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Florida State Road 544 branches 3.19 miles southeast from U.S. 92 along Havendale Boulevard, a commercial arterial route connecting Auburndale with U.S. 17 (8th Street NW) in Winter Haven. Avenue T leads the state road 0.50 miles east to the north end of SR 549 (1st Street N), where it turns northeast to Lucerne Park Road. The remainder of SR 544 through Winter Haven follows Lucerne Park Road along a winding, mostly two-lane course by Lakes Conine, Smart, Rochelle and Fannie.

East of U.S. 27, SR 544 continues 1.77 miles along Scenic Highway, linking northeast Winter Haven with SR 17 at Haines City. CR 544 extends from SR 17 and the east end of SR 544 along Lake Marion Road. The county segment runs 4.93 miles east across Haines City to the Grenelefe golf course community and West Lake Marion Road. The signed portion of CR 544 concludes at CR 546.

Florida State Road 544 East
SR 544 branches southeast from U.S. 92 (Magnolia Avenue) in east Auburndale along a six lane, commercial arterial. Photo taken 05/30/19.
Polk County Road 544A (Derby Avenue) ties into SR 544 two blocks south of U.S. 92 by Imperial Plaza shopping center. Photo taken 05/30/19.
CR 544A lines Derby Avenue 2.14 miles west to SR 655 (Recker Highway) in Auburndale. Photo taken 05/30/19.
SR 544 (Havendale Boulevard) east at U.S. 17 (8th Street NW). U.S. 17 travels south to Downtown Winter Haven and north to combine with U.S. 92 through Lake Alfred. U.S. 17 also connects with SR 540 (Cypress Gardens Boulevard) east to Legoland theme park. Photo taken 11/26/03.
East from U.S. 17, SR 544 continues five miles to the community of Lucerne Park and 6.7 miles to U.S. 27 southwest of Haines City. Photo taken 05/30/19.
The Chain of Lakes Trail spans SR 544 (Martin Luther King Boulevard) midway between U.S. 17 (8th Street NW) and SR 549 (1st Street N). The multiuse path follows a former Seaboard Coast Line railroad north from Winter Haven into Auburndale. Photo taken 05/30/19.
SR 544 (Martin Luther King Boulevard) continues three blocks east from Unity Way to the north end of SR 549 (1st Street N). Photo taken 05/30/19.
SR 549 follows 1st Street N southward 1.53 miles to SR 542 (Central Avenue) east of Downtown Winter Haven. Photo taken 05/30/19.
SR 544 turns north at SR 549 onto 1st Street N to connect with Lucerne Park Road. Photo taken 05/30/19.
Through northeastern Winter Haven, SR 544 (Lucerne Park Road) passes between Lake Fannie and Lake Henry east to U.S. 27 and Haines City on the city line. Photo taken 11/26/03.
U.S. 27 constitutes a major corridor from Haines City north to Four Corners and Clermont through the Orlando metropolitan area south to Lake Wales and Sebring. Photo taken 11/26/03.
U.S. 27 runs across the west side of Haines City, bypass Downtown through a cloverleaf interchange with U.S. 17/92. South from SR 544 (Lake Lucerne Road), U.S. 27 continues to Lake Hamilton and Dundee. Photo taken 11/26/03.
Scenic Highway leads the final 1.8 miles of SR 544 east from U.S. 27 to SR 17 (South 10th Street). Photo taken 11/26/03.
SR 544 ends at SR 17 across from Polk County Road 544 (Lake Marion Road), a 4.93 mile spur to Lake Marion. SR 17 is a scenic route originating in Downtown Haines City and traveling south through Lake Hamilton, Dundee, Lake Wales and Frostproof. Photo taken 11/26/03.

Photo Credits:

    11/26/03 by Justin Cozart. 05/30/19 by AARoads.

Connect with:
U.S. 17
U.S. 27
U.S. 92
State Road 549 - 1st Street N / E Lake Silver Drive

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