State Road 569 lines N 39th Street and N 40th Street north from SR 60 (Adamo Drive) to U.S. 41 (Melbourne Boulevard) in east Tampa. The entire 1.33 mile long route is an urban arterial.

Interchanges once joined SR 569 with both Interstate 4 (former Exit 2) and the Selmon Expressway (former Exit 10). The ramps with I-4 were removed in 2005 when the freeway was expanded to six lanes. The Crosstown Expressway ramps were removed to accommodate the adjacent exchange with the Selmon Connector between I-4 and SR 618 opened in January 2014.

Florida State Road 569 North
SR 569 crosses the first of two CSX Railroad lines immediately north of SR 60 (Adamo Drive). 10/31/15
E 7th Avenue (County Road 574) crosses SR 569 (N 39th Street) at this traffic light. A mostly unsigned route, CR 574 runs west through the heart of Ybor City and east to Mango. 01/18/14
SR 569 shifts eastward through an S-curve from N 39th Street beyond E 7th Avenue (CR 574) onto N 40th Street. 10/31/15
N 40th Street passes under Interstate 4 where a diamond interchange formerly connected SR 569 with the freeway. 10/31/15
Columbus Drive east provides the connection to Interstate 4 via the ramps with U.S. 41 (N 50th Street). 01/18/14
A third shield assembly for SR 569 north appears between the couplet of Columbus Drive east and 19th Avenue west. 01/18/14
SR 569 underwent a road diet in May 2017 from Columbus Drive north to U.S. 41 (Melbourne Boulevard) at E 26th Avenue. 10/31/15
U.S. 41 overtakes N 40th Street from Melburne Boulevard west and the Highland Pines neighborhood in Tampa. 10/31/15
U.S. 41 south leads to N 50th Street through the Highland Pines neighborhood and north from Jackson Heights to U.S. 92 (Hillsborough Avenue). 10/31/15
Florida State Road 569 South
Just beyond the separation with U.S. 41, N 40th Street intersects E 21st Avenue in an industrial area east of Jackson Heights. SR 569 is unmarked along this stretch. 04/15/15
19th Avenue follows as the westbound component of the one way couplet with Columbus Drive east from Ybor City to U.S. 41 (N 50th Street). 04/15/15
Columbus Drive parallels Interstate 4 east as a major collector from Tampa Heights to YBor City, I-4 at Exit 3 and U.S. 41. Columbus Drive is one way east from N 15th Street to just a point just beyond SR 569. 04/15/15
SR 569 (N 40th Street) passes below Interstate 4 without direct access. A diamond interchange once connected the two routes here. 04/15/15
SR 569 shifts from N 40th Street to N 39th Street along an S-curve south of Interstate 4. 04/15/15
E 7th Avenue (unsigned County Road 574) intersects SR 569 west from Oak Park into Historic Ybor City. 04/15/15
SR 569 continues south from E 7th Avenue (CR 574) across a set of CSX Railroad tracks ahead of the last reassurance marker. 05/18/18
SR 569 (N 39th Street) crosses a second set of CSX tracks ahead of SR 60 (Adamo Drive). 05/18/18
SR 569 formerly extended south from SR 60 (Adamo Drive) to a diamond interchange with the Crosstown Expressway (SR 618). 03/07/07
SR 60 follows Adamo Drive west to Channelside Drive south toward Downtown Tampa. SR 60 overall stretches across the Florida peninsula from Clearwater Beach to Vero Beach. 03/07/07
Ramps to the Tampa Crosstown Expressway (SR 618) departed just south of the intersection with SR 60 (Adamo Drive). 03/07/07

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