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The Selmon Connector consists of four elevated roadways running between two directional T interchanges. Ramps from eastbound connect with eastbound and westbound with westbound. Therefore motorists departing from I-4 east onto the Selmon Connector south cannot access SR 618 west and those from SR 618 west along the Connector north default onto I-4 west.

The Connector southbound includes a truck only off-ramp for U.S. 41 Business south at North 20th Street for Port Tampa Bay. The westbound connection also includes general access to the Selmon Expressway mainline exit for U.S. 41 Business into Ybor City.

Selmon Connector north
A flyover ramp leaves the Lee Roy Selmon Expressway for the Connector and Interstate 4 west. Both 34th Street and SR 60 pass beneath the elevated roadway. Photo taken 09/25/15.
View of two of the high ramps making up the Selmon Connector roadways. A ramp leaves from U.S. 41 Business (20th Street) to join the Connector ahead while the highest ramp takes motorists from I-4 east to SR 618 east. Photo taken 09/25/15.
The 20th Street on-ramp provides commercial truck drivers the option to connect with either I-4 east or west. One lane continues ahead defaulting to I-4 east to I-75 and the Orlando metro area. Photo taken 09/25/15.
A slip ramp allows truckers to access Interstate 4 west to nearby Interstate 275. I-275 continues southwest from the end of I-4 to Tampa International Airport (TPA) and St. Petersburg via the Howard Frankland Bridge. Photo taken 09/25/15.
All electronic toll (AET) gantries span all roadways along the Connector near East 4th Avenue. Photo taken 09/25/15.
Currently the Selmon Connector defaults onto I-4 from the left. A ramp stub will eventually provide a connection to the I-4 westbound mainline while this ramp will transition onto future I-4 Express (HOT) Lanes. Photo taken 09/25/15.
The Selmon Connector reduces to one lane in advance of the merge with Interstate 4 west. One mile remains of the 132-mile freeway linking Daytona Beach with Tampa. Congestion often backs traffic up along I-4 between the Downtown Interchange with I-275 and the merge with the Connector. Photo taken 09/25/15.
Selmon Connector south
Presently a left side ramp departs from Interstate 4 east for the Selmon Connector southbound. This ramp will be repurposed for the future I-4 Express (HOT) lanes. Photo taken 11/24/16.
A high flyover takes drivers from Interstate 4 east onto the Selmon Connector south. A slip ramp follows onto the bridge leading trucks south to Port Tampa Bay via U.S. 41 Business and North 20th Street. Photo taken 11/24/16.
A ramp stub appears for the future right side ramp from the I-4 eastbound mainline. This will be added once the Express lanes are built. Photo taken 11/24/16.
The roadway from I-4 west to SR 618 west includes access to Exit 9 and U.S. 41 Business into Ybor City. There is no access to Exit 9 from the eastbound connection. Photo taken 01/18/14.
Slip ramps depart from both roadways to form the elevated ramp leading southwest to Port Tampa Bay. Photo taken 11/24/16.
Two lanes default onto the Selmon Expressway west toward Downtown Tampa from the westbound connection. Photo taken 01/18/14.
Motorists along the eastbound connection split with the 20th Street off-ramp for a two-lane flyover to SR 618 east. Photo taken 11/24/16.
A pair of all electronic toll (AET) gantries collect tolls from all six roadways of the Selmon Connector above East 4th Avenue. Photo taken 01/18/14.
The westbound connector partitions into ramps for SR 618 west to Downtown and South Tampa and U.S. 41 Business (22nd Street). U.S. 41 Business leads south to Port Tampa Bay and the 22nd Street Causeway and north to combine with SR 60 (Adamo Drive) west toward Channelside and the Cruise Terminals 3 and 6. Photo taken 01/18/14.
2 photos
2 photos
The northern fringes of McKay Bay come into view as the eastbound connection descends toward the Selmon Expressway mainline. Photos taken 11/24/16.
The flyover lowers onto SR 618 east just ahead of the diamond interchange (Exit 11) with U.S. 41 (50th Street). Photo taken 11/24/16.

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01/18/14, 09/25/15, 11/24/16 by AARoads

Connect with:
Interstate 4
U.S. 41 Business - Tampa
State Road 618 - Lee Roy Selmon Expressway

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