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State Road 583 branches 6.01 miles north from the U.S. 41 turn from N 50th Street onto Melbourne Boulevard at Highland Pines in Tampa to SR 582 (Fowler Avenue) in Temple Terrace. Following N 50th Street, SR 583 passes by Grant Park to exit Tampa via Lake Avenue northeast to N 56th Street by unincorporated Harney. The route advances due north to cross the Hillsborough River into Temple Terrace, where it comprises a commercial boulevard north to become County Road 583 at Fowler Avenue. CR 583 extends N 56th Street another mile to Fletcher Avenue (CR 582A).

State Road 583 showed up by 1959 as a secondary route along N 50th and 56th Streets and Lake Avenue between U.S. 41 and U.S. 92 (Hillsborough Avenue). The route was completed as a four-lane roadway to SR 582 by 1965.

Florida Secondary 583 ran north from U.S. 41 in Tampa to U.S. 92 (Hillsborough Avenue) near Harney in 1959.
Florida State Road 583 North
Approaching SR 574 (Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Boulevard) on SR 583 (North 50th Street) at Grant Park in Tampa. This assembly was removed by 2008 when a sidewalk was added. Photo taken 05/08/06.
SR 574 leads west 0.75 miles through the Eastern Heights neighborhood to intersect U.S. 41 (North 40th Street). Photo taken 05/08/06.
SR 574 follows Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Boulevard across Tampa to end at U.S. 92 (Dale Mabry Highway) at Drew Park. The state road leaves the city via Orient Park and an interchange with Interstate 4. Photo taken 05/08/06.
SR 583 (North 56th Street) meets the east end of SR 580 (Busch Boulevard) one half mile north of the Hillsborough River in Temple Terrace. SR 580 provides a direct route to Interstate 275, as does SR 582, 1.5 miles to the north. Photo taken 03/15/14.
North 56th Street was redesigned by 2011 into a parkway type road with raised medians, wider sidewalks and palm trees replacing oak trees. This coincided with the demolition of Terrace Plaza shopping center. This overhead was removed and later replaced as part of the project. Photo taken 03/19/06.
A new sign was installed by 2010 for SR 580 west to Busch Gardens. The theme park lines the north side of Busch Boulevard in 1.5 miles. SR 580 otherwise extends west across Tampa to Carrollwood, Town 'N Country, Oldsmar, Safety Harbor, Clearwater and Dunedin. Photo taken 03/15/14.
Bullard Parkway stems east from the end of SR 580 and Busch Boulevard as County Road 580. The designation however is only signed here, despite CR 580 running east along Temple Terrace Highway to Harney and Morris Bridge Roads near U.S. 301. Photo taken 03/15/14.
Shopping centers line both sides of SR 583 (North 56th Street) as the state road leaves SR 580 (Busch Boulevard). Photo taken 03/15/14.
An I-75 trailblazer directs motorists to remain along SR 583 (North 56th Street) north to SR 582 (Fowler Avenue) east. Photo taken 03/15/14.
Temple Heights Road runs west from North 56th Street to the Busch Gardens parking area off Malcolm McKinley Drive (CR 585A). Photo taken 03/15/14.
Mission Hills Avenue intersects SR 583 west from Temple Terrace Golf & Country Club. The residential street becomes Linebaugh Avenue west beyond the Tampa city line through the Terrace Park neighborhood. Photo taken 03/15/14.
Whiteway Drive comprises a residential through road east from Serena Drive and the Tampa city line to Riverhills Drive in Temple Terrace. Photo taken 03/15/14.
A half mile north of Whiteway Drive is the terminus of SR 583 at SR 582 (Fowler Avenue). Photo taken 03/15/14.
SR 582 (Fowler Avenue) constitutes a six to eight lane arterial joining the University of South Florida with Interstate 75 just outside the Temple Terrace city limits. Photo taken 03/15/14.
SR 582 ends to the east at U.S. 301 near rural Thonotosassa. Westward the state road follows Fowler Avenue to U.S. 41 Business (Florida Avenue) at Country Club Drive in East Forest Hills, Tampa. Photo taken 03/15/14.
Florida State Road 583 South
The first confirming marker for SR 583 south stands just beyond a lane drop south of SR 582 (Fowler Avenue). Photo taken 09/13/16.
Whiteway Drive intersects SR 583 (56th Street) at a traffic light east of the Terrace Park neighborhood of Tampa and west from Riverhills Drive in Temple Terrace. Photo taken 09/13/16.
Mission Hills Avenue parallels Whiteway Drive a half mile to the south. The residential street stems west from Temple Terrace Golf & Country Club to become Linebaugh Avenue through Terrace Park in Tampa. Photo taken 09/13/16.
A traffic light operates at 56th Street and Temple Heights Road adjacent to a private school and east of apartment complexes west of the Temple Terrace city line. Photo taken 09/13/16.
Retail surrounds the upcoming junction of SR 583 (56th Street) with SR 580 (Busch Boulevard) west and Hillsborough County Road 580 (Bullard Parkway) east. Photo taken 09/13/16.
Busch Boulevard comprises a busy six lane arterial west to Busch Gardens, North Tampa, Sulphur Springs and Interstate 275 in the city of Tampa. Photo taken 09/13/16.
SR 580 begins a nearly 29-mile route from SR 583 in Temple Terrace to Clearwater and Dunedin in Pinellas County. County Road 580 extends 2.5 miles east from the state road end along Bullard Parkway and Temple Terrace Highway to Harney Road. Photo taken 09/13/16.
Reassurance marker for SR 583 south posted along North 56th Street by the commercialized intersection with SR 580 (Busch Boulevard). Photo taken 09/07/14.
SR 583 south provides the main route to Interstate 4 from the city of Temple Terrace. The state road ends at U.S. 41, with Gibsonton referenced as the destination for the US highway south of Tampa. Photo taken 09/07/14.
Riverhills Drive parallels the Hillsborough River west from SR 583 into the city of Tampa and east and north throughout Temple Terrace as a residential through road. Photo taken 09/07/14.
Four lanes of SR 583 (North 56th Street) span the Hillsborough River. The state road exits the city of Temple Terrace southbound. Photo taken 09/07/14.
Puritan Road intersects SR 583 at this signal east of a number of apartment and condominiums and west as a local street to 58th Street. Photo taken 09/07/14.
Sligh Avenue follows at the next southbound traffic light. This section of the avenue leads west to the Tampa city line at North 43rd Street and east to U.S. 301 by the Tampa Bypass Canal. Photo taken 09/07/14.
Advancing southward, SR 583 (North 56th Street) bisects a large industrial area through Harney. Hanna Avenue intersects the state road in this scene. Photo taken 09/07/14.
SR 583 (North 56th Street) crosses a CSX Railroad at grade before the junction with U.S. 92 (Hillsborough Avenue). Photo taken 09/07/14.
U.S. 92 leads east directly to Interstate 4 at Eureka Springs, where the two briefly merge along the freeway collector distributor roadways. SR 583 south to U.S. 41 south meanwhile provides a direct route to I-4 west to Ybor City and Downtown Tampa. Photo taken 09/07/14.
U.S. 92 follows Hillsborough Avenue east to Mango, Dover and Plant City and west across Tampa to Dale Mabry Highway at Drew Park. The bulk of the road west of I-4 consists of a busy commercial arterial. Photo taken 09/07/14.

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