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Florida State Road 589 South
Motorists turning onto the Suncoast Parkway south from U.S. 98 are alerted to the Oak Hammock Toll Plaza while on the on-ramp to SR 589. 07/19/07
A long single lane ramp leads motorists to the southbound roadway of the Suncoast Parkway. A roadway stub was located here previously before a 2014-15 project resurfaced the toll road in Hernando County. 07/03/15
The first reassurance marker for SR 589 appears at the U.S. 98 ramp merge. The entire Suncoast Parkway doubles as a Florida Scenic Highway. 07/03/15
Toll plazas along the Suncoast Parkway separate traffic between cash-paying drivers to the left and Sunpass account holders to the right. 07/19/07
Motorists with Sunpass accounts stay to the right and remain at speed while cash paying drivers depart to the left. 07/19/07
An electronic toll collection array hangs above the open road tolling lanes at the Oak Hammock Toll Plaza. 07/19/07
A second shield assembly for SR 589 lies south of the plaza. 07/03/15
Brooksville, seat of Hernando County, is served by the next exit in 14 miles. New Port Richey, seat of Pasco County is 37 miles away. 07/03/15
Travelers bound for Tampa Bay will reach Tampa International Airport (TPA) in 49 miles and junction I-275 to both Downtown Tampa and St. Petersburg, in 52 miles. 07/03/15
Suncoast Trail, a multi-use path, parallels the west side of the Suncoast Parkway throughout Hernando and Pasco Counties. This view looks ahead of County Road 476 (Centralia Road) at milepost 51. 07/03/15
Approaching the Bailey Hill Road overpass on SR 589 south. 07/19/07
The Suncoast Parkway remains rural to the Brooksville area. 07/03/15
SR 50 (Cortez Boulevard) meets the Suncoast Parkway at a diamond interchange (Exit 46) in one mile. 07/03/15
A roadway split precedes the Exit 46 off-ramp for SR 50. 07/19/07
SR 50 follows Cortez Boulevard west to U.S. 19 at the city of Weeki Wachee. The arterial route extends east four miles from Exit 46 to Jefferson Street (SR 50A). 07/03/15
Exit 46 departs SR 589 south for SR 50 (Cortez Boulevard). SR 50 bypasses Brooksville to the south to combine with U.S. 98 east to Interstate 75 and Ridge Manor. The 114-mile route ends at Titusville on the Space Coast. 07/03/15
Passing over Highfield Road, a guide sign indicates that the Suncoast Parkway is part of Florida's Turnpike System. 07/03/15
Masaryktown, an unincorporated community along U.S. 41, is the next destination of SR 589 south in seven miles. Tampa is now 48 miles away. 07/03/15
SR 589 kinks southwest toward the Spring Hill community on the 1.25 mile approach to Exit 41 with Hernando County Road 574 (Spring Hill Drive). 07/03/15
County Road 572 passes over the Suncoast Parkway one half mile north of the diamond interchange (Exit 41) with CR 574 (Spring Hill Drive). 07/03/15
A 12.46-mile route, County Road 574 leads west as the main arterial route to Spring Hill from Exit 41. Eastward, Spring Hill Drive ends at U.S. 41 beyond Brooksville-Tampa Bay Regional Airport (BKV). 07/03/15
The Suncoast Parkway turns south by BKV Airport at the Corporate Boulevard overpass. 07/03/15
New Port Richey is 25 miles further south along the Suncoast Parkway, with Tampa now 44 miles away. 07/03/15
40 miles remain before drivers reach Interstate 275 at the north end of the Howard Frankland Bridge across Old Tampa Bay. 07/03/15
The last Hernando County exit joins SR 589 with County Line Road (CR 578) west of Masaryktown in 1.25 miles. 07/03/15
County Road 578 (County Line Road) leads west to U.S. 19 at Spring Hill and east to U.S. 41 at Masaryktown. The route totals 10.82 miles. 07/03/15
Entering the diamond interchange (Exit 37) with County Line Road on SR 589 south. 07/03/15
Pasco County was formed in June 2, 1887 from the southern third of Hernando County. The coastal county was named for Samuel Pasco, a United States Senator from 1887 to 1899. 07/03/15
SR 589 (Suncoast Parkway) curves southwesterly within the first mile of Pasco County. 07/03/15
Bowman Road passes over the Suncoast Parkway west from U.S. 41 at South Masaryktown. An eight-mile exit less stretch ensues to SR 52, which provides one of two routes west to New Port Richey. 07/03/15
Approaching the first of two Pasco County toll collection points on SR 589 south. 07/03/15
The Suncoast Parkway travels between the Shady Hills area and Crews Lake toward the toll plaza. 07/03/15
Lawless Road spans SR 589 south one half mile ahead of the split between the cash lanes and open road tolling lanes. 07/03/15
Originally two cash lanes departed for the conventional toll plaza. This was reconfigured to one lane after 2007. 07/03/15
Passing under the toll collection array on the Sunpass-only lanes of SR 589 south. 07/03/15
A reassurance marker appears as the cash lane rejoins the Suncoast Parkway mainline ahead of the Caldwell Lane overpass. 07/03/15
Drivers are now 28 miles from Tampa International Airport (TPA), which lies just south of the SR 589 end off of SR 60 (Memorial Drive). 07/03/15
A diamond interchange (Exit 27) follows between the Suncoast Parkway and SR 52. 07/03/15
A 33.40-mile route, SR 52 traverses Pasco County between Bayonet Point to the west and Dade City to the east. 07/03/15
Exit 27 leaves SR 589 south for SR 52 to Gowers Corner (U.S. 41) and Moon Lake. 07/03/15
SR 52 travels east to San Antonio on the 24-mile drive to Dade City. The state road west connects with U.S. 19 south to New Port Richey. 07/03/15
West from SR 589, SR 52 expands into a four-lane divided highway through growing suburban areas to uninincorporated Bayonet Point. 07/03/15
SR 589 takes an S-curve south from the SR 52 ramps to a crossing of the Pithlachascotee River. 03/26/18
New Port Richey is reached in 24 miles via SR 589 south to SR 52 west. Tampa is 33 miles away via SR 60 east to I-275 north. 03/26/18
SR 589 spans the Pithlachascotee River just south of the adjacent Suncoast Lakes subdivision. The adjacent Suncoast Trail accompanies the southbound span. 03/26/18
The Suncoast Parkway traverses wetland areas southward, with bridges spanning Five Mile Creek. 03/26/18
Ramp stubs line both sides of SR 589 south of Fivemile Creek for a planned interchange with the proposed Ridge Road Extension. 03/26/18
Rising to cross the unconstructed Ridge Road Extension, southbound motorists see the first overhead for the next toll plaza. 03/26/18
The Suncoast Trail reappears alongside SR 589 south ahead of the toll plaza. Areas surrounding the toll road along this stretch are undeveloped and mostly within Jay B. Starkey Wilderness Park. 03/26/18
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2 photos
Again traffic separates with two Sunpass-only lanes and one left side ramp for the conventional toll booths. 03/26/18
Like the other toll plazas further north, an SR 589 reassurance marker follows. 03/26/18
Drivers once more are alerted to the distance to TPA Airport and Interstate 275 to both Tampa and St. Petersburg. 03/26/18
The second and final Pasco County interchange joins the Suncoast Parkway with SR 54 west to New Port Richey and east to Zephyrhills. 03/26/18
SR 54 begins in Elfers at U.S. 19 and ends in Zephyrhills at U.S. 98 & 301. The state road is discontinuous between its end points, with a county-maintained section between Land O' Lakes (SR 56) and SR 581 (Bruce B. Downs Boulevard). 03/26/18
Entering the diamond interchange with SR 54 on SR 589 south. SR 54 winds westward through Odessa and east through Land O'Lakes as the main arterial serving southern Pasco County. 03/26/18
The frontage of SR 589 becomes more suburban in nature from SR 54 southward into Hillsborough County. 03/26/18
One mile north of the August 14, 2009-opened off-ramp to Lutz-Lake Fern Road (former County Road 582A) on SR 589 south. 03/26/18
SR 589 curves westward from the South Branch River into Hillsborough County line. Wetlands abut the toll road along this stretch. 03/26/18
Lutz-Lake Fern Road connects the Suncoast Parkway with several golf-course communities nearby. CR 582 originally followed the road west to Gunn Highway (CR 587) and east to SR 597 (Dale Mabry Highway). 03/26/18
A folded diamond interchange joins SR 589 with Lutz-Lake Fern Road west of Lutz and east of Lake Fern. 03/26/18
Speed limits reduced from 70 to 60 miles per hour at Exit 16. 13 miles remain along SR 589 south to TPA Airport and SR 60 (Memorial Highway). 03/26/18
Angling southwest, SR 589 passes by the TPC of Tampa Bay golf course community and Lake Carlton to a diamond interchange (Exit 14) with County Road 685A (Van Dyke Road). 03/26/18
SR 589 reassurance shield assembly posted at the TPC Boulevard underpass along the Suncoast Parkway south. 03/26/18
The Suncoast Parkway elevates to pass over Ramblewood Road on the half-mile approach to Exit 14 and Van Dyke Road. County Road 685A overlays Van Dyke Road west to Gunn Highway (CR 587) and east to Simmons Road. 03/26/18
The forthcoming Veterans Expressway portion of SR 589 south uses all electronic tolling (AET). 03/26/18
Exit 14 parts ways with SR 589 south for CR 685A (Van Dyke Road) west to Keystone Lake and Lake Fern and east to SR 597 (Dale Mabry Highway) and Lutz. 03/26/18
County Road 685A pentagons beyond the ramp toll from SR 589 south. CR 685A is poorly signed outside of assemblies posted at the exchange with the Suncoast Parkway, and along Van Dyke Road nearby. 03/26/18
A wye interchange brings the Veterans Expressway (SR 568) west from Dale Mabry Highway (SR 597) to overtake the Suncoast Parkway south toward Tampa. 03/25/07
The Suncoast Parkway ends as SR 589 joins the Veterans Expressway south. 03/25/07
The eastern spur of the Veterans Expressway was renumbered to SR 568 when the Suncoast Parkway opened and extended SR 589 northward. An end shield for SR 568 appeared ahead of the gore point between the two toll roads. 09/16/17


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