State Road 526 connects U.S. 17-92-441 (Orange Blossom Trail) at the Paramore neighborhood in Orlando with Downtown and Orland Executive Airport (ORL) near Lake Underhill to the east. The north-south leg of the state road along Crystal Lake Drive, between Robinson Street and SR 15 (South Street) was decommissioned.

Florida State Road 526 East
Washington Street continues east from U.S. 17-92-441 (Orange Blossom Trail) as SR 526. 06/02/18
The SR 526 portion of Washington Street in Orlando honors Bessie Coleman. 06/02/18
Traveling through the Paramore neighborhood, SR 526 (Washington Street) next intersects Westmoreland Drive. 06/02/18
Parramore Avenue links Washington Street south with Orlando City Stadium (home of the Orlando City SC) at Central Boulevard. 06/02/18
SR 526 partitions into a one way couplet to connect with Robinson Street east into Downtown Orlando. Hughey Avenue carries SR 526 westbound to Washington Street alongside I-4 here. 06/02/18
SR 526 shield assembly posted at the northern turn from Washington Street onto Garland Avenue. 06/02/18
Garland Avenue forms an east side frontage street to I-4 from South Street to U.S. 17-92-441 (Colonial Drive). SR 526 east turns onto Robinson Street in one block. 06/02/18
An on-ramp formerly connected I-4 east with SR 526 at the turn onto Robinson Street east from Garland Avenue. This connection was removed by 2007. 06/02/18
Robinson Street leads SR 526 east across Downtown Orlando between I-4 and Lake Eola. The state road first intersects Orange Avenue, which is the old alignment of SR 527 southbound. 02/08/08
A trailblazer for I-4 east references forthcoming Rosalind Avenue (old SR 527 north), which leads to Magnolia Avenue and a freeway on-ramp at Lake Ivanhoe. 06/02/18
Former SR 527 shield assembly at Robinson Street and Orange Avenue. SR 527 was decommissioned between Gore Street and U.S. 17-92 & SR 50 (Colonial Avenue). 02/08/08
Magnolia Avenue flows north between the couplet of Orange and Rosalind Avenues from the Dr. Phillips Center for the Performing Arts to Livingston Street. 02/08/08
This reassurance marker for SR 526 stands on the block of Robinson Street between Magnolia and Palmetto Avenues. 02/08/08
Rosalind Avenue heads north from SR 526 (Robinson Street) and shifts westward to become Magnolia Avenue by the Orange County Courthouse. SR 527 follows Magnolia Avenue north from Colonial Drive to Orange Avenue at Lake Ivanhoe. 02/08/08
Continuing east out of Downtown Orlando, SR 526 runs alongside Lake Eola Park. 09/01/18
Advancing one block beyond Lake Eola Park, SR 526 (Robinson Street) intersects Summerlin Avenue north of the Thornton Park Shopping District. 09/01/18
A pedestrian signal operates along Robinson Street at Howard Middle School ahead of Hyer Avenue. 09/01/18
SR 526 (Robinson Street) crosses paths with SR 15 (Mills Avenue) between the Colonialtown and Thornton Park neighborhoods in central Orlando. 09/01/18
SR 15 is a lengthy route traveling nearly the length of the Florida Peninsula as the hidden counterpart of U.S. 17 and U.S. 441. Through Orange County, SR 15 emerges as a stand alone route from Colonial Drive just north of SR 526 to Conway and SR 528 in southeast Orlando. 02/08/08
SR 526 (Robinson Street) continues east from SR 15 (Mills Avenue / Thornton Avenue) with four overall lanes. 02/08/08
Eastbound Robinson Street at the traffic light with Fern Creek Avenue. 02/08/08
Bumby Avenue follows on SR 526 east, leading north to Colonial Plaza and south to the Orlando Highlands community beyond SR 408. 02/08/08
State Road 526 concludes at Maguire Boulevard north and Crystal Lake Drive south at the east end of Robinson Street. 02/08/08
Maguire Boulevard south
Maguire Boulevard extends south from SR 50 (East Colonial Drive) to SR 526 (Robinson Street) at Orlando Festival Park. A trailblazer for the state road stands at Livingston Street west. 09/01/18
Maguire Boulevard / Crystal Lake Drive shifts eastward through an S-curve between Livingston and Jefferson Streets, meeting SR 526 (Robinson Street) across from Orlando Executive Airport (ORL). 09/01/18
Crystal Lake Drive / former Florida State Road 526 South
Crystal Lake Drive (former SR 526) south connects with the East-West Expressway (SR 408) at a split diamond interchange with the couplet of South and Anderson Streets (SR 15). 09/01/18
South Street (SR 15) runs along the north side of SR 408 between Lake Underhill and Downtown Orlando. The westbound on-ramp to Ocoee joins the toll road from SR 15 beyond Bumby Avenue. Southbound SR 15 follows Anderson Street east to Lake Underhill Park and the SR 408 on-ramp to Union Park. 09/01/18
Crystal Lake Drive / former Florida State Road 526 North
Crystal Lake Drive leads north from SR 15 (South Street) and the East-West Expressway (SR 408) by Joe Kittinger Park and the west side of Orlando Executive Airport (ORL). 09/03/17
Northbound Crystal Lake Drive at Central Boulevard west to the Wilmont Pines neighborhood and Nilson Way to ORL Airport. 09/03/17
Approaching the westbound beginning of SR 526 (Robinson Street) on Crystal Lake Drive north. 03/31/18
SR 526 (Robinson Street) stems west from Crystal Lake Drive at Orlando Festival Park. Maguire Boulevard continues the four lane parkway north to SR 50 (Colonial Drive). 03/31/18
Florida State Road 526 West
The first confirming marker for SR 526 stands between Orlando Festival Park and the Wilmot Pines neighborhood just west of Crystal Lake Drive. 09/03/17
Entering the signalized intersection with Primrose Drive north to Colonial Plaza and south to Primrose Park and Crystal Lake Terrace. 09/03/17
Bumby Avenue runs along the west side of Colonial Plaza, leading south from SR 50 (Colonial Drive) to SR 526 (Robinson Street) at the Seminole Park neighborhood. 09/03/17
SR 526 (Robinson Street) west meets Fern Creek Avenue north of Langford Park and south of the Colonial Park community. 09/03/17
Continuing west from Fern Creek Avenue, the succeeding traffic light on SR 526 (Robinson Street) is with SR 15. SR 15 follows Mills Avenue north to merge with U.S. 17/92 at SR 50 (Colonial Drive). 09/03/17
South from Robinson Street, SR 15 partitions into a couplet with southbound using Thornton Avenue around Lake Lawsona to Mills Avenue at SR 408 (East-West Expressway). 09/03/17
West from SR 15 (Mills Avenue), SR 526 passes between the Eola Park Heights and Thornton Park communities en route to Downtown Orlando. 09/08/18
Summerlin Avenue meets SR 526 (Robinson Street) beside the Thornton Lake Shopping District. The urban collecting leads north to U.S. 17-92 & SR 50 (Colonial Drive) and south to Kaley Street by Lake Lancaster. 09/08/18
2 photos
2 photos
Traveling along the north side of Lake Eola Park on SR 526 (Robinson Street) west at Hillman Street. Due to a left turn restriction on SR 15 (Mills Avenue) north at SR 50 (Colonial Drive) west, a trailblazer directs motorists along Robinson Street west to Rosalind Avenue (former SR 527) north to make the connection. 02/18/08
Rosalind Avenue flows north with three lanes to Magnolia Avenue and U.S. 17-92 & SR 50 (Colonial Drive) north of Downtown Orlando. SR 527 resumes there north to Lake Ivanhoe and the city of Winter Park. 02/18/08
Robinson Street west at Garland Avenue (SR 526 north). SR 526 westbound passes under I-4 and turns south onto adjacent Hughey Avenue. 07/29/06
Leading west through the Parramore neighborhood of Orlando, SR 526 (Washington Street) intersects Parramore Avenue just north of Orlando City Stadium. 06/05/19
Washington Street intersects Westmoreland Drive at the Callahan neighborhood midway between Parramore Avenue and Orange Blossom Trail. 06/05/19
State Road 526 ends at upcoming U.S. 17/92/441 (Orange Blossom Trail). 06/05/19
2 photos
2 photos
U.S. 17/92/441 overlap a short distance northward along Orange Blossom Trail (OBT) to SR 50 (West Colonial Drive) in Orlando. South, the four to six lane arterial extends the thee routes to Hunter's Creek and Kissimmee in Osceola County. 06/05/19
Florida State Road 526 scenes
Garland Avenue extends two blocks north from the turn of SR 526 east to Amelia Street. Amelia Street connects with I-4 westbound nearby. 07/24/08
Hughey Avenue south at Amelia Street and the Orlando Centroplex. An on-ramp for I-4 west follows, with SR 526 joining Hughey Avenue in two blocks. 03/21/08
2 photos
2 photos
Vintage traffic lights formerly in use on Hughey Avenue south at Robinson Street (SR 526 west), 03/21/08

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