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Florida State Road 580 East
SR 580 initially travels over the original western extent of Memorial Highway in Hillsborough County before veering southward ahead of Double Branch Road along Hillsborough Avenue. Memorial Highway remains as a local road to the north near Countryway and again through Town 'N' Country. Photo taken 05/16/15.
State Road 580 spans Double Branch after intersecting the road by the same name. Photo taken 11/15/16.
Countryway Boulevard winds north from SR 580 (Hillsborough Avenue) as the main route to Countryside. Countryside is an master planned community consisting of twenty neighborhoods both along Countryway Boulevard north and Waters Avenue east. Photo taken 05/16/15.
Montague Street links SR 580 with parallel Memorial Highway near Braulio Alonso High School. Photo taken 05/16/15.
Silvermill Drive and Marina Pointe Village Court come together at the next eastbound traffic light. Photo taken 05/16/15.
Longboat Boulevard links SR 580 with The Cove subdivision to the north and as the lone connector to a series of canal lined neighborhoods off Double Bayou to the south. Photo taken 05/16/15.
A reassurance marker for SR 580 east appears after Longboat Boulevard. Photo taken 11/15/16.
Entering the commercialized area surrounding the crossroads of SR 580 (Hillsborough Avenue), Sheldon Road and Memorial Highway. Sheldon Road enters from the north as CR 589, a 5.48-mile route between Town 'N' Country and CR 587 at Citrus Park. Photo taken 05/16/15.
SR 580 (Hillsborough Avenue) meets the Veterans Expressway (SR 589) directly at Exit 4. Memorial Highway provides a more direct route to SR 589 south to SR 60 from Town 'N' Country. Photo taken 05/16/15.
Memorial Highway (CR 576) branches southeast from SR 580 through Town 'N' Country to the SR 589 frontage roads. West from Sheldon Road, Memorial Highway consists of a two lane local road. Photo taken 05/16/15.
The remainder of State Road 580 (Hillsborough Avenue) through Town 'N' Country consists of slow moving six lane commercial arterial. Photo taken 05/16/15.
Webb Road provides a cut off between Hillsborough Avenue and Memorial Highway. Photo taken 05/16/15.
Town 'N' Country Boulevard meets SR 580 at the next signal. The local road serves a number of older subdivisions. Photo taken 05/16/15.
Shield assembly for SR 580 east posted across from Westgate Shopping Center. Photo taken 05/16/15.
Kelly Road follows at the first of back to back signals to link SR 580 with Memorial Highway. Photo taken 05/16/15.
Hanley Road extends north from SR 580 as a through road to become Wilsky Boulevard ahead of the Veterans Expressway at Exit 8. Photo taken 05/16/15.
SR 580 crosses Sweetwater Creek just east of Hanley Road and ahead of this shield marker. Photo taken 05/16/15.
Sawyer Road ties in from the north at the next eastbound signal. Photo taken 05/16/15.
George Road serves a number of business parks west of the Veterans Expressway. Photo taken 05/16/15.
Advancing to the diamond interchange joining SR 580 with SR 589 (Veterans Expressway) and its associated frontage roads (Eisenhower Boulevard). Photo taken 05/16/15.
Eisenhower Boulevard parallels SR 589 (Veterans Expressway) south from SR 580 to Memorial Highway adjacent to Tampa International Airport (TPA). Photo taken 05/16/15.
State Road 589 joins Tampa with Land O' Lakes in Pasco and Brooksville in Hernando Counties to the north. Photo taken 05/16/15.
A major widening project underway between 2013 and 2018 upgraded the Veterans Expressway. With the addition of Express Lanes, the toll road was expanded to six or eight lanes. Modifications were also made at several of the interchanges. Cashless tolling was implemented along SR 589 starting in 2014 as well. Photo taken 05/16/15.
A trumpet interchange originally joined Eisenhower Boulevard (old SR 589) with SR 580 (Hillsborough Avenue). A grassy field to the northeast of the Veterans Expressway alludes to the former exchange. SR 580 continues to Benjamin Road opposite the north end of the Tampa Airport runways. Photo taken 09/09/13.
Benjamin Road parallels the Veterans Expressway north from SR 580 by several commerce parks to Waters Avenue (CR 584). Photo taken 05/16/15.
The reassurance marker for SR 580 posted after Benjamin Road was replaced with a speed limit 45 mph sign by 2014. Photo taken 09/09/13.
Hoover Boulevard runs north from SR 580 as an industrial arterial to become Anderson Road en route to Country Run and Carrollwood. Photo taken 05/16/15.
Anderson Road angles southeast from Hoover Boulevard to intersect SR 580 (Hillsborough Avenue) across from Air Cargo Road south. Air Cargo Road replaced Westshore Road southward to the cargo facilities at Tampa International Airport (TPA). Photo taken 05/16/15.
Industrial businesses line the north side of SR 580 east through Hesperides Street. Retail and fast food fronts the road further east to Dale Mabry Highway. Photo taken 05/16/15.
Hesperides Street stems north from SR 580 (Hillsborough Avenue) by Pierce Middle School through a residential street grid to Sligh Avenue. Photo taken 05/16/15.
Lois Avenue follows at the next signal through the industrial Drew Park area south to Tampa Bay Boulevard. Photo taken 05/16/15.
One quarter mile west of the six-ramp parclo interchange between SR 580 (Hillsborough Avenue) and U.S. 92 (Dale Mabry Highway). SR 580 turns north onto Dale Mabry Highway to Busch Boulevard while U.S. 92 takes over Hillsborough Avenue east toward Seminole Heights. Photo taken 05/16/15.
Eastbound Hillsborough Avenue at the westbound on-ramp to U.S. 92 (Dale Mabry Highway) at Drew Park. U.S. 92 leads south to George M. Steinbrenner Field, Raymond James Stadium and Gandy Boulevard in South Tampa. Photo taken 05/16/15.
Dale Mabry Highway consists of a multi-lane arterial north from MacDill Air Force Base at South Tampa to U.S. 41 at Land O' Lakes in Pasco County. An upgrade of the route to a partially access controlled parkway was planned in 1981. The interchanges at Hillsborough Avenue and Busch Boulevard were the only upgrades that took place as increasing business presence along the route halted further enhancements. Photo taken 05/16/15.
State Road 580 loops onto Dale Mabry Highway north toward Carrollwood. U.S. 92 continues Hillsborough Avenue east to Eureka Springs. Photo taken 05/16/15.
State Road 580 continues north from Hillsborough Avenue along the six-lane Dale Mabry Highway Photo taken 05/16/15.
Pine Crest Manor Boulevard east and Lambright Street west, arterial roads serving unincorporated suburbs north of the Tampa city line, come together at SR 580 (Dale Mabry Highway) 0.75 miles north of U.S. 92. Lambright Street east to Sligh Avenue is the former alignment of Florida Secondary 598. Photo taken 05/16/15.
Dale Mabry Highway northbound at Hamilton Avenue, a local through street west to Manhattan Avenue and east to Himes Avenue. Photo taken 05/16/15.
Waters Avenue (CRy 584) provides a direct connection to SR 589 (Veterans Expressway) from Dale Mabry Highway within the Carrollwood vicinity. Photo taken 05/16/15.
County Road 584 follows Waters Avenue west beyond SR 589 to the Countryway community and an end at Countryway Boulevard in 7.22 miles. Photo taken 05/16/15.
Unsigned County Road 587A continues Waters Avenue east 2.78 miles from Dale Mabry Highway to U.S. 41 Business (Florida Avenue) near Sulphur Springs. Photo taken 06/01/14.
Humphrey Street intersects SR 580 one quarter mile north of Waters Avenue as local road between Manhattan and Himes Avenues. Photo taken 05/16/15.
Advancing northward along Dale Mabry Highway, SR 580 approaches the folded diamond interchange with Busch Boulevard east and Gunn Highway (CR 587) north. Photo taken 05/16/15.
Hillsborough County Road 587 begins at SR 580 (Dale Mabry Highway) and follows Gunn Highway northwest to the Plantation community, Citrus Park, Cosme, Keystone and Lake Fern. Photo taken 05/16/15.
SR 580 loops away from Dale Mabry Highway north to join Busch Boulevard east by White Trout Lake to north Tampa. County Road 587 ends 14.64 miles to the north at Odessa in Pasco County with SR 54. Photo taken 05/16/15.
The remaining 6.86 miles of SR 580 east lines Busch Boulevard to Temple Terrace. SR 597 begins and continues Dale Mabry Highway another 10.64 miles to Land O' Lakes. Photo taken 05/16/15.
Leaving Dale Mabry Highway, SR 580 (Busch Boulevard) parallels a CSX Railroad line through the Carrollwood vicinity. Photo taken 03/15/14.
Mileage sign posted five miles from the Busch Gardens theme park and seven miles from the Temple Terrace city center. Photo taken 09/07/14.
Himes Avenue concludes its parallel alignment to Dale Mabry Highway north from South Tampa, Oakford Park and West Tampa at Busch Boulevard in Carrollwood. Photo taken 03/15/14.
Twin Lakes Boulevard north and Mossvale Lane south meet at the next eastbound traffic light along SR 580. Photo taken 03/15/14.
Orange Grove Drive, signed incorrectly here as Road, meanders north from Busch Boulevard between Lake Carroll and White Trout Lake through leafy residential areas to Lake Ellen and Fletcher Avenue. Photo taken 09/07/14.
SR 580 reenters the city of Tampa ahead of Armenia Avenue. The state road previously entered Tampa between Hoover Boulevard and the interchange with U.S. 92 at Dale Mabry Highway. Photo taken 03/15/14.
Armenia Avenue runs north parallel to the Tampa city line to Forest Hills and south to Henry Avenue near U.S. 92. The through road south was formerly Florida Secondary 587A. Photo taken 01/18/14.
A reassurance marker for SR 580 east after Armenia Avenue alludes to the former SR 587A. Photo taken 09/07/14.
North Boulevard connects SR 580 with the Forest Hills and Lowry Park neighborhoods. Photo taken 01/18/14.
A half mile east from North Boulevard, SR 580 (Busch Boulevard) approaches U.S. 41 Business (Florida Avenue). Photo taken 03/29/18.
A folded diamond interchange provides access to Interstate 275 just east of U.S. 41 Business (Florida Avenue). The exchange is often congested with all movements to the left from Busch Boulevard eastbound. Photo taken 03/29/18.
U.S. 41 Business parallels I-275 to the west along Florida Avenue north toward Lutz and south to Hillsborough Avenue, where it shifts into a one-way couplet to Tampa Heights and Downtown. Photo taken 01/18/14.
Busch Boulevard expands to six lanes east from U.S. 41 Business (Florida Avenue). Photo taken 03/29/18.
Forming a 60.64-mile loop west of I-75, Interstate 275 connects Tampa and St. Petersburg with the Sunshine Skyway to the south and Pasco County to the north. Photo taken 01/18/14.
Interstate 275 south heads four miles to the Downtown Interchange with I-4 near Ybor City. Photo taken 03/29/18.
St. Petersburg is a 28-mile drive to the south from SR 580 (Busch Boulevard). Photo taken 03/29/18.
A short left turn lane follows the I-275 overpasses for the northbound on-ramp to Wesley Chapel and Ocala (via I-75 north). Photo taken 03/29/18.
Interstate 275 constitutes a six to eight lane freeway from Downtown Tampa to Bearss Avenue at north Tampa. The freeway is always busy with commuters and through traffic to I-75. Photo taken 03/29/18.
State Road 580 (Busch Boulevard) east quickly approaches U.S. 41 (Nebraska Avenue) beyond the ramps with I-275. Photo taken 09/07/14.
U.S. 41 travels south along Nebraska Avenue to the Tampa Dog Track, Sulphur Springs, and U.S. 92 (Hillsborough Avenue) at Seminole Heights. Northward the route parallels I-275 to Lutz. Photo taken 03/29/18.
Busch Boulevard east from U.S. 41 retains six overall lanes to the state road end at N 56th Street. Photo taken 03/29/18.
Most north-south streets are numbered as SR 580 continues east from U.S. 41 to Temple Terrace. N 22nd Street intersects Busch Boulevard near Hillsborough Heights. Photo taken 03/29/18.
N 26th Street follows at a signalized intersection east of adjacent Van Buren Middle School south of SR 580. Photo taken 09/07/14.
N 30th Street (unsigned County Road 581) intersects SR 580 (Busch Boulevard) at the southwest corner of the Busch Gardens theme park. CR 581 comprises a through route north to USF Medical Center and New Tampa. Photo taken 09/07/14.
N 40th Street becomes Malcolm McKinley Drive (CR 585A) north at SR 580 (Busch Boulevard) to both the Busch Gardens and Adventure Island theme parks. CR 585A ends at SR 582 by the campus of USF. Photo taken 03/29/18.
Reassurance marker posted for SR 580 east after County Road 585A (Malcolm McKinley Drive). Photo taken 09/07/14.
N 46th Street heads north from Riverhills Drive to SR 580, Adventure Island and SR 582 (Fowler Avenue). Photo taken 09/07/14.
State Road 580 (Busch Boulevard) east at N 50th Street. Photo taken 09/07/14.
Crossing the Temple Terrace city line along SR 580 east between N 52nd Street and Overlook Drive. Photo taken 09/07/14.
Trailblazers for both I-4 and I-75 precede SR 583 (N 56th Street) along SR 580 for visitors leaving Busch Gardens. Motorists bound for I-75 are directed north onto SR 583 to SR 582 east. Photo taken 09/07/14.
State Road 583 lines N 56th Street north to SR 582 (Fowler Avenue). Southward the 6.01-mile route ends at U.S. 41 (Melbourne Boulevard) near Grant Park in Tampa. Photo taken 09/07/14.
SR 580 and Busch Boulevard end at SR 583 (N 56th Street). Bullard Parkway extends the boulevard east to the Hillsborough River where it becomes Temple Terrace Highway. This stretch of roadway doubles as unsigned County Road 580 to Harney Road. Photo taken 09/07/14.
Turning south onto SR 583 (North 56th Street), motorists bound to Interstate 4 are directed to U.S. 92 (Hillsborough Avenue) east for I-4 east and SR 583 south to U.S. 41 to access the freeway at N 50th Street. Photo taken 09/07/14.

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