Split into two segments, State Road 590 joins Clearwater with Safety Harbor and Safety Harbor with Oldsmar in Pinellas County. The western portion lines Drew Street east from U.S. 19 Alternate (Myrtle Avenue) north of Downtown to the Skycrest neighborhood and NE Coachman Road within the city of Clearwater. NE Coachman Road angles the route northeast to the Coachman Ridge community and U.S. 19. SR 590 turns east again by the Virginia Groves neighborhood to 10th Avenue S into the city of Safety Harbor.

Within Safety Harbor, SR 590 follows a stair stepped route along 14th Avenue S north, 4th Street S east and 10th Avenue S north to Delaware Street outside Downtown. The 6.803 mile section from Clearwater concludes at Suwanee Street, two blocks south of the east end of CR 576 on Main Street. SR 590 resumes in Safety Harbor northward along Philippe Parkway from Enterprise Road (CR 638) 1.35 miles north to SR 580 near Bridgeport.

The Moss Rainbow Arch Bridge along SR 590 (Coachman Road) spans Alligator Creek. The 37 foot long, single span was erected in 1927 by the Luten Bridge Company. Hangers suspended from the arch link with floor beams that support the concrete bridge deck. With a reinforced concrete through arch, the rainbow arch bridge on SR 590 is the only example of its type in the state of Florida.1

Prior to 1974, SR 590 extended 1.411 miles east along Drew Street from NE Coachman Road, then S-590A, to U.S. 19.2 This section was relinquished to Pinellas County and subsequently redesignated as County Road 528. The west end of SR 590 was truncated 0.247 miles east from Fort Harrison Avenue to Myrtle Avenue with the 2007 relocation of U.S. 19 Alternate at Downtown Clearwater.

Through Safety Harbor, the city took over maintenance of ten blocks of Main Street (SR 590) through Downtown from the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) in 1994. City officials sought to take over responsibility from the state to move forward with plans for a decorative streetscape project. Estimated to cost $2 million, reconstruction of Main Street included expanding the sidewalks, landscaping, custom street lighting and distinctive pavement markings. Additionally the city could lower the speed limit and close Main Street for special events without obtaining a permit from the state.3

The state offered to relinquish SR 590, from McMullen-Booth Road (CR 611) to SR 580 at the Oldsmar Bridge, to the city of Safety Harbor.3 City commissioners voted to take over the five-mile section of State Road 590 on July 5, 1994. However the $2.5 million streetscape and stormwater drainage project for Main Street in Downtown was not approved at the time. The vote allowed the city to take over the roadway, and a segment of old SR 590 along Philippe Parkway north of Mar Bay Lane, by early September 1994.4 Per the FDOT Straight Line Diagrams, only a 2.221 mile section of SR 590, from Delaware Street to Enterprise Road (CR 638), was ultimately transferred from the State Highway System (SHS).

Drew Street (former SR 590) - East
Osceola Street north at Drew Street, one block west of the original west end of SR 590 at Fort Harrison Avenue. 06/23/07
The first confirming marker for SR 590 remains posted along Drew Street east of Fort Harrison Avenue (old U.S. 19 Alternate) in Clearwater. 10/01/16
Downtown Safety Harbor is a seven mile drive east from Fort Harrison Avenue along SR 590 (Drew Street) and former sections of the state road. 06/23/07
2 photos
2 photos
Drew Street (old SR 590) crosses a CSX Railroad spur at East Avenue, one block ahead of U.S. 19 Alternate (Myrtle Avenue). 10/01/16, 06/23/07
U.S. 19 Alternate branches north from SR 60 (Court / Chestnut Streets) at Downtown Clearwater along Myrtle Avenue to Fort Harrison Avenue ahead of Stevenson Creek and Dunedin. The US route was realigned eastward from Fort Harrison Avenue following the completion of the Clearwater Memorial Causeway bridge along SR 60. 10/01/16
Florida State Road 590 East
The state maintained portion of Drew Street extends 2.648 miles east from U.S. 19 Alternate (Myrtle Avenue) to NE Coachman Road. 04/03/20
Proceeding east along Drew Street from Myrtle Avenue, the succeeding traffic light is with Martin Luther King, Jr. Avenue by the Country Club Estates neighborhood. 04/03/20
Missouri Avenue, the alignment of U.S. 19 Alternate south from SR 60 (Court Street) to the city of Largo, continues north as a local arterial to Cleveland Street, and a two lane street to SR 590 (Drew Street) at NE Cleveland Street. 04/03/20
This reassurance marker for SR 590 stands east of the intersection with NE Cleveland Street and Missouri Avenue. 04/03/20
Betty Lane (unsigned CR 355) stems 1.33 miles north from Drew Street between the Country Club Estates neighborhood and Clearwater Country Club golf course to Overbrook Avenue and Douglas Avenue (CR 345). 04/03/20
SR 590 (Drew Street) meets Highland Avenue between the Glenview and Skycrest neighborhoods of Clearwater. 04/03/20
SR 590 advances east from Highland Avenue along the Skycrest neighborhood to NE Coachman Road (CR 528). 04/03/20
Drew Street expands into a commercial boulevard leading east to the traffic light with Saturn Avenue to Sid Lickton Park. 04/03/20
Keene Road (CR 1) travels across the city of Clearwater south to Largo and north to Dunedin and Palm Harbor. 04/03/20
State Road 590 reassurance shield posted east of CR 1 (Keene Road). 04/03/20
Hercules Avenue (CR 425) crosses SR 590 (Drew Street) north from the Skycrest neighborhood en route to Clearwater Airport and Greenbriar Boulevard. 04/03/20
2 photos
2 photos
SR 590 branches northeast from Drew Street (CR 528) along NE Coachman Road toward Coachman, Dellwood and Safety Harbor. 04/03/20, 10/01/16
Drew Street continues east 1.42 miles from SR 590 (NE Coachman Road) as Pinellas County Road 528 to U.S. 19. 04/03/20
Leading away from Drew Street (CR 528), SR 590 narrows to two lanes along NE Coachman Road. 10/01/16
NE Coachman Road angles across Belcher Road at the ensuing traffic light. Unmarked from SR 590, Belcher Road is County Road 501, an arterial route traveling south from Clearwater to Largo and Pinellas Park and north to Palm Harbor and Tarpon Springs. 10/01/16
Continuing northeast from CR 501 (Belcher Road) on SR 590 (NE Coachman Road). 10/01/16
The Moss Rainbow Arch bridge spans Alligator Creek along SR 590 (Coachman Road) at Northeast Coachman Park. The 37.1 foot long crossing was built in 1927.4,5 10/01/16
Old Coachman Road (CR 535) and a CSX Railroad line converge with SR 590 (NE Coachman Road) by Coachman Ridge Park. Old Coachman Road winds northwest from SR 60 (Gulf to Bay Boulevard) to CR 501 (Belcher Road) at Montclair Road (CR 584) along a 1.30 mile course. 10/01/16
Coachman Road expands with a median on the approach to U.S. 19. U.S. 19 elevates across SR 590 and other major arterials along a freeway north from Pinellas Park to SR 580 in north Clearwater. 10/01/16
U.S. 19 travels the height of Pinellas County, from the Sunshine Skyway (I-275) and Pinellas Point in St. Petersburg to Tarpon Springs and the Pasco County line at Holiday. 10/01/16
Frontage roads connect SR 590 with the elevated lanes of U.S. 19. The southbound entrance ramp merges with the freeway nearby. 10/01/16
State Road 590 enters a residential grid of streets east from U.S. 19 to Dellwood. 11/15/16
SR 590 intersects CR 611 (McMullen-Booth Road) by Bayside Bridge Plaza shopping center. CR 611 comprises a major arterial route south to the Bayside Bridge and north along the Clearwater and Safety Harbor line to East Lake. 11/15/16
Crossing into the city of Safety Harbor, SR 590 follows 10th Street S from CR 611 to 14th Avenue S. 11/15/16
14th Avenue S leads SR 590 north from 10th Street S to 4th Street S. 11/15/16
A second 90 degree turn takes SR 590 eastbound from 14th Avenue S onto 4th Street S in Safety Harbor. 11/15/16
10th Avenue S leads SR 590 north from 4th Street S toward Downtown Safety Harbor. 11/15/16
State maintenance along 10th Avenue S ends at Delaware Street, one block south of Main Street at Downtown Safety Harbor. 11/15/16
A trailblazer references the former alignment of SR 590 along Main Street east from 10th Avenue S. Main Street west is a part of Pinellas County Road 576 to Sunset Point Road. 11/15/16
Main Street (former SR 590) - East
Main Street represents the dividing line for north and south street suffixes in Safety Harbor. One block east from 10th Avenue S, the former alignment of SR 590 crosses a CSX Railroad line. 11/15/16
Following the transfer of maintenance from FDOT to the city of Safety Harbor, decorative pavers were added to every intersection along Main Street east from 8th Avenue to Philippe Parkway. 11/15/16
Main Street east at 5th Avenue in Downtown Safety Harbor. 11/15/16
SR 590 turned north from Main Street onto Philippe Parkway at Bayshore Drive and Safety Harbor Resort and Spa. 11/15/16
Philippe Parkway (old SR 590) - North
Philippe Parkway spans Mullet Creek north from Downtown Safety Harbor before turning northeast at 1st Avenue N. 11/15/16
Philippe Parkway parallels the west shore of Old Tampa Bay to Grand Central Avenue, where it bends northward again. 11/15/16
Philippe Parkway north at Bay Place. 11/15/16
The northern section of SR 590 begins at the intersection of Philippe Parkway and Enterprise Road (CR 638) west. CR 638 is an unsigned route following Enterprise Road 2.94 miles west to the east frontage road of U.S. 19 near Countryside Mall. 11/15/16
Florida State Road 590 East
Begin state maintenance posted at Enterprise Road. Bayshore Drive ties into SR 590 from Philippe Park along Old Tampa Bay just ahead. 11/15/16
The first shield for SR 590 on Philippe Parkway references east instead of north. 11/15/16
SR 590 separates with Philippe Parkway to connect with SR 590 west of the bridge spanning Safety Harbor. The Philippe Parkway spur northward represents the pre-1988 alignment of SR 590. 11/15/16
SR 590 was realigned 0.38 miles west from Philippe Parkway during construction of the replacement spans taking SR 580 across Old Tampa Bay between Safety Harbor and Oldsmar. The twin spans opened in 1988 and 1989 respectively. 11/15/16
Originating from U.S. 19 Alternate in Dunedin to the west, SR 580 constitutes a major commuting route across the Tampa Bay area. 11/15/16
SR 580 circles around northern reaches of Old Tampa Bay, from Oldsmar east to Town 'n' and Tampa International Airport (TPA) in the city of Tampa. The nearly 29 mile route extends east to SR 583 in Temple Terrace. 11/15/16
Florida State Road 590 South
The first confirming marker for SR 590 south stands just beyond SR 590 at 2nd Street in north Safety Harbor. 03/25/07
State maintenance along Philippe Parkway south concludes at Enterprise Road (CR 638) west. 03/25/07
Philippe Parkway continues south along the former alignment of SR 580, 1.6 miles to Main Street in Downtown Safety Harbor. 03/25/07
Philippe Parkway (old SR 590) - South
Philippe Parkway angles southwest from this flasher at Grand Central Avenue. 03/25/07
A second flasher operates at the southward curve along Philippe Parkway at 1st Avenue N and Mullet Creek Park. 03/25/07
Entering Downtown Safety Harbor, SR 590 turned west from Philippe Parkway onto Main Street. 03/25/07
Main Street (former SR 590) - West
Main Street (former SR 590) west between Phillippe Parkway and 2nd Avenue in the Safety Harbor business district. 04/03/20
Main Street west at 7th Avenue S/N. 04/03/20
SR 590 westbound used to turn from Main Street onto 10th Avenue S at this intersection. 04/03/20
Florida State Road 590 West
Leaving the city of Safety Harbor, SR 590 advances west from CR 611 (McMullen-Booth Road) into unincorporated Dellwood. 11/15/16
SR 590 narrows to two lanes between a number of subdivisions west from CR 611 to U.S. 19. 11/15/16
Approaching the U.S. 19 freeway, SR 590 widens through a commercialized stretch within eastern reaches of Clearwater. 11/15/16
Frontage roads accompany the elevated lanes of U.S. 19 north from Alligator Creek to SR 580 at Countryside. Ramps link the freeway with SR 590 and other east-west arterials from the frontage road system. 11/15/16
Drew Street - West
2 photos
2 photos
Drew Street continues west from U.S. 19 Alternate (Myrtle Avenue) to Coachman Park along Clearwater Harbor. SR 60 spans the Intracoastal Waterway along the Clearwater Memorial Causeway bridge to Clearwater Beach nearby. 06/23/07

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