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Epcot Center Drive - East
Epcot Center Drive east begins a 3.7-mile stint toward SR 536 and I-4 at World Drive west of the main parking gate to Epcot. The segment between World Drive and Interstate 4 was constructed as a limited access facility and sees one additional interchange at Buena Vista Drive. Photo taken 11/23/13.
Buena Vista Drive links Epcot Center Drive with Disney Springs, Epcot Resort Area and Typhoon Lagoon. Photo taken 11/23/13.
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2 photos
A standard Disney-style trailblazer directs motorists east toward Interstate 4 and State Road 536 while a single lane ramp departs for Epcot. A pair of monorail tracks also cross over Epcot Center Drive at this point, linking Epcot with the Magic Kingdom theme park. U.S. 192 can be reached via SR 536 east to Interstate 4 west. Photos taken 11/23/13.
The ramp from Epcot Center Drive quickly expands as it approaches the main parking gate for Epcot. Epcot (formerly EPCOT Center) was the second theme park built in the Disney World resort and opened to the public October 1, 1982. Two main sections make up the park: Future World which explores innovative aspects and World Showcase which is represented by various countries around the globe. Photo taken 11/23/13.
Epcot Center Drive widens to four lanes as it curves southeast toward Buena Vista Drive and I-4. The upcoming departure ramp to Overpass Road and Buena Vista Drive also carries motorists to various Epcot resort area facilities. Photo taken 11/23/13.
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Interests to the Disney Springs (formerly Downtown Disney) attractions and facilities are also directed to use the forthcoming ramp. Originally opened as the Lake Buena Vista Shopping Village in 1975, Downtown Disney offered visitors an unique array of shopping, dining and entertainment experiences. Disney Springs, opened in 2016, revitalized the destination once more with additional shops, restaurants and entertainment. Photos taken 11/23/13.
The ramp prepares to leave for Overpass Road and ultimately Buena Vista Drive. This exit serves all guest areas within the Disney World resort. Photo taken 11/23/13.
Overpass Road links to nearby Bonnet Creek Parkway and Backstage Lane. Bonnet Creek Parkway north leads motorists to the Old Key West and Port Orleans resorts. Backstage Lane provides the necessary connection to Buena Vista Drive and Chelonia Parkway. Photo taken 11/23/13.
Construction in 2016 expanded Epcot Center Drive eastbound to five lanes to the directional cloverleaf interchange with I-4. Photo taken 07/21/19.
One final Disney-style trailblazer directs travelers to utilize the upcoming ramp to Interstate 4 to reach U.S. 192. Connecting I-4 with Kissimmee and St. Cloud, U.S. 192 is the main thoroughfare abutting the Disney resort to the south. Photo taken 06/02/18.
Three lanes depart from Epcot Center Drive / SR 536 east for Interstate 4 east to Orlando and Tampa. SR 536 continues east to SR 535 for Kissimmee and to SR 417 for Orlando International Airport (MCO). Photo taken 07/21/19.
Traffic partitions for I-4 west 2.3 miles to U.S. 192 and northeast 16 miles to Downtown Orlando. Photo taken 07/21/19.
The ramp for I-4 west merges onto a collector distributor roadway below the Osceola Parkway off-ramp. Photo taken 06/02/18.
Florida State Road 536 East
The first reassurance shield for eastbound SR 536 stands within the interchange for Interstate 4. The approaching on-ramp will add an additional travel lane to the arterial as it progresses east toward SR 417. Photo taken 11/23/13.
SR 536 leaves Interstate 4 and enters the World Gateway area of south Orange County. The six-lane arterial joins Walt Disney World with the International Drive resort area ahead of the Central Florida GreeneWay. Photo taken 09/03/17.
Entering the signalized intersection with World Center Drive west and World Gateway Drive (former International Avenue) south. World Center Drive spurs to the Orlando World Center resort and golf course. World Gateway Drive provides a short connector between SR 536 and parallel South International Drive. Photo taken 09/03/17.
Travelers bound for SR 417 northbound continue along World Center Drive east to its merge with the Central Florida GreeneWay. Photo taken 09/03/17.
Approaching SR 535 (Vineland Road) on SR 536 eastbound. SR 535 is a short north-south state road between Winter Garden-Vineland Road / Palm Parkway and U.S. 192 (Irlo Bronson Memorial Highway). Photo taken 09/03/17.
SR 535 constitutes a busy arterial lined with resorts on its 1.5-mile trip north to Interstate 4. Photo taken 11/23/13.
SR 535 shields posted along SR 536 eastbound. SR 535 transitions into Orange County Road 535 (Winter Garden-Vineland Road) at Lake Buena Vista, just beyond Interstate 4. South Apopka-Vineland Road continues north as CR 435 to Windermere. Photo taken 09/03/17.
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2 photos
SR 535 passes underneath SR 417 ahead of the Osceola County line. South of there, SR 535 meets Osceola Parkway and U.S. 192 east to Kissimmee. Photos taken 09/03/17.
World Center Drive east
SR 417 trailblazer posted beyond SR 535 (Vineland Road) on World Center Drive east. Photo taken 09/03/17.
Approaching International Drive South on World Center Drive east. Drivers not turning onto International Drive north default onto the Central Florida GreeneWay eastbound. Photo taken 09/03/17.
Navigating north by the I-4 corridor, International Drive passes through a resort area catering to the Orlando tourist attractions including Walt Disney World, Universal Orlando, Sea World and others. Photo taken 09/03/17.
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World Center Drive extends east to a wye interchange with SR 417 north. SR 417 (Central Florida GreeneWay) travels east from I-4 near Celebration to Orlando International Airport (MCO) and Lake Nona in southeast Orlando. Photos taken 09/03/17.

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