Florida State Road 429 North
Straddling the Ocoee and Winter Garden City line northward, SR 429 (Western Beltway) next meets SR 438 (Franklin / Plant Streets) at Exit 24. 12/05/10
SR 438 previously followed Plant Street west 1.7 miles to Dillard Street (old SR 537) in Winter Garden. Plant Street continues west from there to the town of Oakland. The Ocoee city center lies just east of Exit 24. 02/25/17
A two lane off-ramp (Exit 24) connects SR 429 north with SR 438 (Franklin Street) east and Plant Street (old SR 438 west). SR 438 extends east along Silver Star Road from Ocoee and SR 437 (Ocoee Apopka Road) to unincorporated Pine Hills. 02/25/17
Entering the parclo interchange (Exit 24) with Plant Street west to Winter Garden and Franklin Street east into Ocoee. 02/25/17
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2 photos
SR 438 travels 10.1 miles overall from SR 429 to U.S. 441 (Orange Blossom Trail) and College Park in Orlando. 12/05/10
The third northbound lane gained from Florida's Turnpike drops ahead of the SR 438 underpass. 02/27/16
Confirming marker for SR 429 north posted ahead of an unincorporated area between the Ocoee and Winter Garden city limits. 02/25/17
The Western Beltway (SR 429 / SR 451) continues eight miles north to end at U.S. 441 (Orange Blossom Trail) at Apopka. 02/25/17
Clarcona-Ocoee Road west and West Road east come together at a diamond interchange (Exit 26) with SR 429 at north Ocoee in one mile. 02/25/17
CR 437 (Ocoee-Apopka Road) stems north from SR 437 and 438 (Silver Star Road) to pass under the Western Beltway ahead of Exit 26. West Road links SR 429 with parallel CR 437 at the Westyn Bay community. 02/25/17
West Road originally curved south from Exit 26 to become Lakewood Avenue. The 2012-13 realignment Clarcona-Ocoee Road overtook a portion of West Road, with Clarcona-Ocoee Road forming a four lane arterial east to Clarcona, Hiawassee and northern reaches of Pine Hills. 02/25/17
SR 429 (Western Beltway) turns northeast through Exit 26 as it advances north around the eastern periphery of Lake Apopka. 02/25/17
Bending back to the north, SR 429 passes through Forest Lake Golf Course ahead of the Forest Lake Mainline Toll Plaza. 02/25/17
Traffic separates with cash paying drivers departing for a set of toll booths and all other motorists remaining on the beltway mainline through the EPass / Sunpass lanes. 02/25/17
Reassurance marker posted for SR 429 north ahead of a golf cart underpass at Forest Lake Golf Club. 02/27/16
Speed limits remain at 70 miles per hour along the open road tolling lanes. Three toll booths serve traffic in each direction on the outside lanes. 02/27/16
SR 429 curves back to the west, bypassing the Paradise Heights community to a diamond interchange (Exit 29) with CR 437A (Ocoee Apopka Road). 02/25/17
Ramps at Exit 29 for CR 437A were built in 2012 to replace the previous exchange with Ocoee Apopka Road located further north. The former exit was situated along a portion of the Western Beltway bypassed during work to build the John Land Apopka Expressway. The old alignment became the site of the 2017-opened Apopka Hospital. 02/25/17
CR 437 splits with CR 437A just south of Exit 29 to follow Binion Road along a winding course closer to Lake Apoka. CR 437A extends Ocoee Apopka Road north to Michael Gladden Boulevard in the city of Apopka street grid. 02/27/16
A three-wye interchange (Exit 30) follows where SR 429 north combines with SR 414 west. The John Land Apopka Expressway constitutes a 6.55 mile toll road east from the Western Beltway to U.S. 441 (Orange Blossom Trail) and Maitland Boulevard at Lockhart. 02/25/17
The forthcoming ramp for SR 414 (Apopka Expressway) east also connects with the original Western Beltway spur (SR 451) north to U.S. 441 (Orange Blossom Trail) in Apopka. 02/27/16
An auxiliary lane opens from the Ocoee Apoka Road on-ramp to Exit 30 with SR 414 east. SR 414 west combines with SR 429 north for 3.07 miles to Connector Road linking the toll road with U.S. 441 near Plymouth. 02/27/16
Swinging west from CR 437A, SR 429 (Western Beltway) traverses a rural stretch west of Medicine Lake. 02/25/17
A grassy right of way appears to the east from the original Western Beltway northeasterly turn to Apopka. Realignment of SR 429 to the west in 2012 coincided with renumbering the remaining beltway spur north to SR 451. 02/25/17
SR 451 spurs 1.87 miles north from the directional T interchange with the Apopka Expressway to U.S. 441 (OBT) at Vick Road. 02/25/17
Exit 30 parts ways with the Western Beltway northbound for SR 414 (Apoka Expressway) east. SR 414 extends east from U.S. 441 (OBT) along Maitland Boulevard, a controlled access expressway to I-4, and a surface arterial to U.S. 17/92 in the city of Maitland. 02/25/17
Exit 30 consists of a sweeping ramp by Florida Hospital Apopka and across Harmon Road through the flyover for SR 451 north. 02/25/17
SR 451 stems north with no local access to U.S. 441 (OBT) and Vick Road. Vick Road extends north from the toll road end to suburban areas of north Apoka. 02/25/17
The Lake County city of Mount Dora lies 13 miles northwest along SR 414-429 and U.S. 441. 06/29/13
Florida State Road 414 West Florida State Road 429 North
The Western Beltway merges with the Apopka Expressway ahead of the Binion Road (CR 437) overpass. 06/29/13
SR 414 west & 429 north combine between western reaches of Apopka and the Lake Apopka Restoration Area. 02/27/16
The Apopka Expressway was completed on January 19, 2013. It provided commuters with a bypass of U.S. 441 (OBT) through Downtown Apopka. The north end is a single point urban interchange (SPUI) with SR 429 Connector Road. 03/31/18
With opening of Sections 1A/B of the Wekiva Parkway, the forthcoming exchange for U.S. 441 and CR 437 (Plymouth Sorrento Road) was numbered as Exit 34. U.S. 441 extends northwest to Zellwood and Mount Dora. 02/27/16
SR 414/429 elevate across a series of bridges over General Electric Road, a railroad line and U.S. 441 (OBT) to Exit 33. The toll road ended here until July 27, 2017. 02/27/16
SR 414 west ends as Exit 34 leaves SR 429 north. U.S. 441 ventures northwest from Orlando and Hiawassee to Mt. Dora, Eustis and Taveras. 03/31/18
SR 429 Connector is an access road arcing west to U.S. 441 (OBT) and east to CR 437 (Plymouth-Sorrento Road). CR 437 parallels Wekiva Parkway through northwestern reaches of Apopka to SR 453 (Mt. Dora Connector). 02/27/16
An end sign formally marks the conclusion of the 3.1-mile overlap with SR 414 west on SR 429 north ahead of the Southfork Drive underpass. 03/31/18
Florida State Road 429 North
Wekiva Parkway spans a wetland area north of Southfork Drive and south of the Belgian Street overpass. 09/03/17
Confirming marker for SR 429 north at the Belgian Road overpass. 09/03/17
Tolls along Wekiva Parkway are collected electronically via an AET gantry. 09/03/17
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2 photos
Traveling north through the Ponkan mainline toll collection point. 09/03/17
The initial guide sign for SR 453 (Exit 39) precedes the Kelly Park Road off-ramp. The Mount Dora Connector (Section 2C) provides a high-speed route northwest to SR 46 west to Mount Dora. 03/31/18
SR 429 (Wekiva Parkway) shifts westward beyond the Ponkan Road underpass. A parclo interchange (Exit 38) follows with Kelly Park Road. 09/03/17
Kelly Park Road provides a second link with parallel CR 437 (Plymouth Sorrento Road). CR 437 passes below SR 429 north en route to Sorrento. 09/03/17
One half mile ahead of Exit 38 to Kelly Park Road. Kelly Park Road extends east to CR 435 (Mt. Plymouth Road) and Kelly Park / Rock Springs. 03/31/18
Wekiva Parkway opened north from Kelly Park Road to SR 46 in Lake County at 2 PM on March 31, 2018. 03/31/18
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3 photos
3 photos
County Road 437 is poorly signed outside of assemblies posted by the Central Florida Expressway Authority. The route originated from SR 438 in Ocoee and ends at SR 46 in Sorrento. A second branch leads north from SR 46 to SR 44 and CR 44A (Burlington Avenue) in Lake County. 09/03/17
Advancing north across Kelly Park Road, SR 429 meets SR 453 (Mt. Dora Connector) in one mile. 03/31/18
SR 453 continues the U.S. 441 bypass from the Apopka Expressway north for motorists headed west to Taveras, Eustis and Leesburg. 09/02/19
SR 429 begins a gradual eastern turn toward Mt. Plymouth in Lake County. 09/02/19
An auxiliary lane opens along Wekiva Parkway northbound from Kelly Park Road to the two lane flyover (Exit 39) for the Mt. Dora Connector. 09/02/19
SR 453 branches northwest three miles from Exit 39 to link with SR 46 west to Mt. Dora and Sorrento Avenue east to Sorrento. 09/02/19
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2 photos
A final CFX toll collection point lies east of the CR 437 (Plymouth Sorrento Road) underpass along SR 429. The AET gantry uses Epass, Sunpass and E-ZPass transponder readers and toll-by-plate. 03/31/18
Bending back to the northeast, Wekiva Parkway continues toward I-4 and SR 417 (Seminole Expressway), both located 13 miles to the east. 03/31/18
The CFX portion of Wekiva Parkway concludes at the CR 435 (Mt. Plymouth Road) underpass. FTE takes over the remainder of SR 429 east toward Sanford. 03/31/18
Florida's Turnpike Enterprise opened Wekiva Parkway Sections 4A and 4B on January 20, 2016. The first reassurance shield stood just beyond the temporary connection with County Road 435. This ramp closed permanently on March 25, 2018. 02/27/16
Entering Lake County, SR 429 (Wekiva Parkway) leaves the Apopka city limits by areas of St. Johns River Water Management District. 02/27/16
SR 429 extends north to SR 46 east of Mount Plymouth. 02/27/16
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2 photos
A second AET gantry along Wekiva Parkway between SR 453 and the end at SR 46 collects tolls for Florida's Turnpike Enterprise. 02/27/16
SR 429 will replace SR 46 east into Seminole County. The state road heads west through unincorporated Mt. Plymouth and Sorrento. 02/27/16
Wekiva Parkway currently ends at an at-grade intersection with SR 46. 02/27/16
2 photos
2 photos
Entering the future diamond interchange (Exit 44) with CR 46A west on SR 429 north. 02/27/16, 03/31/18
Started on October 18, 2017, Section 6 of the Wekiva Parkway extends from SR 46 to a point just east of Osprey Hammock Trail in Seminole County. The toll road will curve east across the temporary intersection with SR 46 and pass south of the state road. 02/27/16
SR 46 travels 15 miles east to the Seminole County seat of Sanford. 02/27/16
Traffic signals accompany a stop sign at the north end of Wekiva Parkway. SR 46 will be decommissioned east from here to old alignment of Lake County Road 46A. 03/31/18


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