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Florida State Road 419 North Florida State Road 434 West
SR 419 north & 434 west advance from SR 417 (Seminole Expressway) into the city of Winter Springs. Photo taken 09/07/16.
Vistawilla Drive winds southwest from a traffic light at SR 419 & 434 to Northern Way. Photo taken 09/07/16.
This set of reassurance markers precedes Spring Avenue north to Overlook Park on Lake Jessup. Photo taken 09/07/16.
An undeveloped stretch along SR 419 & 434 at Howell Creek. Photo taken 09/07/16.
Curving northwest along a wooded area spreading south from Lake Jessup, SR 419 & 434 pass under the Florida National Scenic Trail / Cross Seminole Trail bridge. Photo taken 09/07/16.
Reassurance marker for SR 434 west posted ahead of Tuskawilla Road and the Winter Springs Town Center retail plaza. Photo taken 09/07/16.
Tuskawilla Road constitutes a four-lane boulevard extending south from SR 419 & 434 through Winter Springs to SR 426 near Goldenrod. Photo taken 09/07/16.
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2 photos
Continuing northwest by Winter Springs Town Center and Winter Springs City Hall on SR 419 north & 434 west. Photos taken 09/07/16.
Central Winds Drive links SR 419 & 434 with Winter Springs High School and Central Winds Parkway north to Central Winds Park off Lake Jessup. Photo taken 09/07/16.
Parkstone Boulevard south and Winding Hollow Boulevard north come together from respective subdivisions at this traffic light on SR 419 & 434. Photo taken 09/07/16.
SR 419 and 434 split just west of Gee Creek. SR 419 turns north along a two-lane alignment to Spring Hammock Preserve. Photo taken 09/07/16.
SR 434 maintains four lanes west from SR 419 to Downtown Winter Springs. Photo taken 09/07/16.
The independent section of SR 419 arcs 2.5 miles north to U.S. 17/92 near the city of Lake Mary. SR 434 meets U.S. 17/92 in 2.2 miles in east Longwood. Photo taken 09/07/16.
Florida State Road 434 West
SR 434 angles southwest through a wooded area between SR 419 and Hayes Road. Photo taken 03/13/08.
Hayes Road stems south from SR 434 to Bahama Road. Photo taken 03/13/08.
Moss Road heads north from SR 434 and the Winter Springs city center to SR 419 and south to Tradewinds Road. Photo taken 03/13/08.
Westbound SR 434 at Edgemon Avenue. Edgemon Avenue arcs northeast to SR 419. Photo taken 03/13/08.
Sheoah Boulevard is a tree lined parkway winds north from SR 434 through the Highlands neighborhood. Photo taken 03/13/08.
The ensuing signal westbound on SR 434 operates at Fountaintree Drive north and Sun Shadow Drive south. Photo taken 03/13/08.
SR 434 leaves the city of Winter Springs and northern reaches of Casselberry to meet U.S. 17/92 in east Longwood. Photo taken 03/13/08.
U.S. 17/92 share a lengthy overlap north from SR 434 to Sanford, DeBary and DeLand in Volusia County and south to Maitland, Winter Park and central Orlando. Photo taken 03/13/08.
Continuing west from U.S. 17/92, motorists on SR 434 pass by this confirming marker and I-4 trailblazer. Photo taken 07/13/13.
Florid 434 shifts slightly north around the periphery of Lake Wildmere and intersects Wayman Street north. Photo taken 07/13/13.
Grant Street passes west of Wildmere, running north across SR 434 through the Longwood residential street grid. Photo taken 07/13/13.
A half mile west from Grant Street, SR 434 meets CR 427 (Ronald Reagan Boulevard) adjacent to Sunrail. Photo taken 07/13/13.
County Road 427 (Ronald Reagan Parkway) is a four-lane highway traveling north from Longwood to Spring Hammock Preserve and Lake Mary and south between Altamonte Springs and Fern Park to Maitland. Photo taken 07/13/13.
Florida Central Parkway provides the main access point into the sprawling Florida Central Commercial Park east of Island Lake. Another Florida Central Parkway is located south of Orlando, connecting I-4 with Orange County's Central Florida Park commerce center. Photo taken 07/13/13.
SR 434 west from Rangeline Road was widened to six lanes during construction in 2014-15. Rangeline Road is a through road north to E.E. Williamson Road west and Longwood Hills Road east. Photo taken 07/13/13.
Orange Avenue branches west from SR 436 (Semoran Boulevard) to intersect SR 434 amid big box retail stores on all four corners. Photo taken 04/29/08.
West Town Parkway loops south from Orange Avenue to meet SR 434 at the next signalized intersection. This east-west road joins the state road with offices, condominiums and apartment complexes nearby. Photo taken 04/29/08.
SR 434 curves southeast across wetland areas by Lake Lotus ahead of the signal with Trailwood Drive east and Lotus Landing Boulevard south. Photo taken 04/29/08.
Nearing SR 414 (Maitland Boulevard) on SR 434 southbound. SR 414 provides a direct link to Interstate 4 in the city of Maitland. Photo taken 04/29/08.
Gateway Drive crosses SR 434 ahead of the single point urban interchange (SPUI) with SR 414 (Maitland Boulevard). Photo taken 04/29/08.
SR 414 (Maitland Boulevard) heads west along the Orange County line to U.S. 441 (Orange Blossom Trail) at Piedmont. The tolled John Land Apopka Expressway extends the state road west to SR 429 (Wekiva Parkway) and U.S. 441 west of Downtown Apopka. Photo taken 04/29/08.
The intersection with SR 414 (Maitland Boulevard) was upgraded to a SPUI in 2000. Photo taken 04/29/08.
SR 414 (Maitland Boulevard) continues east from SR 434 along an expressway through Maitland Center business park to Interstate 4. The state road ends at U.S. 17/92 north of Downtown Maitland. Photo taken 04/29/08.
SR 434 (Forest City Boulevard) enters Orange County ahead of the Riverside Acres community in Lockhart. Photo taken 04/29/08.
Calumet Drive intersects Forest City Road at the succeeding traffic light along SR 434 south. Photo taken 04/29/08.
Pembrook Drive stems east from SR 434 (Forest City Road) to Maitland Summit Boulevard and Maitland Summit commerce park. The road formerly extended east to Keller Road. Photo taken 04/29/08.
Advancing south through the Lockhart area, SR 434 (Forest City Road) intersects Riverside Park Road west to Magnolia Homes Road. Photo taken 03/13/08.
All American Boulevard arcs southwest from SR 434 (Forest City Road) through an industrial park to connect with U.S. 441 (Orange Blossom Trail). Prior to completion of the John Young Parkway extension, this was the default way to connect with OBT from SR 434 south. Kennedy Boulevard (CR 438A) extends east to Eatonville and Maitland. Photo taken 03/13/08.
South from Kennedy Boulevard, Forest City Road continues to SR 424 (Edgewater Drive) east and County Road 424 west. Photo taken 03/13/08.
Edgewater Drive is a five-lane boulevard connecting Fairview Shores with Clarcona Ocoee Road west to Pine Hills and the city of Orlando at the Golf View neighborhood. Photo taken 03/13/08.
SR 434 formerly ended at a T-interection with SR 424 (Edgewater Drive). SR 424 overlays Edgewater Drive 2.57 miles south to Par Street. Photo taken 03/13/08.


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03/13/08, 04/29/08, 07/13/13, 09/07/16 by AARoads

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Interstate 4
U.S. 17
U.S. 92
State Road 414 - Apopka Expressway / Maitland Boulevard
State Road 424 / County Road 424
State Road 436 - Semoran Boulevard

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