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Florida State Road 520 West
Cocoa Beach Causeway becomes SR 520 west of SR A1A (Atlantic Avenue) in Cocoa Beach. No confirming marker is posted at the state road beginning. Photo taken 10/21/18.
Belt Road north and North Banana River Boulevard south come together at the first traffic light along SR 520 (Cocoa Beach Causeway) west. Banana River Boulevard runs north between the Venetian Way and Cocoa Ocean Beach neighborhoods. Photo taken 10/21/18.
The first shield for SR 520 stands westbound after North Banana River Boulevard. Cocoa Beach Causeway is part of the Indian River Lagoon Scenic Byway system. Photo taken 10/21/18.
Cocoa Beach Causeway crosses the east Banana River Relief channel across a 1994-built bridge. Photo taken 10/21/18.
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Cocoa Beach Causeway extends across the Banana River, next intersecting the entrance to Cape Canaveral Hospital. Photos taken 10/21/18.
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Continuing west along Cocoa Beach Causeway, SR 520 passes through Constitution Bicentennial Park ahead of the Willard Peebles Bridge. Photos taken 10/21/18.
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The Willard Peebles Bridge crosses the main shipping channel for the Banana River. Providing a navigational clearance of 36 feet, the twin bridges for SR 520 total 822 feet in length and were completed in 2006.1 Photos taken 10/21/18.
The first in a series of traffic lights along SR 520 (Merritt Island Causeway) across Merritt Island is with Milford Point Drive north and Banana River Drive south. Photo taken 10/21/18.
North Banana River Drive extends from SR 520 through Harbor Estates and other canal lined neighborhoods to Sykes Creek Parkway. Banana River Drive connects SR 520 with SR A1A & 528 (Bennett Causeway) at Kelly Park. Photo taken 10/21/18.
Newfound Harbor Drive stems south from Merritt Island Causeway from an entrance to big box retail through the Gateway and Banana River Heights subdivisions. The road spurs south to Buck Point off Newfound Harbor. Photo taken 10/21/18.
Merritt Island Causeway crosses northern reaches of Newfound Harbor by Kiwanis Island and Kiwanis Island Park. Photo taken 10/21/18.
Merritt Island Causeway crosses the waterway joining Sykes Creek with Newfound Harbor on a 399.6 foot long span built in 1995.2 Photo taken 10/21/18.
Forthcoming Sykes Creek Parkway originates south of SR 520 at the Veterans Memorial Center and Museum along the west banks of Newfound Harbor. Photo taken 08/25/07.
Sykes Creek Parkway runs along the east side of Merritt Square Mall to SR 520. Northward, the parkway arcs across Sykes Creek along a causeway from Merritt Point to North Banana River Drive. Photo taken 10/21/18.
A signalized entrance to Merritt Square Mall follows Sykes Creek Parkway along SR 520 westbound. The enclosed retail center opened in 1970. Photo taken 10/21/18.
Plumosa Street crosses SR 520 west at the ensuing signal after Merritt Square Mall. Photo taken 10/21/18.
Merritt Island Causeway advances west as a six-lane commercial arterial to the south end of SR 3 (Courtenay Parkway). Photo taken 10/21/18.
SR 3 follows Courtenay Parkway north 9.76 miles to the south boundary of Kennedy Space Center. Courtney Parkway extends south as an unnumbered road to Rockwell and Tropical Trail (CR 3), which continues the drive south to SR 404 (Pineda Causeway). Photo taken 10/21/18.
The second SR 520 confirming marker westbound stands between SR 3 and Tropical Trail (CR 3) by the Merritt Park Place community. Photo taken 08/25/07.
A second shield for SR 520 west along Merritt Island Causeway appears after Tropical Trail. An unsigned route, County Road 3 follows Tropical Trail south. Tropical Trail north is a former alignment of SR 3. Photo taken 08/25/07.
SR 520 continues west across Indian River Lagoon along Merritt Island Causeway. The state road initially spans the Indian River Relief East channel on a 1993-built bridge. Photo taken 08/25/07.
A lane drop occurs westbound at the turn off for Intracoastal Waterway Park. Photo taken 08/25/07.
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3 photos
3 photos
The westbound span across the main channel of Indian River Lagoon predates the eastbound span by three years. Completed in 1969, the 65 foot high bridge is 2,362 feet in length.3 Photos taken 08/25/07.
The Hubert Humphrey Bridge lowers onto Willard Street ahead of Downtown Cocoa. Photo taken 08/25/07.
SR 520 partitions through Downtown Cocoa along a one-way couplet of Willard Street west and King Street east. Delannoy Avenue ties into SR 520 from the south as unsigned CR 515. Photo taken 08/25/07.
CR 515 dog legs west one block along SR 520 (Willard Street) and continues north along Brevard Avenue to Magnolia Point. Photo taken 08/25/07.
Forrest Avenue angles across SR 520 (Willard / King Streets) through Downtown as the original alignment of U.S. 1. Photo taken 08/25/07.
Willard Street combines with King Street one block west of Hughlett Avenue. Photo taken 08/25/07.
U.S. 1 passes west of Downtown Cocoa along an arterial bypass (Cocoa Boulevard). Photo taken 08/25/07.
U.S. 1 straddles the west side of Indian River Lagoon northward to Titusville and south to Melbourne, Palm Bay and Malabar. Photo taken 08/25/07.
Cocoa Boulevard constitutes a heavily developed six-lane arterial north through Cocoa to the Beachline Expressway (SR 528) and south into neighboring Rockledge. Photo taken 08/25/07.
West from U.S. 1 (Cocoa Boulevard), SR 520 (King Street) crosses the Florida East Coast Railway. Photo taken 08/25/07.
Orlando lies 47 miles to the northwest via SR 520 and SR 50 from U.S. 1 in Cocoa. Photo taken 08/25/07.
Blake Avenue connects SR 520 (King Street) with the Cocoa residential street grid west of the FEC Railway. Photo taken 08/25/07.
SR 519 continues Fiske Boulevard south from SR 520 (King Street) 4.6 miles through Rockledge to Interstate 95. Fiske Boulevard was previously numbered as SR 503. Photo taken 08/25/07.
North from the end of SR 519, Fiske Boulevard connects SR 520 (King Street) with Dixon Road (unsigned CR 503). Photo taken 08/25/07.
Lake Drive branches northwest from SR 520 (King Street) at the intersection with Varr Avenue. Lake Drive parallels SR 520 west to merge with the state road ahead of I-95. Photo taken 03/31/18.
Clearlake Road leads north from SR 520 (King Street) as SR 501 to Eastern Florida State College, the UCF Cocoa Campus and SR 524 by the Beachline Expressway in north Cocoa. SR 501 is not acknowledged on King Street or along the initial stretch of Clearlake Road. Photo taken 03/31/18.
SR 520 (King Street) west intersects Range Road at this traffic light in Cocoa West. Photo taken 08/25/07.
Burnett Road heads north from Pluckebaum Road and the Catalina Village subdivision to SR 520 at the next signal westbound. Photo taken 08/25/07.
SR 520 shifts north through an S-curve to Lake Drive and Cox Road ahead of Interstate 95. Photo taken 08/25/07.
A six-lane freeway throughout Brevard County, I-95 joins Viera, Melbourne, Palm Bay with Titusville to the north. Photo taken 08/25/07.
Interstate 95 represents the main route to South Florida from the Mid-Atlantic and Northeastern U.S. Ending in Miami, I-95 travels 382 miles statewide, exiting Florida through Nassau County north of Jacksonville. Photo taken 08/25/07.
Interstate 95 trends eastward toward Indian River Lagoon, running along the west side of Rockledge from SR 520. Photo taken 08/25/07.
Several motorists services line SR 520 on the west side of Interstate 95, as the state road progresses toward Orange County. Photo taken 08/25/07.
SR 524 west converges with SR 520 at a rural wye intersection outside the Cocoa city limits. Photo taken 08/25/07.
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2 photos
SR 524 branches northeast 4.7 miles to SR 501 (Clearlake Road) and Industry Road at the Beachline Expressway in north Cocoa. Photos taken 08/25/07.
SR 520 takes a linear course west between Canaveral Groves and wetlands area north of Lake Poinsett. Photo taken 03/31/18.
SR 520 gradually turns northwest, crossing paths with the Beachline Expressway in 12 miles. Orlando lies another 24 miles further via Colonial Drive. Photo taken 03/31/18.
Approaching the entrance to F. Burton Smith Park on SR 520 west. Photo taken 03/31/18.
Spanning the St. Johns River, drivers on SR 520 west enter Orange County. The two bridges here were built in 1973. Photo taken 03/31/18.
Advancing west, SR 520 traverses areas of Tosohatchee State Preserve. Photo taken 03/31/18.
Upcoming County Road 532 (Nova Road) provides a direct route from SR 520 to U.S. 192 & 441 and St. Cloud in Osceola County. Photo taken 03/31/18.
CR 532 (Nova Road) heads south to CR 419 (Deer Park Road) and west along a rural course 26.5 miles to U.S. 192 & 441. Photo taken 03/31/18.
Heading northwest, SR 520 passes under a set of Florida Power & Light (FPL) transmission lines. Photo taken 03/31/18.
One mile ahead of the diamond interchange with SR 528 (Beachline Expressway) on SR 520 west. Photo taken 03/31/18.
Rural lands preceding the Beachline Expressway, and spreading north from the toll road fall within Deseret Ranch. The Ranch was founded in 1950 and is owned by Farmland Reserve, Inc., an investment arm of the LDS Church.4 Photo taken 03/31/18.
SR 520 crosses Second Creek beyond this dynamic message board preceding SR 528 (Beachline Expressway). Photo taken 03/31/18.
Although not displayed on this overhead, the eastbound on-ramp for SR 528 leading back toward Cape Canaveral is tolled. The Beachline Expressway formally extends east to U.S. 1 in north Cocoa. Photo taken 03/31/18.
SR 528 partitions with SR 407 north six miles east of SR 520. SR 407 provides a direct route from the toll road to I-95 north and the city of Titusville. Photo taken 03/31/18.
The Beachline Expressway travels west from SR 520 to Wedgefield, Sunbridge and Orlando International Airport (MCO). SR 528 connects with I-4 at its west end in 31 miles. Photo taken 03/31/18.

  1. SR-520 WB over Banana River.
  2. SR-520 over Sykes Creek, Brevard County, Florida.
  3. SR-520 WB over Indian River.
  4. Deseret Ranches Of Florida - Legacy.

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08/25/07, 03/31/18, 10/21/18 by AARoads

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