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Separate roadways depart SR 60 west for SR 589 north at the three-wye interchange with Courtney Campbell Causeway west. The inner roadway splits from the SR 60 (Memorial Highway) mainline while the outer roadway starts from the I-275 northbound off-ramp and TPA Airport interchange.

Florida State Road 589 North
The outer roadway handles traffic movements from I-275 north, SR 616 (Spruce Street) west and Tampa International Airport (TPA). A left side ramp peels away for SR 60 west to Clearwater while four lanes continue north to a diamond interchange (Exit 3) with Memorial Highway (CR 576) . Photo taken 01/13/17.
Exit 3 connects the outer roadway of SR 589 with Memorial Highway (CR 576) west to George Road south for Independence Parkway. Photo taken 11/05/13.
Independence Parkway branches west from the SR 589 inner roadway to Memorial Parkway (CR 576) via Exit 2B. Photo taken 10/05/15.
Three lanes prepare to depart from the outer roadway of SR 589 north for the continuation of Memorial Highway west to Town 'n' Country and Eisenhower Boulevard, a north side frontage road to SR 580 (Hillsborough Avenue). Photo taken 01/13/17.
A begin State Road 589 Toll System shield assembly precedes the Exit 3 gore point. Photo taken 11/21/19.
Exit 3 parts ways with the Veterans Expressway. Mostly unsigned, County Road 576 follows 2.65 miles of Memorial Highway west to SR 580 (Hillsborough Avenue) and unsigned CR 589. Memorial Highway continues northwest from there as a local roadway to the Countryway community. Photo taken 01/13/17.
Taking the off-ramp at Exit 3, Eisenhower expands to three lanes ahead of Hillsborough County Road 576 west. A second section of County Road 576 is assigned in Hernando County. Photo taken 01/01/06.
Hillsborough County Road 576 shield posted at the left turn from Eisenhower onto Memorial. The interchange is the only place where the county road is signed. Photo taken 01/01/06.
SR 589 next approaches SR 580 (Hillsborough Avenue) at Exit 4. SR 580 lines the northern periphery of Tampa International Airport (TPA) east to neighborhoods of North Tampa an interchange at Dale Mabry Highway (U.S. 92). The state road leads west to Town 'n' Country and Pinellas County. Photo taken 05/04/19.
Exit 4 departs SR 589 (Veterans Expressway) north for SR 580 (Hillsborough Avenue) east to Drew Park, Carrollwood and North Tampa. SR 580 joins the Tampa area with Oldsmar, Safety Harbor and Dunedin to the west. Photo taken 01/26/18.
Confirming marker for SR 589 north posted after the SR 580 underpass. Prior to the 2013-17 widening, the Veterans Expressway narrowed to four overall lanes at this point. Photo taken 01/26/18.
The Veterans Express Lane begins north of milepost 4 at the Johns Road underpass. Toll rates vary depending upon traffic flow in the general travel lanes. Photo taken 05/04/19.
A sign at the Johns Road underpass identifies SR 589 as a part of Florida's Turnpike System. SunPass is accepted on SR 589, like all other segments of the Florida's Turnpike Enterprise (FTE) operated roads. Photo taken 05/04/19.
The forthcoming Express Toll lanes provide uninterrupted travel northward to Gunn Highway (Exit 9). Photo taken 01/26/18.
The next two exits along the Veterans Expressway serve the Carrollwood area. Photo taken 05/04/19.
A diamond interchange (Exit 6A) joins SR 589 with Waters Avenue (Hillsborough County Road 584) in one half mile. Photo taken 01/26/18.
County Road 584 overlays Waters Avenue east to SR 580 (Dale Mabry Highway) south of Carrollwood and west to Countryway for a distance of 7.22 miles. Photo taken 01/26/18.
A wye interchange joins SR 589 north with adjacent Anderson Road. Anderson Road runs north to Carrollwood and south to Sligh Avenue in the Airport industrial area. Photo taken 05/04/19.
The Waters Street entrance ramp forms a collector distributor roadway to Exit 6B. The roadway was added during the Veterans Expressway widening, which replaced left side ramps for Anderson Road and a main line toll plaza here. Photo taken 04/21/18.
The Veterans Expressway winds west to pass over Henderson Road. The succeeding exit departs in one mile for Linebaugh Avenue. Photo taken 01/26/18.
The first of two main line all electronic toll (AET) collection points lies one half mile south of the loop ramp (Exit 7) for Linebaugh Avenue. The toll gantry replaced toll booths located at the Anderson Road off-ramp. Photo taken 01/26/18.
Reassurance marker posted ahead of the CSX Railroad underpass on SR 589 north. Photo taken 01/13/17.
Linebaugh Avenue leads west from SR 580 (Dale Mabry Highway) at Carrollwood to Westchase and the Tampa Downs Race Track. Prior to 2016, there was no direct access to the arterial eastbound from SR 589. Veterans Expressway widening included construction of a broader loop ramp to Linebaugh Avenue with a new left turn lane for eastbound. Photo taken 05/04/19.
Plastic pylons separate the Express Lane north to the egress point after Wilsky Boulevard. A toll schedule sign precedes the subsequent ingress point. Photo taken 05/04/19.
A loop ramp joins SR 589 north from Wilsky Boulevard three quarters of a mile from the Express Lanes ingress point. Photo taken 05/04/19.
Phase one of the Veterans Express Lanes extended to a point one mile south of the diamond interchange with Gunn Highway (County Road 587). Photo taken 05/04/19.
SR 589 north crosses Rocky Creek near this shield assembly posted north of Exit 8 (southbound only off-ramp). Photo taken 05/04/19.
One half mile south of Exit 9 for Gunn Highway. County Road 587 overlays the arterial route southeast through Carrollwood to the interchange with Busch Boulevard (SR 580 east) and Dale Mabry Highway (SR 597 north / SR 580 west). Photo taken 05/04/19.
The second ingress point for the Veterans Express Lanes lies just ahead of Gunn Highway. Photo taken 05/04/19.
County Road 587 takes a stair stepped route west from Exit 9 near Citrus Park Mall northwest through Citrus Park, Cosme, Fern Lake and Odessa. The 14.64-mile route concludes at SR 54 in southern Pasco County. Photo taken 05/04/19.
Passing over Rocky Creek again, SR 589 (Veterans Expressway) angles northeast toward a diamond interchange (Exit 10) with Ehrlich Road. Photo taken 05/04/19.
Ehrlich Road stems east from adjacent Gunn Highway (CR 587) at Citrus Park to Northdale, Carrollwood and Bearrs Avenue at Dale Mabry Highway. Photo taken 05/04/19.
SR 589 curves east across Bellamy Road by this northbound confirming marker. Photo taken 05/04/19.
The Veterans Expressway curves northward again beyond the upcoming AET gantry toward a diamond interchange (Exit 12) with Hutchinson Road. Photo taken 05/04/19.
Rate schedule sign for the second toll collection point. The AET gantry replaced the Sugarwood Mainline Plaza. Photo taken 05/04/19.
Sound walls were erected along the east side of SR 589 during the 2014-18, Phase II widening project . Exit 12 departs just beyond the Rawls Road underpass. Photo taken 05/04/19.
Exit 12 leaves SR 589 north for Hutchinson Road at the Northdale community. Hutchinson Road heads south to Ehrlich Road and west to Mobley Road by Pretty Lake. Photo taken 05/04/19.
The next exit along northbound is the split between the Veterans Expressway and Suncoast Parkway. Photo taken 05/04/19.
SR 589 continues north along the Suncoast Parkway, while SR 568 takes over for Veterans Expressway spur to Dale Mabry Highway (SR 597). Photo taken 05/04/19.
Turning again ahead of Lake Le Clare Road, SR 589 north advances to within a half mile of SR 568 east. Van Dyke Road (CR 685A) follows immediately north of Exit 13 as it parallels SR 568 east to Dale Mabry Highway. Photo taken 05/04/19.
The wye interchange (Exit 13) with the departing Veterans Expressway (SR 568) east comes into view. SR 568 extends the route 3.04 miles to SR 597. While not signed on overheads here, reassurance markers are posted along the route. Photo taken 05/04/19.
Exit 13 peels away with two lanes for the Veterans Expressway east to Lutz while the Suncoast Parkway begins its northward course into Pasco and Hernando Counties. Phase 2 of the Express Lanes concludes here. Photo taken 05/04/19.


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