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Florida State Road 570 East
Polk Parkway (SR 570) stems south from a trumpet interchange with Interstate 4 along a two lane ramp just east of the Hillsborough County line. Photo taken 09/20/17.
Florida's Turnpike Enterprise (FTE) maintains the Polk Parkway in its entirety around Lakeland. U.S. 92 and Old Tampa Highway (CR 542) otherwise travels below SR 570 at this point. Photo taken 09/20/17.
First confirming marker posted for SR 570 east beyond the northbound half diamond interchange (Exit 2) with CR 542 (Old Tampa Highway). Photo taken 09/20/17.
Curving southeast, Polk Parkway meets SR 572 (Airport Road) in 1.25 miles at a diamond interchange (Exit 3). Photo taken 09/20/17.
SR 570 (Polk Parkway) traverses an area of wetlands northeast of Hamilton Branch and Exit 3. Airport Road stems south to serve Lakeland Linder International Airport (LAL). Photo taken 09/20/17.
One half mile out from Exit 3 along SR 570 east. Photo taken 09/20/17.
Exit 3 departs from Polk Parkway eastbound for SR 572 (Airport Road) south to LAL Airport and north back to U.S. 92 at Galloway Road (CR 542A). Photo taken 09/20/17.
Polk Parkway rises over SR 572 (Airport Road) on the one mile approach to Waring Road (Exit 4). Waring Road extends south between Polk Parkway and Pipkin Road. Photo taken 09/20/17.
An auxiliary lane joins SR 570 east between SR 572 (Exit 3) and Waring Road (Exit 4) . Photo taken 09/20/17.
SR 570 navigates through an S-curve southeast from Exit 3 to a diamond interchange (Exit 4) with Waring Road south. Photo taken 09/20/17.
Drane Field extends east from County Line Road to become a part of SR 572 between Airport Road and the Polk Parkway frontage road system at Pipkin Creek Road. Photo taken 09/20/17.
A slip ramp follows onto South Frontage Road east ahead of Harden Boulevard (SR 563). SR 563 overlays a portion of the original SR 37 alignment south to Medulla. The state road ends 0.162 miles south of Beaker Boulevard nearby. Photo taken 09/20/17.
A short auxiliary lane opens along Polk Parkway eastbound from Waring Road to Exit 5. SR 563 totals just 5.68 miles with portions south of Beaker Boulevard and north of U.S. 92 in Lakeland relinquished from state control. Photo taken 09/20/17.
This reassurance marker stands along SR 570 (Polk Parkway) east ahead of the departure ramp to Exit 5 (SR 563). Photo taken 09/20/17.
Polk Parkway eastbound at the off-ramp (Exit 5) for Harden Boulevard south to Medulla and north to Lake Hunter and the west side of Downtown Lakeland. Photo taken 09/20/17.
Motorists along SR 570 east pass over SR 563 (Harden Boulevard) to the southeast of Lakeside Village retail complex, 1.25 miles ahead of the parclo interchange (Exit 7) with SR 37 (South Florida Avenue). Photo taken 09/20/17.
SR 37 runs southwest from Lakeland to Mulberry and the phosphate mining region of southwestern Polk County. The state road connects with SR 64 beyond the rural four corners of Hardee, Hillsborough, Manatee, and Polk Counties. Northward from Exit 7, SR 37 spurs 3.36 miles along the commercialized route of Florida Avenue to conclude at Main Street in Downtown Lakeland. Photo taken 09/20/17.
SR 570 east rises over a frontage road connector as a two lane ramp leaves for Exit 7 to SR 37 (Florida Avenue). Polk Parkway connects with I-4 to Orlando in 17 miles. Photo taken 09/20/17.
SR 570 passes through the first of three mainline toll plazas in one mile as eastbound drivers span SR 37 (South Florida Avenue). Photo taken 09/20/17.
Continuing east, Polk Parkway spans Cleveland Heights Boulevard (CR 37A) on the approach to the Western toll plaza and Exit 9 for CR 37B (Lakeland Highlands Road). Photo taken 09/20/17.
Confirming marker posted for the Polk Parkway east of the entrance ramp from Exit 7 (SR 37). Photo taken 09/20/17.
The roadways of Polk Parkway diverge through the main line toll plaza south of Lake John and the Woodlake subdivision. Photo taken 09/20/17.
Two SunPass lanes offer electronic toll collection to the left, while all others, including drivers bound for Lakeland Highlands Road (Exit 9) are directed toll booth lanes. Photo taken 09/20/17.
Entering the five lane toll plaza along Polk Parkway east. The toll collection facility was constructed on a reclaimed strip mine. Photo taken 09/20/17.
CR 37B lines Lakeland Highlands Road north from CR 540A and the south Lakeland suburbs to Edgewood Drive by Lake Bentley. Photo taken 09/20/17.
SR 570 (Polk Parkway) advances east with two lanes through the diamond interchange (Exit 9) with Polk County Road 37B (Lakeland Highlands Road). Neither CR 37A or CR 37B connect with SR 37 to the west. Photo taken 09/20/17.
U.S. 98 (Bartow Road), a six or more lane arterial linking Lakeland with Bartow, crosses paths with Polk Parkway at Exit 10 in 0.75 miles. Photo taken 09/20/17.
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2 photos
SR 570 east briefly gains a third lane between Exits 9 and 10. The six-ramp parclo interchange (Exit 10) with U.S. 98 serves an array of business and industrial parks, Southeastern University and Polk State College. Photos taken 09/20/17.
Two lanes depart SR 570 east for U.S. 98 (Bartow Road). U.S. 98 travels northwest to Eaton Park and Downtown Lakeland and southeast to Highland City and Lakeland. A major route through the Florida peninsula, U.S. 98 overall connects Lake Okeechobee and West Palm Beach to south with the Nature Coast and the Florida panhandle to the north and west. Photo taken 09/20/17.
SR 570 (Polk Parkway) travels a viaduct as it spans Reynolds Road and low lying areas en route eastward. Photo taken 09/20/17.
SR 540 (Winter Lake Road) extends east from the Polk Parkway at Exit 14 to reach Winter Haven and the Legoland theme park. The family based theme park opened October 2011 on the former Cypress Gardens site. Photo taken 09/20/17.
Polk Parkway shifts three quarters of a mile north ahead of the Central main line toll plaza and Exit 14 with SR 540 (Winter Lake Road). Photo taken 09/20/17.
SR 540 originates at U.S. 98, just south of Polk Parkway. Following Winter Lake Road, the state road heads east to the Circle B Bar Reserve and Lake Hancock before curving north to connect with the south side of SR 570 at Exit 14. Photo taken 09/20/17.
The wye interchange (Exit 14) with SR 540 (Winter Lake Road) is located just beyond the Central toll plaza. SR 540 constitutes a multilane arterial east to Eagle Lake, Winter Haven and U.S. 17. Photo taken 09/20/17.
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2 photos
Traffic partitions with a SunPass lane to the left and five toll booths ahead of the two-lane off-ramp (Exit 14) for SR 540. SR 540 travels east overall to the Legoland theme park and U.S. 27 south of Dundee. Photos taken 09/20/17.
A sweeping curve takes SR 570 (Polk Parkway) northward for its leg to U.S. 92 (Exit 17) and ultimately I-4 (Exit 24). Photo taken 09/20/17.
A second wye interchange links SR 540 west with SR 570 (Polk Parkway) by the Polk County landfill. The toll road progresses north into western reaches of the Auburndale city limits at the K-ville Avenue (CR 542) overpass. Photo taken 09/20/17.
15 miles in SR 570 completes its turn north. Polk Parkway continues this course to its end in nine miles. Photo taken 09/20/17.
U.S. 92 connects Polk Parkway with eastern reaches of Lakeland in 1.25 miles. The U.S. highway locally extends east to Auburndale and Lake Alfred. Overall, U.S. 92 crosses the state, linking St. Petersburg and Tampa with Orlando and Daytona Beach. Photo taken 09/20/17.
K-ville Avenue crosses SR 570 (Polk Parkway) one mile out from U.S. 92 (Exit 17). U.S. 92 parallels a CSX Railroad line west to Memorial Boulevard through Lakeland and east to Magnolia Avenue in Auburndale. Photo taken 09/20/17.
Entering the folded diamond interchange (Exit 17) with U.S. 92 on SR 570 (Polk Parkway) eastbound. Photo taken 09/20/17.
Traveling north across another reclaimed strip mine, SR 570 next meets Old Dixie Highway at a diamond interchange (Exit 18). Photo taken 09/20/17.
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2 photos
Old Dixie Highway was formerly a part of CR 546, which begins one mile to the west along Saddle Creek Road. Photos taken 09/20/17.
Old Dixie Highway leads east from Exit 18 to CR 655 (Berkley Road) and Lake Ariana in Auburndale. Westward, Old Dixie Highway follows a stair stepped route to Saddle Creek Road (CR 546) and Main Street (CR 542) at Carter's Corner. Photo taken 09/20/17.
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2 photos
Polk Parkway (SR 570) narrows to two lanes north of Old Dixie Highway ahead of Lake Myrtle and the Eastern toll plaza. Photos taken 05/30/19.
Residences in the Lake Myrtle Shores and Country Acres communities line the east side of the Polk Parkway on the one mile approach to the Eastern toll plaza. Photo taken 05/30/19.
Braddock Road spans SR 570 eastbound prior to the Eastern toll plaza. Photo taken 05/30/19.
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2 photos
The Eastern toll plaza lies between mile markers 21 and 22 along SR 570 east. Photos taken 05/30/19.
Leaving the final mainline toll plaza, SR 570 advances one mile to Pace Road (Exit 23). A maintenance road connects this stretch of Polk Parkway with the adjacent Florida's Turnpike Enterprise (FTX) SunTrax testing facility. The 475 acre site includes a 2.25 mile long oval track used for high-speed autonomous vehicle testing. Photo taken 05/30/19.
Exit 23 connects with Pace Road east to CR 655 (Berkley Road) and University Boulevard west, which serves Florida Polytechnic University. The parclo interchange opened in 2011. Photo taken 05/30/19.
Two lanes depart for Pace Road (Exit 23) along SR 570 (Polk Parkway) east. University Boulevard winds westward to Florida Polytechnic University and SR 33. Photo taken 05/30/19.
Polk Parkway ends in one mile at a trumpet interchange with Interstate 4 (Exit 24) to the southwest of Polk City. Photo taken 05/30/19.
I-4 heads northeast from Exit 24 to the southern reaches of the greater Orlando area, including the Disney World, SeaWorld, and Universal Orlando resort complexes. Photo taken 05/30/19.
The final confirming marker for SR 570 east on the approach to the I-4 exchange (Exit 24). Photo taken 05/30/19.
The addition of Exit 23 to Polk Parkway included widening the northernmost stretch to four lanes to the exchange (Exit 24) with Interstate 4. Photo taken 05/30/19.
Traffic on SR 570 partitions for Interstate 4 east to Orlando and west through Lakeland to Plant City and Tampa. Photo taken 05/30/19.

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