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Florida State Road 429 North
The first 11 miles of SR 429 are under maintenance of the Florida's Turnpike Enterprise (FTE). Central Florida Expressway Authority (CFX) overtakes responsibility of the Western Beltway beyond Seidel Road. Photo taken 06/09/18.
A semi-directional T interchange joins Interstate 4 with the south end of the Western Beltway. CR 545 (Old Lake Wilson Road) passes over I-4 through the exchange. Photo taken 06/09/18.
Looking northeast from the SR 429 northbound flyover at I-4 and the nearby Old Lake Wilson Road (CR 545) overpass. Traffic congestion is routine along Interstate 4 east leading toward Walt Disney World. Photo taken 06/09/18.
Single lane ramps combine to form the northbound roadway of SR 429 (Daniel Webster Western Beltway). Photo taken 12/30/06.
A diamond interchange (Exit 1A) lies just north of I-4 with Sinclair Road. Sinclair Road arcs southwest from Osceola County Road 545 (Old Lake Wilson Road) to Tradition Boulevard. Photo taken 06/09/18.
The first SR 429 confirming marker posted along the Western Beltway northbound. Photo taken 06/09/18.
Exit 1A departs SR 429 north to Sinclair Road. Sinclair Road serves the Encore Resort at Reunion housing development started in 2015. Connector Road, an east side frontage road, stems north from Exit 1A to become Formosa Gardens Boulevard en route to nearby subdivisions. Photo taken 06/09/18.
Reassurance shield posted north of Sinclair Road. Formosa Gardens Boulevard parallels to the east while the Sand Hill Waste Water Treatment Plant appears to the west. Photo taken 06/09/18.
SR 429 meets the Florida's Turnpike mainline in 19 miles and U.S. 441 (Orange Blossom Trail) at Apopka in 30 miles. Photo taken 06/09/18.
SR 429 shifts west from Formosa Gardens Boulevard between the Indian Creek subdivision. A large water retention area lines the east side of the toll road. Photo taken 12/30/06.
U.S. 192 (Irlo Bronson Memorial Highway) and SR 429 converge along the Osceola and Orange County line in one mile. U.S. 192 constitutes a heavily traveled commercial arterial east toward Walt Disney World and Kissimmee and west to Four Corners, where Orange, Osceola, Polk and Lake Counties come together. Photo taken 06/09/18.
SR 429 passes over Funie Steed Road two miles out from the first main line toll plaza. Photo taken 06/09/18.
One half mile south of Exit 6 to U.S. 192. U.S. 192 west ends in 3.5 miles at U.S. 27. Eastward the highway curves into Osceola County and meets World Drive, the main access road into Disney World, in three miles. Photo taken 06/09/18.
Northbound at the diamond interchange (Exit 6) with U.S. 192 (Irlo Bronson Memorial Highway). U.S. 192 continues east beyond Disney World to Interstate 4 near Celebration and U.S. 17-92-441 at Kissimmee. Photo taken 06/09/18.
Crossing over U.S. 192, motorists next approach the Western Beltway Main Plaza toll gantry. The Western Beltway in Osceola County opened to traffic on December 8, 2006. Photo taken 06/09/18.
A third lane extends north from the U.S. 192 on-ramp to the main line toll plaza. Photo taken 06/29/13.
Toll plazas along the Western Beltway partition traffic with open road tolling on the mainline and cash toll collection on the outside lanes. Photo taken 06/29/13.
The all electronic tolling (AET) gantry at the Western Beltway Plaza began operations by December 2006. Prior to that time, all motorists were required to use the cash lanes. Photo taken 12/30/06.
Built to meet the Western Beltway, Western Way east provides access to the Walt Disney World resort area. The arterial meanders east to the Coronado Springs Resort and West Buena Vista Drive. Photo taken 06/29/13.
The forthcoming parclo interchange (Exit 8) with Western Way opened to traffic in early 2006. Photo taken 06/29/13.
Western Way spurs west from Exit 8 to Flamingo Crossing Boulevard (formerly Hartzog Road) and future development at Flagler Avenue. Flamingo Crossing Boulevard parallels SR 429 north to Avalon Road (CR 545). Photo taken 06/29/13.
Continuing north, SR 429 leaves the Bay Lake city limits ahead of a rural stretch. Along with Lake Buena Vista, Bay Lake is one of two incorporated cities operated by the Walt Disney Corporation. Photo taken 06/29/13.
SR 429 north travels 13 miles to Florida's Turnpike at Ocoee and 24 miles to Apopka (via SR 451). Photo taken 06/29/13.
The succeeding exit northbound is the half diamond interchange (Exit 11) with Seidel Road. Photo taken 06/29/13.
Seidel Road constitutes a four-lane suburban arterial arcing northeast from adjacent CR 545 (Avalon Road) to Summerlake Park Boulevard. Photo taken 06/29/13.
Exit 11 leaves SR 429 north for Seidel Road by the Lakeshore Preserve development. 2016-18 construction to widen remaining two-lane portions of Seidel Road included realignments by Huckleberry and Saw Grass Lakes. Seidel Road replaced Lake Hancock Road northward to Summerlake Park Boulevard. Photo taken 06/29/13.
Florida's Turnpike Authority constructed Part C of the Daniel Webster Western Beltway. The 11-mile, $313-million section concludes at Seidel Road.1 The Central Florida Expressway Authority (CFX) oversaw construction of the succeeding sections north to Apopka. Photo taken 06/29/13.
SR 429 next meets Exit 13 for Schofield Road in one mile. The parclo interchange was opened by May 2015 to serve developing areas of Horizon West. Photo taken 10/31/15.
The Western Beltway advances ten miles north to Florida's Turnpike and 21 miles to Apopka. Photo taken 06/29/13.
Located 13 miles away, Ocoee and Winter Garden lie adjacent to one another along SR 50. Photo taken 06/29/13.
SR 429 north spans Avalon Road (CR 545) on the half mile approach to Schofield Road (Exit 13). Photo taken 10/31/15.
One of two access points for the developing Horizons West, Schofield Road extends east to Avalon Road and west into rural Lake County. Costing $10 million, the exchange opened after ten months of construction on May 27, 2015.2 Photo taken 10/31/15.
Exit 15 joins the Western Beltway with northern reaches of New Horizon and the Signature Lakes developments east at Lakes Hancock and Speer. Photo taken 06/29/13.
Curving back to the northeast, SR 429 runs along the west side the Hamlin Reserve development ahead of the diamond interchange (Exit 15) with New Independence Parkway. Photo taken 06/29/13.
Orange County Road 545 (Avalon Road) switches sides with the Western Beltway ahead of Exit 15. New Independence Parkway links the two routes. Photo taken 06/29/13.
Exit 15 departs from SR 429 north for north Horizon West. New Independence Parkway replaced McKinney Road when it was built. 2015-18 development along the east side transformed the previously rural area into a commercial center anchored with big box retail. Photo taken 06/29/13.
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2 photos
SR 429 Toll (Western Beltway) presses northeast toward the Malcolm Road overpass and the Independence Mainline Toll Plaza. Malcolm Road stems east through rural areas from CR 545 near Lake Avalon. Photos taken 06/29/13.
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2 photos
Entering the Independence Mainline Toll Plaza on SR 429 north. Signs reference E-Pass, CFX electronic prepaid toll system. Sunpass and E-ZPass account holders may also use the AET lanes. Photos taken 06/29/13.
Leaving the Independence Mainline Toll Plaza, SR 429 passes over Tiny Road, a previously rural road now hosting suburban development including the Orchard Hills and Orchard Park at Stillwater Crossing subdivisions. Photo taken 06/29/13.
SR 429 enters the south Winter Garden city limits beyond the Tilden Road underpass. A mileage sign stands next to the Emerald Ridge subdivision. Photo taken 06/29/13.
The ensuing northbound interchange joins the Western Beltway with Orange County Road 535 (Winter Garden Vineland road) at Exit 19. Orange County Road 535 serves the Tildenville, Winter Garden and Summerport areas. Photo taken 06/29/13.
SR 429 curves northeast between the Stoneybrook subdivisions in Winter Garden and unincorporated areas of Beulah on the half mile approach to Exit 19. CR 535 (Winter Garden Vineland Road) travels overall northward from Lake Buena Vista and the Disney World area to Summerport and Winter Garden. Photo taken 06/29/13.
Stoneybrook West Parkway forms frontage roads on both sides of SR 429 to Exit 19. The arterial extends east from Marsh Road and CR 545 (Avalon Road). Photo taken 11/05/06.
SR 429 north reaches the diamond interchange with Stoneybrook Parkway West and CR 535 (Winter Garden Vineland Road). Daniels Road overtakes CR 535 as the main route north to the Winter Garden Village retail area and SR 50. CR 535 south connects the toll road with Lake Butler Boulevard east to Lake Butler and the city of Windermere. Photo taken 06/29/13.
Western Beltway travelers continue north two miles to the multi-level interchange (Exit 22) with the Florida's Turnpike mainline. Photo taken 06/29/13.
Stoneybrook West Parkway separates from the SR 429 frontage beyond this reassurance marker east to Windermere Road. Photo taken 06/29/13.
Curving back to the north, the Western Beltway SR 429 passes through portions of the Ocoee city limits ahead of Exit 22 and Florida's Turnpike. Photo taken 06/29/13.
Motorists destined for Downtown Orlando and points east are directed onto Florida's Turnpike south to the nearby connection with the Holland East-West Expressway (SR 408). SR 408 crosses Orange County and Orlando to SR 50 west of Christmas and Titusville. Photo taken 06/29/13.
Florida's Turnpike and the Western Beltway meet adjacent to their respective interchanges with SR 50 (West Colonial Drive). SR 50 parallels Florida's Turnpike west from Exit 23 through Winter Garden and Oakland. Eastward, Colonial Drive shadows SR 408 through Pine Hills and Orlando. Photo taken 06/29/13.
Florida's Turnpike and SR 408 (East-West Expressway) provide high speed routes to Interstate 4. Further north, SR 414 provides a nearly limited access route to I-4 as well. Photo taken 06/29/13.
All traffic to Florida's Turnpike departs the Western Beltway in unison along the single lane ramp at Exit 22. Florida's Turnpike joins greater Orlando north with I-75 at Wildwood and West Palm Beach, Fort Lauderdale and Miami to the south. Photo taken 06/29/13.
A second sign references SR 408 east for Florida's Turnpike south. SR 408 splits from the turnpike mainline in two miles and travels east 12 miles to I-4 at Downtown Orlando. Photo taken 06/29/13.
Exit 22 partitions with a loop ramp joining the Turnpike north to Clermont, Minneola and Ocala. The Turnpike south doubles as a commmuter route throughout Orange County and northern Osceola Counties. Photo taken 06/29/13.
SR 50 (Colonial Drive) is busy commercial arterial throughout Winter Garden, Ocoee, Pine Hills and Orlando. Due to growing traffic congestion, the East-West Expressway (SR 408) was built as a bypass for Colonial Drive in 1971. Photo taken 12/05/10.
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2 photos
The systems interchange joining the Western Beltway with Florida's Turnpike opened in December 2002 along with a 4.5 mile section of SR 429 from SR 50 southwest to CR 535.3 Photos taken 12/05/10.
Flyover ramps with the Turnpike pass over SR 429 as northbound travelers enter the diamond interchange (Exit 23) with SR 50 (West Colonial Drive). Widening projects through 2018 brought Colonial Drive up to six lanes throughout Ocoee and Pine Hills. Photo taken 12/05/10.

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