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Florida State Road 430 follows Mason Avenue 2.37 miles east from SR 483 (Clyde Morris Boulevard) to U.S. 1 (Ridgewood Avenue) and Beach Street in Downtown Daytona Beach. The state road separates into a one-way couplet across the Halifax River. Oakridge Boulevard carries eastbound traffic 0.983 miles from Beach Street (CR 4011) to SR A1A (Atlantic Avenue). Westbound traffic follows Seabreeze Boulevard for 0.997 miles from Atlantic Avenue to the north.

Mason Avenue extends west 1.87 miles from the end of SR 430 and SR 483 / CR 483 (Clyde Morris Boulevard) as CR 430 to Williamson Boulevard (CR 4009) and South Gateway Business Center.

County Road 430 East
Approaching Clyde Morris Boulevard on County Road 430 (Mason Avenue) eastbound. Clyde Morris Boulevard leads north as County Road 483 to Ormond Beach and south as SR 483 to U.S. 92 (International Speedway Boulevard) and Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University. 10/19/17
Clyde Morris Boulevard is a 13.5-mile long arterial running between I-95 and SR 5A (Nova Road) north to SR 40 (Granada Road) and south to Taylor Road in Port Orange. Mason Avenue becomes state maintained east of SR 483. 10/19/17
Florida State Road 430 West
SR 430 follows Seabreeze Boulevard for five blocks from SR A1A (Atlantic Avenue) to the Halifax River. 06/19/08
Westbound SR 430 (Seabreeze Boulevard) at Grandview Avenue. 06/19/08
Wild Olive Avenue intersects Seabreeze Boulevard at the following traffic light of SR 430 west. 06/19/08
The succeeding traffic light along SR 430 operates at Oleander Avenue. 06/19/08
North Peninsula Drive meets SR 430 at the next intersection. Further south, beyond U.S. 92, Peninsula Drive is a part of SR 441. 06/19/08
Halifax Avenue (CR 4001) parallels the west shore of the barrier island and crosses SR 430 (Seabreeze Boulevard) before its ascent across the Halifax River bridge. 06/19/08
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3 photos
SR 430 follows a one-way couplet on the barrier island of Daytona Beach with eastbound utilizing Oakridge Boulevard. The two directions coalesce over the Halifax River along separate spans. 06/19/08
SR 430 descends into central Daytona Beach over Ballough Road, meeting Beach Street (CR 4011) at the Halifax River bridge west end. Beach Street leads north to Riverside Drive and Holly Hill. 06/19/08
SR 430 continues west from Beach Street along Mason Avenue to U.S. 1 (Ridgewood Avenue). 06/19/08
U.S. 1 carries four overall lanes northward to Holly Hill and southward to South Daytona. The urban arterial route generally serves local traffic along a commercial strip. 06/19/08
Confirming marker posted along Mason Avenue west after U.S. 1 (Ridgewood Avenue). 10/19/17
SR 430 (Mason Avenue) intersects Carswell Avenue at the ensuing westbound signal. An at-grade crossing with the Florida East Coast Railway follows. 10/19/17
A staggered intersection joins Mason Avenue with Center Street north and Harrington Street south into adjacent neighborhoods of Daytona Beach. 10/19/17
Approaching SR 5A (Nova Road) on SR 430 (Mason Avenue) west. The two converge at a commercialized intersection by Holly Hill Plaza. 10/19/17
SR 5A (Nova Road) constitutes a arterial bypassing the city centers of Holly Hill, Daytona Beach and South Daytona, north and south to U.S. 1. 10/19/17
SR 430 (Mason Avenue) advances west as a five-lane commercial boulevard from SR 5A (Nova Road). 10/19/17
Vine Street stems north from SR 430 (Mason Avenue) and Masonova Commerce Park to the Yvonne Scarlett-Golden Cultural & Educational Center, an apartment complex and mobile home park. 10/19/17
White Street intersects SR 430 (Mason Avenue) south from Brentwood Drive to UCF Daytona Beach. 10/19/17
Derbyshire Road follows in two blocks, heading north from SR 430 (Mason Avenue) to Derbyshire Park and Flomich Street as unsigned CR 4015. 10/19/17
SR 430 continues 0.4 miles west from Derbyshire Road to end at SR 483 south, CR 430 west and CR 483 (Clyde Morris Boulevard) north. 10/19/17
SR 483 begins and lines Clyde Morris Boulevard south from SR 430 (Mason Avenue) 3.38 miles to Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University and SR 400 (Beville Road). 10/19/17
SR 430 west becomes CR 430 to CR 4009 (Williamson Boulevard). Clyde Morris Boulevard curves west and then north, doubling as CR 483, 5.30 miles to SR 40 (Granada Boulevard) in Ormond Beach. 10/19/17
County Road 430 West
County Road 430 extends Mason Avenue west from SR 430 and 483 to an array of business parks and apartment complexes. 10/19/17

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