Following a 10.92-mile long course, SR 559 connects the city of Auburndale with Interstate 4 and Polk City. The state road originates at SR 655 and circles northeast along a viaduct across a CSX Railroad line to Main Street. Main Street leads the route north into Downtown Auburndale. North of an at-grade crossing with the CSX Railroad at Downtown City Park, SR 559 continues to Lake Stella, where it encircles the lake along a one way couplet.

A short distance north of Lake Stella, SR 559 transitions from Main Street to Lake Ariana Boulevard. The state road straddles the east shore of Lake Ariana to Polk City Road, where it dog legs east to Bolender Road and north throgh residential areas east of Lake Arietta.

SR 559 heads north and then west along an S-curve to Lake Juliana. This section was previously realigned to eliminate two sharp curves. Beyond there, SR 559 runs along the northeast side of Lake Juliana and then intersects CR 559A west. A diamond interchange with I-4 follows north of CR 559A, and then SR 559 turns northwest from CR 557A to Broadway Boulevard and its terminus at SR 33 in Downtown Polk City.

The diamond interchange with Interstate 4 was reconstructed during a $21.39 million project. Work to construct a new overpass for SR 559 across I-4 and widening the state road south to the realignment of CR 559A (C. Fred Jones Boulevard) ran from August 2014 through early 2017. Construction also shifted the eastbound roadway for I-4 southward, added lighting and made drainage improvements.1

Florida State Road 559A

A jurisdictional transfer from the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) and Polk County dropped State Road 559 south from Fred Jones Boulevard to SR 655 (Recker Highway) in Auburndale.2 The same action added Fred C. Jones Boulevard, and the previous alignment of CR 559A, to the state road system. Collectively redesignated as SR 559A, the two sections inventoried are 1.088 miles and 0.475 miles respectively. The Straight Line Diagram (SLD) for SR 559A was revised on April 16, 2020.

Berkley Road (CR 655) south to U.S. 92 in Auburndale was transferred to the state; 6.486 miles were inventoried in the SLD on April 21, 2020. Berkley Road and Fred C. Jones Boulevard become part of a realigned State Road 559.

Historically north into Polk City, SR 559 followed a combination of Auburndale Cutoff Road (CR 559A) and Berkley Road (CR 655) to SR 33 (Commonwealth Avenue). This route was previously numbered as Florida State Road 61 as well. The alignment along Broadway Boulevard and Camp Gilead Drive southeast from Downtown Polk City was a part of Florida Secondary 577 leading to Auburndale.

The southern extension of SR 559, including the overpass across a CSX Railroad line and adjacent SR 655, was constructed from January 2011 and December 2011 at a cost of $5.2 million. Linking SR 655 (Recker Highway) with U.S. 92 north of CR 544A (Darby Avenue), the 0.7 mile long roadway created a more direct route from Auburndale. Work also expanded a portion of Reckey Highway to accommodate turn lanes with SR 559.3,4

Florida State Road 559 North
2 photos
2 photos
SR 559 loops northeast onto the overpass spanning SR 655 (Reckey Highway) and the CSX Railroad line. 05/30/19
Lowering onto Main Street, SR 559 north enters a signalized intersection with Derby Avenue. Unmarked here, Derby Avenue doubles as Polk County Road 544A west to SR 655 and east to SR 544. 05/30/19
SR 559 (Main Street) continues two blocks north from CR 544A (Derby Avenue) to U.S. 92 south of Downtown Auburndale. The state road previously began here. 05/30/19
Confirming marker posted north of U.S. 92 (Magnolia Avenue in the city of Auburndale. 05/15/16
SR 559 advances two blocks north from U.S. 92 to Bridgers Avenue. Bridgers Avenue is a historic alignment of U.S. 92. 05/15/16
Navigating through Downtown Auburndale, SR 559 (Main Street) circumvents City Hall Plaza. 05/15/16
Leaving Downtown Auburndale, SR 559 (Main Street) angles northwest from Polk Avenue to Park Street. 05/15/16
2 photos
2 photos
SR 559 resumes a northward heading from Park Street and next encircles Lake Stella. 05/15/16
Main Street extends north from Lake Stella to Bay Street and the east shore of Lake Ariana. 05/15/16
2 photos
2 photos
SR 559 (Lake Ariana Boulevard) straddles Lake Ariana 1.25 miles north from Main Street to Polk City Road. 05/15/16
Old Lake Alfred Road branches east from SR 559 (Lake Ariana Boulevard) to Lynchburg and the city of Lake Alfred. 05/15/16
2 photos
2 photos
SR 559 dog legs east from Lake Ariana Boulevard along Polk City Road toward Interstate 4. 05/15/16
Polk City Road leads due north from Bolender Road in Auburndale to unincorporated areas of Polk County between Lake Juliana and Lake Mattie. SR 559 takes a stair stepped route westward, reentering the Auburndale city limits at William Van Fleet Road (old CR 559A) west. 05/15/16
County Road 559A formerly ran west and north along William Van Fleet Road from SR 559 in north Auburndale. The route was realigned onto a new four lane alignment (C. Fred Jones Boulevard) opened to traffic in February 2017. 05/15/16
SR 559 shifts westward and expands into a four lane arterial ahead of C. Fred Jones Boulevard (CR 559A) and Interstate 4. 05/15/16
Polk County Road 559A (C. Fred Jones Boulevard) constitutes a four lane link between SR 559 and CR 655 (Berkley Road). 11/03/18
The 2017 realignment of CR 559A (C. Fred Jones Boulevard) ties into SR 559 opposite Baylake Resort Road, a south side frontage road for I-4. 11/03/18
2014-17 reconstruction of the upcoming exchange with Interstate 4 included expanding SR 559 to four lanes from CR 559A northward. 11/03/18
The rebuilt ramps with Interstate 4 better accommodate increased truck traffic from area distribution centers and warehouses. SR 559 also forms the northern leg of a truck route linking U.S. 92 in Auburndale with I-4 in conjunction with CR 559A west and CR 655 (Berkley Road) south. 11/03/18
Interstate 4 begins a gradual northeasterly turn from SR 559 and north Auburndale to the Orlando area. 11/03/18
Interstate 4 runs west across the north side of Lakeland to Tampa and northeast across the Green Swamp to Celebration and Walt Disney World. 11/03/18
Florida State Road 559 extends a half mile north from Interstate 4 to intersect County Road 557A east and Camp Gilead Road north. Camp Gilead Road is the former alignment of Florida Secondary 557, predecessor to SR 559 along this stretch. 02/27/16
Polk County Road 557A comprises a rural route connecting SR 559 and Polk City with CR 557 south into the city of Lake Alfred. 02/27/16
Lake Gilead Road stems north from SR 559 and CR 557A to Lake Helene. SR 559 turns west to the Fantasy of Flight complex and Broadway Boulevard into Polk City. CR 557A spans I-4 to the east along its 4.72 mile course to CR 557. 02/27/16
Florida State Road 559 South
The first shield for SR 559 south stands along the block of Broadway Boulevard between SR 33 (Commonwealth Avenue) and Hydrangea Avenue in Downtown Polk City. 11/03/18
SR 559 enters northern reaches of Auburndale in 1.1 miles. Downtown lies nine miles further. Lake Alfred remains referenced from when Broadway Boulevard was a part of Florida Secondary 557. 11/03/18
A rural stretch of SR 559 unfolds southeast between Lake Anges and Lake Helene. The state road intersects Camp Gilead Drive (old Secondary 577) east and Lake Shore Drive west here at the Auburndale city line. 11/03/18
County Road 557A branches east from SR 559 as Camp Gilead Drive returns from Lake Helene to the north. 11/03/18
CR 557A stems southeast from SR 559 and north Auburndale to CR 557 on the north side of Lake Alfred's city limits. CR 557 extends south from there to the city center. 11/03/18
CR 557A east to CR 557 is part of the original Florida Secondary 557 alignment joining Polk City with Auburndale. The 4.72 mile alignment remains rural, traversing areas of Lake Mattie Marsh south of the Green Swamp. 11/03/18
Turning due south, SR 559 advances a half mile to Interstate 4 by the Le Lynn RV Resort and Little Lake Agnes. 11/03/18
The Auburndale city center lies another 7.6 miles south along SR 559. 11/03/18
Road work completed in 2017 expanded SR 559 through the forthcoming diamond interchange with Interstate 4. 11/03/18
Interstate 4 runs across northern Auburndale between Lakeland and the Green Swamp. 11/03/18
The westbound I-4 on-ramp to Lakeland, Plant City and Tampa departs from SR 559 south. 11/03/18
A new overpass was constructed for SR 559 across I-4 during the 2014-17 project at Exit 44. The heavily traveled freeway ventures northeast to Orlando and Daytona Beach from Auburndale and Plant City. 11/03/18
This confirming marker for SR 559 south was not retained during widening of the state road south from I-4 to CR 559A (C. Fred Jones Boulevard). 07/04/08
Expansion of SR 559 included realigning Baylake Resort Road and the access road to a Love's Truck Stop to connect with the state road opposite CR 559A (C. Fred Jones Boulevard). 11/03/18
C. Fred Jones Boulevard opened to traffic in February 2017 as the new alignment of Polk County Road 559A west. The four lane arterial links SR 559 with CR 655 (Berkley Road) as part of a truck route between I-4 and U.S. 92 to Downtown Auburndale. 11/03/18
A jug handle was added south of CR 559A and Baylake Resort Road to accommodate larger trucks returning to I-4 from the Love's Truck stop. 11/03/18
SR 559 south narrows back to two lanes through an unincorporated area of Polk County. 0000
William Van Fleet Road intersects SR 559 south at the succeeding intersection. Formerly both CR 559A and Auburndale Cutoff Road, the L-shaped route leads 0.7 miles west to Lake Juliana Estates and CR 559A (C. Fred Jones Boulevard). 07/04/08
Continuing south from William Van Fleet Road, SR 559 passes between the Lake Juliana Landings manufactured home community and wetland areas from Lake Mattie. 05/22/20
Remaining orange groves along SR 559 south at Sutton Road. 05/22/20
Suburban development along SR 559 south of Lake Mattie Road. Construction of the Cascara subdivision here started in 2019. 05/22/20
Shifting eastward from Lake Juliana, SR 559 resumes a southward heading and enters the city of Auburndale again at Cory Court. 05/22/20
2 photos
2 photos
Polk City Road leads SR 559 south by a number of subdivisions east of Lake Arietta and north of Lake Ariana. The state road dog legs west between Bolender Road and Lake Ariana Boulevard. 05/22/20
3 photos
3 photos
3 photos
SR 559 hugs the eastern periphery of Lake Ariana along Lake Ariana Boulevard for a 1.25 mile stretch. 05/22/20
Old Lake Alfred Road stems east from SR 559 at Lake Ariana to Lynchburg and Pierce Street to the Lake Alfred city center. 05/22/20
Advancing southwest from the Ariana Heights area, SR 559 approaches Main Street North. 07/04/08
2 photos
2 photos
Main Street leads SR 559 away from Lake Ariana to Lake Stella. The state road circumvents the lake along Lake Stella Drive. 05/22/20, 07/04/08
SR 559 resumes along North Main Street to connect with Park Street North into Downtown Auburndale. 05/22/20
Park Street takes SR 559 across the CSX Railraod between Stadium Road and Polk Street. 07/04/08
SR 559 turns again, following Park Street East alongside City Hall Plaza. 05/22/20
Returning to Main Street, SR 559 continues south from Park Street and Downtown Auburndale. 05/22/20
Main Street South intersects Bridgers Avenue at the Auburndale Heights neighborhood between Downtown and U.S. 92 (Magnolia Avenue). 05/22/20
Two blocks south of Bridgers Avenue, SR 559 meets U.S. 92 (Magnolia Avenue). 05/22/20
U.S. 92 is a local arterial route joining Auburndale with neighboring Lakeland to the west and Lake Alfred to the east. 05/22/20
SR 559 (Main Street) south at U.S. 92 (Magnolia Avenue). U.S. 92 travels three miles west to Polk Parkway (SR 570) and 2.5 miles east to Winter Haven Regional Airport (GIF). 05/22/20
Main Street intersects Derby Avenue (CR 544A) two blocks south of U.S. 92. CR 544A is a local route east to SR 544 (Havendale Boulevard) and west to SR 655 (Recker Highway). 10/26/19
SR 559 continues 0.92 miles south from U.S. 92 to SR 655 (Recker Highway) in Auburndale. Beyond Derby Avenue (CR 544A), Main Street elevates onto the 421.9 foot long span over a CSX Railroad and Recker Highway.5 05/30/19
SR 559 makes a 180 degree turn from the CSX Railroad bridge to conclude at SR 655 (Recker Highway). 05/30/19
State Road 655 follows Recker Highway west to U.S. 92 near Lake Lena in Auburndale. Reckey Highway leads SR 655 southeast to SR 620 and Lake Shipp Drive in Winter Haven. 05/30/19

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