will eventually tie into Dowden Road at the Story Park development nearby. The arterial winds southward from Alafaya Trail to SR 528 at the 2018-completed interchange with Sunbridge Parkway. 05/05/18
Less than 0.75 miles separate the Dowden Park on-ramp from the Moss Park Road exit along SR 417 south. The four-lane toll road passes between the East Park and Moss Park developments on this stretch. 05/05/18
An auxiliary lane opens south to the parclo B2 interchange (Exit 23) with Moss Park Road. 05/05/18
The exchanges at Dowden and Moss Park Roads opened in December 2009. Moss Park Road stems east from CR 15 (Narcoossee Road) and Lake Nona to Moss Park off Lakes Hart and Mary Jane Shores. 05/05/18
Narcoossee Road continues south from Moss Park Road and the Lake Nona community to cross paths with SR 417 at Exit 22. 09/07/16
The Central Florida GreeneWay crosses an Orlando Utilities Commission (OUC) Railroad line by this shield marker. 05/05/18
County Road 15 take Narcoossee Road northwest to SR 528 (Beachline Expressway), where state maintenance of the arterial takes over. SR 15 travels through Conway to Downtown Orlando. 05/05/18
Entering the diamond interchange (Exit 22) with Narcoossee Road on SR 417 south. Narcoossee Road (CR 15) heads south along the Orlando city line as a six-lane arterial to south Lake Nona and Osceola County. CR 15 continues by East Lake Tohopekaliga to Narcoossee and U.S. 192 & 441 outside St. Cloud. 05/05/18
Entering the Orlando city limits, SR 417 advances westward to Jeff Fuqua Boulevard north to Orlando International Airport (MCO) within the next three miles. 05/05/18
SR 417 passes between the Villagewalk at Lake Nona and Lareate Park developments of Lake Nona ahead of the diamond interchange (Exit 19) with Lake Nona Boulevard. 09/07/16
Medical City was developed along Lake Nona Boulevard south of the GreeneWay. 09/07/16
Lake Nona Boulevard navigates southwest from Narcoossee Road along a circuitous course to Exit 19 and Boggy Creek Road south of Exit 17. The arterial was completed west from Medical City by 2016 09/07/16
SR 417 parallels the OUC Railroad to Exit 19. The exchange with Lake Nona Boulevard opened in early 2007. 09/07/16
West from Lake Nona Boulevard, SR 417 runs just south of Mud Lake and the perimeter of Orlando International Airport (MCO). 05/05/18
A $71 million project from October 2013 to February 12, 2016 upgraded the upcoming interchange with Boggy Creek Road to include high speed flyovers to Jeff Fuqua Boulevard, the access expressway north to MCO Airport.3 09/07/16
34,500 vehicles per day were recorded along SR 417 between Exits 19 and 17 in 2016. 05/05/18
Jeff Fuqua Boulevard branches north from Boggy Creek Road and Exit 17A four miles to the passenger terminals of Orlando International Airport (MCO). 09/07/16
Exit 17A departs just ahead of the diamond interchange (Exit 17B) with Boggy Creek Road. Jeff Fuqua Boulevard (South Access Road) is named after a two-time chairman of the Greater Orlando Aviation Authority Board. Fuqua retired in 2010.4 09/07/16
Serving the Air Cargo areas of Orlando International Airport, Boggy Creek Road travels northwest from Exit 17B to Tradeport Road, Dowden Road, and SR 528 at SR 482 (McCoy Road). South from SR 417, Boggy Creek Road continues 1.3 miles to CR 530 at the Osceola County line. CR 530 overtakes Boggy Creek Road east to Fells Cove and follows Simpson Road southwest to the Buena Ventura Lakes community. 09/07/16
The flyover linking Jeff Fuqua Boulevard south with SR 417 north tops out at 90 feet. The longest flyover connects SR 417 north with the airport. It crests at 55 feet. Spans were built with reinforced concrete as a cost savings method.3 05/05/18

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