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Florida State Road 573 makes up the southernmost portion of Dale Mabry Highway, taking the route 1.90 miles south from the turn of U.S. 92 onto Gandy Boulevard to the Mac Dill Air Force Base main gate. The commercial arterial carries four lanes north from a roundabout with Marcum Street to Ballast Point Boulevard, and five lanes from there to U.S. 92.

Historically State Road 573 was previously designated as the southernmost section of State Road 685. This coincided with the designation of Interbay Boulevard west to Port Tampa City as Florida Secondary 685A.

The 1955 Florida Official Highway Map shows both Dale Mabry Highway south of U.S. 92 as SR 685 and Interbay Boulevard as SR 685A Today Interbay Boulevard is undesignated.
Florida State Road 573 North
Leaving the roundabout with Marcum Street west along SR 573 (Dale Mabry Highway) northbound. Photo taken 09/05/15.
A northbound SR 573 shield assembly follows along Dale Mabry Highway. Photo taken 09/05/15.
Interbay Boulevard crosses paths with Dale Mabry Highway at the first of many traffic lights northbound. The two-lane road heads west to the Port Tampa City community and northeast to the Interbay and Ballast Point neighborhoods. Photo taken 09/05/15.
Oklahoma Avenue comprises a residential street across the Gandy/Sun Bay South neighborhood. The signal with Dale Mabry Highway serves a nearby elementary school. Photo taken 09/05/15.
Continuing north from Oklahoma Avenue, motorists along Dale Mabry highway see another shield for SR 573. Photo taken 09/05/15.
Ballast Point Boulevard west ends at the subsequent northbound signal on SR 573 across from two big box stores. Photo taken 09/05/15.
A quarter mile further north is the SR 573 end and turn of U.S. 92 from Gandy Boulevard onto Dale Mabry Highway. U.S. 92 doubles as SR 600 through South Tampa. Photo taken 09/05/15.
Gandy Boulevard leads west from Bayshore Boulevard on Hillsborough Bay to become U.S. 92 west to Bayside West and the Gandy Bridge across Old Tampa and Tampa Bays. Photo taken 09/05/15.
U.S. 92 provides a direct link to Downtown St. Petersburg via Gandy Boulevard / Bridge west and 4th Street North south. U.S. 92 east extends Dale Mabry Highway north seven miles to Hillsborough Avenue (SR 580). Photo taken 09/05/15.
Florida State Road 573 South
A reassurance marker appears for SR 573 as Dale Mabry Highway leaves U.S. 92 and passes by a loop ramp onto the Le Roy Selmon Expressway (SR 618). Photo taken 09/05/15.
Ballast Point Boulevard stems east from SR 573 and a big box retail center through the Ballast Point neighborhood to Bayshore Boulevard. A second section of the street runs east from there toward Ballast Point, where a park and pier are located. Photo taken 09/05/15.
Oklahoma Avenue runs west to Westshore Boulevard (CR 587) and east to Himes Avenue by Chiaramonte Elementary School. Photo taken 09/05/15.
A second and final shield for SR 573 south stands south of Oklahoma Avenue. Photo taken 09/05/15.
State named streets cross Dale Mabry Highway further south through the Gandy/Sun Bay South neighborhood. Posted beyond Iowa Street is a dynamic message sign for the Mac Dill AFB main gate. Photo taken 09/05/15.
Interbay Boulevard angles southwest from Ballast Point to cross paths with SR 573 (Dale Mabry Highway) en route to Port Tampa City. There the boulevard connects with Westshore Boulevard (CR 587) north and Commerce Street west toward Picnic Island Park. Photo taken 09/05/15.
A series of signs precede the roundabout with Marcum Street and entrance to MacDill A.F.B. Photo taken 09/05/15.
Marcum Street spurs west from SR 573 (Dale Mabry Highway) to the MacDill A.F.B. Visitors Center and a couple of industrial businesses. The roundabout at Dale Mabry Highway provides motorists with the opportunity to loop back north before the gate. Photo taken 09/05/15.
Dale Mabry Highway transitions to North Boundary Boulevard en route to the commissary and other businesses on base. SR 573 officially ends at the base entrance. Photo taken 09/05/15.

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