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Florida State Road 553 overlays a 1.41 mile section of Park Road on the east side of Plant City in Hillsborough County. Park Road forms part of an arterial belt route encircling Plant City, along with Alexander Street (SR 39) to the west, and Jim Johnson Road to the southeast. Park Road extends north from Interstate 4 to Sam Allen Road (CR 580) as an unmarked branch of CR 580. Park Road south from SR 553 and U.S. 92 to Alsobrook Street west and Coronet Road east is unsigned CR 574, and unsigned CR 39B south to James L. Redman Highway (former SR 39).

Florida State Road 553 North
Park Road expands from four to six lanes north of U.S. 92 (Baker Street) as SR 553 begins. Photo taken 11/26/03.
Park Road intersects the south side frontage road for Interstate 4 just ahead of the diamond interchange with the six-lane freeway. Photo taken 05/31/15.
SR 553 (Park Road) passes I-4 ahead of the westbound on-ramp to Tampa. Photo taken 11/26/03.
Park Road / County Road 580 North
Park Road concludes ahead at Sam Allen Road (CR 580). Photo taken 05/30/20.
Sam Allen Road (CR 580) serves as a northern truck route, connecting Park Road with SR 39A (Buchman Highway) and SR 39 (Alexander Street) to its west. Photo taken 05/30/20.
Park Road / County Road 580 South
Park Road stems south from Sam Allen Road (CR 580) to Interstate 4. The unsigned branch of CR 580 comprises a four-lane divided highway for 0.6 miles to SR 553. Photo taken 05/31/15.
A diamond interchange joins Park Road with Interstate 4 in northeast Plant City. Photo taken 09/10/19.
Frontage roads accompany both sides of Interstate 4 west to SR 39A (Paul Buchman Highway) and east to County Line Road. Photo taken 05/31/15.
Florida State Road 553 South
SR 553 officially begins at the north frontage road intersection of Park Road. The arterial southbound next splits with the westbound entrance ramp for I-4 to Tampa. Photo taken 09/10/19.
Interstate 4 runs across the north side of Plant City to SR 566. The cross-peninsula freeway continues west from there to Mango and I-75. Photo taken 09/10/19.
East from Plant City, I-4 crosses the Polk County line into the city of Lakeland, where it gradually turns northeast toward the Orlando area. Photo taken 09/10/19.
Park Road intersects the south frontage road for I-4 ahead of Mike E. Sansone Community Park. Photo taken 05/31/15.
Park Road forms part of a truck bypass for through traffic headed south on SR 39 to SR 60 at Hopewell. Photo taken 05/31/15.
The lone confirming marker for SR 553 south precedes Spencer Street and the Plant City residential street grid. Photo taken 05/31/15.
Cherry Street intersects SR 553 (Park Road) west from Ellis-Methvin Park and Wilder Road and east from through neighborhood areas from Shannon Avenue. Photo taken 05/31/15.
Approaching the south end of SR 553 at U.S. 92, another trailblazer directs truckers to remain southward along Park Road (CR 574) for SR 39. Photo taken 05/31/15.
U.S. 92 (Baker Street) parallels a CSX Railroad line east from Park Road into Lakeland and west to a one-way couplet with Reynolds Street through Downtown Plant City. Photo taken 05/31/15.
Park Road / County Road 574 South
Park Road continues south from U.S. 92 and an at-grade crossing with the CSX Railroad as a four-lane arterial with a grassy median. Photo taken 05/31/15.
Unsigned CR 574 ends at the Park Road intersection with Alsobrook Street west and Coronet Road south. Collectively the east-west road is CR 574A, an unmarked route from Collins Street (old SR 39) south of Downtown and Coronet Junction and Medulla Road east to County Line Road. Photo taken 05/31/15.
Park Road / Hillsborough County Road 39B - South
Park Road (CR 39B) advances a half mile south from Alsobrook Street (CR 574A) to separate with Jim Johnson Road at the Randy Larson Softball Complex. A signalized intersection with Gordon Food Service Road west precedes the wye intersection. Photo taken 05/31/15.
Jim Johnson Road - South
Park Road (CR 39B) curves west into Plant City while the four-lane arterial of Park Road defaults onto Jim Johnson Road south to Alexander Street west. Photo taken 05/31/15.
Alexander Street - West
Alexander Street stems west from Jim Johnson Road as a four-lane landscaped boulevard through the Walden Woods community to James L. Redmon Parkway (SR 39). Photo taken 05/31/15.
Alexander Street intersects Walden Woods Drive just ahead of the commercial strip along James L. Redman Parkway (SR 39). Photo taken 05/31/15.
Prior to 2013, SR 39 followed all of James L. Redman Parkway north through Plant City. Completed at that time was a northward extension of Alexander Street from I-4, which completed a bypass of Plant City for SR 39 to the west. Photo taken 05/31/15.
Alexander Street crosses James L. Redman Parkway to become part of the SR 39 bypass around Plant City. Previously this arterial loop was unsigned CR 39A. SR 39 south otherwise extends 3.5 miles south to SR 60 and CR 39. Photo taken 05/31/15.

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