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Florida State Road 417 South
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2 photos
A ramp opened by 2012 connects International Parkway and Heathrow with the Seminole Expressway east at Interstate 4. Photos taken 07/31/14.
A loop ramp adds traffic from I-4 westbound to the southbound beginning of SR 417. The toll road advances east one mile to Rinehart Road (Exit 54). Photo taken 07/31/14.
Departing from Interstate 4 eastbound onto SR 417 (Seminole Expressway) south. Forthcoming Rinehart Road serves western areas of Sanford and the Seminole Town Center Mall area Photo taken 11/06/06.
Florida's Turnpike Enterprise (FTE) maintains SR 417 wholly within Seminole County. The FTE occasionally posts end or begin markers to clarify maintenance changes. Photo taken 07/31/14.
Ramps from the trumpet interchange with I-4combine ahead of the Towne Center Boulevard under crossing. Towne Center Boulevard winds north from Rinehart Road to SR 46 (West 1st Street) through the retail area anchored by Seminole Town Center Mall. Photo taken 07/31/14.
Most confirming markers posted along SR 417 in Seminole County are coupled with Seminole Expressway placards. Photo taken 07/31/14.
Southbound traffic enters the folded diamond interchange (Exit 54) with Rinehart Road. Rinehart Road travels overall between Lake Mary Boulevard in Lake Mary and SR 46 (West 1st Street) in Sanford. Rinehart Road doubles as unsigned Seminole County Road 431B. Photo taken 07/31/14.
Continuing east on the Seminole Expressway toward central Sanford. Photo taken 07/31/14.
Mileage sign listing the two Orlando passenger airports. Both were originally military bases, with SFB originating as Naval Air Station Sanford, and MCO as McCoy Air Force Base. Photo taken 07/31/14.
SR 417 curves southeast from the CR 15 (Upsala Road) underpass to Exit 52 (CR 46A). Seminole County Road 46A (West 25th Street) becomes H.E. Thomas Parkway west of the Sanford city limits. Photo taken 07/31/14.
Martin Luther King, Jr. Boulevard parallels the east side of SR 417 northward to SR 46 (West 1st Street). SR 46 heads east to the AMTRAK Auto Train Station in Sanford. Photo taken 07/31/14.
One half mile north of the diamond interchange (Exit 52) with County Road 46A (West 25th Street) in Sanford. CR 46A serves connects with U.S. 17/92 north toward Downtown Sanford to the east and Lake Mary to the west. Photo taken 07/31/14.
Southbound at the ramp departure (Exit 52) to CR 46A (West 25th Street) in Sanford. CR 46A follows 25th Street west from SR 46 at U.S. 17/92 to H.E. Thomas Parkway and Orange Boulevard. The county road originally provided an alternate route to SR 46 to the north. Photo taken 07/31/14.
U.S. 17/92 meet the Seminole Expressway at Exit 50 in Sanford. The tandem travel together from De Land in Volusia County southward to Haines City in Polk County. Locally they serve as a divided arterial between Downtown Sanford and Winter Springs. Photo taken 07/31/14.
A long viaduct takes SR 417 south over Old Lake Mary Road, Sunrail and wetland areas. Photo taken 07/31/14.
Exit 50 joins Airport Boulevard at Lake Ada ahead of U.S. 17/92. Airport Boulevard extends south from Martin Luther King, Jr. Boulevard to U.S. 17/92 and east to Orlando Sanford International Airport (SFB). Photo taken 07/31/14.
SR 417 crosses over Airport Boulevard and continues south one mile to a split diamond interchange (Exit 49) with Lake Mary Boulevard and Ronald Reagan Boulevard (CR 427). Photo taken 07/31/14.
A SR 417 shield stands at the Airport Boulevard underpass. Photo taken 07/31/14.
Lake Mary Boulevard heads 1.75 miles east from the Seminole Expressway to Red Cleveland Boulevard, the main access road to Orlando Sanford International Airport (SFB). Ronald Reagan Boulevard (CR 427) is an arterial route extending south from Sanford Avenue (CR 425) to Longwood and Altamonte Springs. Photo taken 07/31/14.
Lake Mary Boulevard was completed east as an arterial beltway around Sanford to SR 46 and SR 415 near Cameron City in the late 2000s. The boulevard west crosses the city of Lake Mary to Markham Woods Road at Heathrow. Photo taken 09/07/16.
The on-ramp from Airport Boulevard forms an auxiliary south to the Lake Mary Boulevard underpass. Photo taken 07/31/14.
Exit 49 departs SR 417 (Seminole Expressway) south for Lake Mary Boulevard, CR 427 (Ronald Reagan Boulevard) south to Midway, and Sanford Avenue (CR 425) north toward Downtown Sanford. Photo taken 09/07/16.
The Seminole Expressway passes over Sanford Avenue on the approach to the Lake Jesup Mainline Toll Plaza. Photo taken 09/07/16.
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4 photos
4 photos
4 photos
Traffic through the Lake Jesup Main Plaza partitions with two express toll lanes and a single lane to a pair of toll booths for cash transactions. The toll plaza was rebuilt in 2009. Photos taken 09/07/16.
Reassurance marker posted south of the Lake Jesup Main Plaza. The four-lane toll road runs between Lake Jesup Conversation and Wilderness Areas on the ensuing stretch. Photo taken 09/07/16.
Two of the main functions of the SR 417 beltway are to provide a bypass route for I-4 south to both Orlando International Airport (MCO) and the Walt Disney World Resort Area. Photo taken 09/07/16.
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2 photos
Nearing the 25 square mile wide Lake Jesup on SR 417 (Seminole Expressway) southbound. A warning sign posted in the median advises motorists of possible insect swarms, an indication of the summertime inhabitants of the area. Photos taken 09/07/16.
SR 417 crosses Lake Jesup along 1.5 mile long bridge. This segment of the Seminole Expressway opened to traffic on May 9, 1994. Plans outlined in 2008 called for expanding the crossing to six overall lanes, with future capacity for eight lanes.1 Photo taken 09/07/16.
Posted midway along the Lake Jesup Bridge is the one-mile overhead for Exit 44 to SR 419 & 434 (Sanford-Oviedo Road). All guide signs for Exit 44 omit SR 419. Photo taken 09/07/16.
SR 419 & 434 run concurrently 4.3 miles west to split east of Downtown Winter Springs. SR 434 continues west through the city center to U.S. 17/92 at Longwood. Photo taken 09/07/16.
One half mile north of the diamond interchange (Exit 44) with SR 419 & 434 (Sanford-Oviedo Road). SR 419 & 434 travel east from the Seminole Expressway 1.2 miles to a southerly turn along Central Avenue. The two state roads follow Central Avenue to SR 426 (Broadway Street) in Downtown Oviedo. Photo taken 09/07/16.
SR 419 ends at SR 426 in Downtown Oviedo. SR 434 continues south from there along Alafaya Trail to the University of Central Florida (UCF) in Orange County. Photo taken 09/07/16.
SR 417 straddles portions of the Winter Springs and Oviedo city line southward toward a parclo interchange (Exit 41) with Red Bug Lake Road. Photo taken 09/07/16.
Forthcoming Red Bug Lake Road travels west to Casselberry and SR 436 (Semoran Boulevard). Photo taken 09/07/16.
Red Bug Lake Road enters the city of Oviedo east of the Seminole Expressway. Oviedo was incorporated in 1925 with a population of 800. Its origins began first as a Timucua Indian settlement, and in 1865 as the home of settlers along the shores of Lake Jesup after the Civil War. Early residents grew celery and citrus crops on the fertile lands surrounding Lake Jesup. The first post office was established here on March 13, 1879. Celebrating the Spanish heritage associated with Florida, it was named Oviedo after the northern Spanish City by the same name. Farming interests gave way to commercial and residential developments during the post-World War II boom.2 Photo taken 09/07/16.
Exit 41 leaves SR 417 southbound after the Oviedo Mall Boulevard overpass. Oviedo Marketplace Mall lies northwest of the exchange. Red Bug Lake Road east becomes Mitchell Hammock Road at the nearby intersection with SR 426 (Oviedo Road). Photo taken 09/07/16.
Progressing southwest, SR 417 ventures through unincorporated areas of Seminole County to the county line. Photo taken 07/31/14.
SR 426 angles southwest from Oviedo to meet SR 417 along Aloma Road in two miles. The succeeding exit falls within Orange County. Photo taken 09/07/16.
SR 426 parallels the Seminole Expressway Oviedo Road south through Slavia and Jamestown to Aloma Avenue at Exit 38. The state road travels overall between Oviedo, Winter Park, Eatonville and Orlando. Photo taken 09/07/16.
One half mile ahead of the diamond interchange (Exit 38) with SR 426 (Aloma Avenue) on SR 417 south. Photo taken 09/07/16.
SR 426 travels west along Aloma Avenue to Goldenrod and Aloma in northern Orange County. The state road proceeds west from there into Downtown Winter Park. Photo taken 09/07/16.
Southbound SR 417 next meets University Boulevard at Exit 37. University Boulevard links the beltway with the University of Central Florida (UCF) campus 2.5 miles to the east at SR 434 (North Alafaya Trail). Photo taken 09/07/16.
The Seminole Expressway transitions into the Central Florida GreeneWay just south of Exit 38 at the county line. Photo taken 09/07/16.

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  • 11/06/06 by AARoads and Justin Cozart.
  • 07/31/14 by AARoads.
  • 09/07/16 by AARoads.

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